Pick 'n' Melt Review by Jacey – December 2017

First things first, Thank You so much to the team at Pick ‘n’ Melt for sending me this box! A wife and Husband team with a small addition of helpful staff run this fabulous company. I love the idea that a couple have worked together to bring this concept to life! I feel like there is a lot of love to this company; so it makes it feel more homely.
They have been developing candles and wax melts for 3 years in total and they only use handmade natural soy waxes that have paraben and phlalate free oils in them. This is a bonus as these make them vegan friendly.
I have been so excited about receiving this box. I am a huge wax melt fan, and so is my partner! He has a massive obsession with smells so we have a huge collection of warmers. I haven’t bought any wax melts in preparation for trying the contents of this box, I normally stock up weekly as we melt one every few days.
Right down to the unboxing! It came very speedily with Royal Mail and I got excited as I heard it drop through my letter box, it’s a letter box friendly shape so no more red cards! You can watch my unboxing here:

The box was compact and ideal with no fuss or extra leaflets inside just the products and what I can describe as a little sweet shop style stripes orange and white paper bag with the pick ‘n’ Melt logo printed onto it. I love this idea as I hate just storing things in boxes, the selected of melts reminds me of sweets which makes his all more appealing. I received 12 melts altogether in various flavours.
These were:

  • Black Cherry
  • Christmas Spice
  • Thai Lime and Mango
  • Joop
  • Crème Brûlée
  • Apple
  • Pink Champagne
  • Blueberry and Vanilla
  • Aloe and Cucumber
  • Black Opium
  • Fresh Linen
  • Fruity Crimbo

These are a great mix of scents, as I would use different ones for different rooms. Fresh linen for bedroom or bathroom as it’s a clean smelling scent, and crème brûlée for the kitchen as it’s sweet and gets those taste buds watering! They come in decent sized cubes, they feel so smooth and you can actual feel the oils on your skin. The scent is so strong I compared it to a leading brand and I have to say that the scents of the wax melts in pick ‘n’ Melt are better. I had a cold while reviewing this box as this time of year is bad for colds and flu, but I could smell the scent very well.
I started off with the fruity Crimbo melt as it is nearing Christmas and we have just put our tree up so what better way to get celebrate the start of the festivities than things that smell like Christmas! It filled the house up with a warm sweet smell that instantly reminded me of a fruit crumble. This would be great to burn when having guests over, though I’ll be sure to have eaten first as this made me crave something sweet!
I warmed this wax melt for a few hours and the initial scent lasted a while though I had to change scents as you become accustomed to the smell. So next I tried the black cherry. Wow it was powerful and yet again it made my mouth water. It wasn’t too powerful that I could smell it upstairs but it was enough to fill a room with a lovely fragrance that wasn’t too overpowering. A bit like when you smell perfume on somebody.
I warmed each melt for a couple of days and this was how long it took for the fragrance to disappear before I chose another one. I am very happy with these melts and I’ll be looking forward to testing out any other scents in the future!
To purchase one of these lovely boxes just pop on to their website and choose between the different kinds of subscriptions or maybe have a look at their online shop!
The different subscriptions they offer are:

  • Party Package – 12 staff picked wax melts with 1 year no repeat guarantee with free delivery, currently priced at £8.00 + £8.00 advance payment.
  • Pick n Post – Monthly Minis – 6 mini cube candles postedwithin 3 days after payment with a 2 year no repeat guarantee, currently priced at £28.00 + £28.00 advance payment.
  • Pick n Post – Pick n Melt – 12 wax melts that you pick yourself online monthly with free delivery, currently priced at £10.00 + £10.00 advance payment.

The advance is the payment for your last box upfront, so if you cancelled you would still receive your last box that was already paid for when you signed up.

The prices of these are great value as the wax melts start at £1.50 each. You can get a deal for 12 melts for £12.00. So if you subscribed to the party package you would save £4.00!
If you picked your own with the pick n melt subscription you would save £2.00. The minis are currently priced at £10.00 each and you get 6 in the monthly minis box, which works out at a value of £60.00. The box is £28.00 so you have a whopping saving of £32.00!!
I definitely think this is worth it as I do spend a lot on wax melts each month so the subscriptions are worth signing up for.

We have an exclusive discount code – ‘Boxession10’ will get you 10% off any products on the site, but not recurring subscriptions as they are already discounted as detailed above.

You can find Pick ‘n’ Melt at the following:

Their website is – https://www.picknmelt.com/wax-melts/
Facebook – https://facebook.com/PicknMelt/
Twitter – https://twitter.com/PickNMelt/
Instagram – http://instagram.com/picknmelt
Pinterest – https://www.pinterest.co.uk/PickNMelt/
Hope you’ve enjoyed reading as much as I’ve had fun reviewing! 

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