Ellora Beauty Skincare Range Review by Mel – December 2017

A huge Thank You to Anastasiya from Ellora Beauty for sending me this lovely box of Skincare treats to try. I am into my Skincare in a big way as most of you already know. I am now 34, the years have been kind to me thus far, but I am well aware that if I don’t maintain and care for my skin from hereon this won’t always be the case .
The package arrived via Royal Mail, it was double boxed and to my delight inside was a Christmas Wrapped parcel as you can see …

I decided that since the 3 products I was receiving are to be used as part of a daily routine, that I would give you all a live run through on the BoXession group demonstrating how to use them. You can see this below…

So What was in the Box?

I was very kindly sent these 3 items:

  • Cleansing Beauty Milk (150ml) – RRP £19
  • Intensive Eye Contour Serum (15ml) – RRP £24
  • High-performance Day Moisturiser (50ml) – RRP £41

Ellora Beauty are a premium skincare brand. They are NOT tested on animals, contain NO parabens or mineral oils, and their packaging is widely recycled.
Their focus is on bio-scientific age correcting Skincare… well that’s me sold already. I have been sent a really detailed leaflet on exactly how each product works and what they contain. I have to say even I was impressed at the sheer detail. This isn’t something you usually get. Even I can be drawn in by bright packaging and big promises, but Ellora really do know their stuff.
I prefer to trial things over a week at least to give them a thorough review when it comes to items like these. I want to give you all a full evaluation of the products whilst also learning new things myself.
The cleansing milk was an entirely new method for me. When I tested it on my video I just used a pad to remove the residue, but since then I have used warm water as per the guidelines.
I have to say the one thing I love about this is the smell!! It is absolutely beautiful. It is the Damask Rose you can smell the most but the undertones of the Red Clover an Mountain Tea extract are just so fresh. It reminds me of a posh spa, I wonder if any Spa’s use products from Ellora, as if not they are missing out!
I have been using this all week and barely any of it has gone. I would say with daily use you would get 2 months out of this bottle, maybe more.
I always apply my eye serum second. I mentioned in my video about using my ring finger, and then funnily enough they suggest this too in their leaflet! See, I do know some things ha ha!
Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 20.50.18image7
This is by far out of the 3 my favourite. I could feel this tingling my eye area when I applied it. This contains their active ingredient ‘BEATIFEYE’, which is proven to have results on the sagging of the upper eyelid. It also contains the Swiss Apple Stem Cells to combat visible signs of ageing. This I am sold on, I absolutely will be buying more. There is something about being able to actually feel like something is working, and this is no exception. Again, the size of this product is generous, it will last months.
The third item I have been trialling is the Day Moisturiser. I chose this because I have not yet managed to find a daytime one I would use.
I adore the packaging on this, I took an extra photo just to show you all the lid!
The size again is very generous, for a premium brand you are getting a lot more for your money than some others I could name (but won’t). As well as the Swiss Apple Stem Cells, this also uses a peptide complex. In short this reduces wrinkle depth, and improves the firmness by encouraging the production of collagen.
Now I don’t feel it would be fair for me to comment on the latter, I don’t suffer the lack of firmness (yet), but I can say that the consistency and the pure whiteness in colour impressed me. I love it when brands do not add colouring and it is so natural.
I applied this correctly in my video as they too advise. Upwards circular motions to ensure that the cream is fully absorbed. Once again the smell is unreal, it remained all day, almost like perfume for my skin!
This product also contains Vitamins A, E and D-Panthenol, it is packed full of reasons for me to continue using this, and I will be. Discovering new brands for me is what I love, and Ellorabeauty are no exception. I look forward to trying out more from this brand.
If you would like to check out their Webiste they do have lots of other products, including a very highly recommended BB cream (I did my research).

We have an exclusive discount code, ‘BOXESSION15’ gets you 15% off!

Below are the links for you to check them out, thank you as always for reading my reviews…

Mel x

Twitter: @ellorabeauty

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