BoroughBox Discovery Club Review by Mel – November 2017

I love it when I get an enthusiastic email reply from a company, Rich from BoroughBox made me smile when his email subject said ‘we’re keen’. He was also emailing from Australia, not that I am jealous or anything! I started BoXession from a love of Subscription Boxes as you all know, so unearthing new finds is all part of the fun for me. I eat, sleep and dream boxes… and in this case eat is very fitting!
BoroughBox are not only a Subscription Box, they also make the most amazing hampers. They connect foodies with the best producers of food & drink from around the country. You can buy everything from Marshmallows and pies to a whole Turkey for Christmas dinner! You need to check out their Website, some amazing gift ideas on there:
Being huge foodies, I could not turn down the opportunity to review this box. Wherever we travel we always pick up food items to sneak home with us. There is nothing we love more than to sit and enjoy some time as a couple when the boys are in bed. This time of year it is even better, a cosy night in while its cold outside trying out new food treats. I feel spoilt already.
How BoroughBox Discovery Club Works?

  • 1 Month – £29.99
  • 3 Months – £86.99 (making it £28.99 per month)
  • 6 Months – £167.99 (making it £27.99 per month)
  • 12 Months – £329.99 (making it £27.49 per month)

Shipping is Included in all of the above prices.

We have an EXCLUSIVE discount code for a HUGE £10 off!! Use the code ‘BOXESSION10’ at checkout!

BoroughBox Points Scheme
You earn 1 Box Point for every £1 you spend throughout their Website. You can then use the points towards any future purchase on their Website.

So What’s in the Box?
9 Items in Total:

  1. Garlic & Rosemary Rapeseed Oil (Yare Valley) – RRP £3.75
  2. Brigantini (Seggiano) – RRP £3.00
  3. Strawberry Chipotle BBQ Sauce (Sweet Beet) – RRP £4.50
  4. Pistachio Spread (The Nut Kitchen) – RRP £5.95
  5. Avocado Organic Chocolate Bar (Love Cocoa) – RRP £4.25
  6. Beer Bread (La Befana) – RRP £5.00
  7. Spiced Pineapple & Nigella Chutney (Smokey Carter) – RRP £3.95
  8. Crunchy Chocolate Squares (Peakz) – RRP £1.60
  9. Italian Rub (Spicentice) – RRP £2.59
TOTAL = £34.59

A saving of £4.60 if you paid for a one off Box, but using our Discount code it is a saving of £14.60!!!


What I tried…

We used the Spice n Tice and the Rapeseed Oil to make a Lasagne, or should I say the man of the house did. Cooking is not my strong point, boxes yes, kitchen no! I am told that Rapeseed Oil is far superior to Olive Oil. He refuses to cook with anything else lately so this was a welcome addition to the box.
I tried the Peakz Crunchy squares with my morning coffee. These were yummy, I could have eaten a second packet with ease. I managed to hide these from the kids so for once I got to have them all to myself!
Which brings me to the Love Cocoa bar which was swiftly spotted by my 10 year old. I have asked him what it was like and he says he has no idea what I am talking about, which means he ate it all and hid the evidence! ha!
We took the advice on the leaflet and used the Chutney on Cheese on Toast. This is something I have never even thought to do before. I am a massive cheese addict and this is now going to be done more often using different types of cheese and chutney. It was a taste sensation.
I haven’t got around to making the Beer Bread yet as we were meant to make it to go with a stew and forgot, but this will be getting used.
The only thing in the entire box I won’t use as mentioned in my unboxing is the Pistachio Spread. I am just not a fan of nuts. But as for the rest of the items we love everything that we have tried so far.


My Verdict?

I am so impressed by this Box. It is well thought out, they know what they are doing with this one. Who isn’t happy with a Box full of food every month? I certainly am. Not only that but this is a perfect mix for us, it combines my love of Subscription Boxes with the man of the houses love for cooking. He is definitely what I would call a food snob, I have no idea where he gets it from as he is from Yorkshire and very down to earth.
The one thing I instantly thought of when researching on the Website was Christmas. These would make an amazing gift either in the box, or put the items into a hamper along with some wine or ale?

We have been given an EXCLUSIVE discount code. Using the code ‘BOXESSION10’ gets you £10 off, making this box a steal at only £19.99!!

Keep your eyes peeled too as we have 3 of these boxes to giveaway in a Competition on our Facebook Group!!
Below are the details on how to find BoroughBox…
Thank you my lovelies as always for reading,

Mel x
Twitter: @BoroughBox

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