Divine Box Review by Jacey – November 2017

First of all I would just like to thank Divine Box for sending me this box. I had the greatest pleasure of speaking to Danielle a couple of weeks ago, and it was by chance that we bumped into each other on messenger as I was scouting for new boxes. I was quite excited as who doesn’t love a new Beauty box? This box excited me mostly because they strive to win customers over with their brilliant customer service. From the word go I was instantly took in by their style. I received a questionnaire by email to fit the box to my kind of style, they asked questions such as age (a lady never usually reveals her age), skin type and tone, style and an interesting couple of questions asking what makeup do I or don’t I use. I am glad to answer those questions as I can’t stand receiving a box where the majority of it is mascaras, I have thousands of the things and it normally puts me right off as I think mascaras are an easy throw in. Also on the questionnaire the very last question, which took me by surprise, was “what could they add to make it more personal?” I don’t think I have actually come across that question being asked before on a box questionnaire and it showed that they would do anything to make the customer happy. I was kind of taken back so didn’t really know what to answer, but I love it when they add a personal message in the boxes so I answered it with that.
I received my box from Royal Mail as they are quite new to the business so wanted their first boxes to go out without a hitch before working out the kinks of posting. I couldn’t wait to unbox this live and you can check out my unboxing here:

It came very quickly, wrapped in a black postal bag for protection. The box itself was presented lovely with a red bow tied around the box and a sticker with Divine Box attached to the front. Inside it was protected by bubble wrap and red tissue paper to follow the theme from the bow. They also included in a lovely personalised note which even though I asked for on the questionnaire they seemed the type of company to do something like that anyway.

Now down to the contents!

The first thing inside the box was a Garson Cosmetics eye shadow palette, I have never heard of this brand before. The colours are quite bright but wow they were extremely pigmented. They were quite easy to blend, very creamy and surprisingly had quite a floral scent to them. The packaging was quite sturdy the colours are not usually something I would wear but I am going to experiment with this palette.
The next item was a good one as it went well with the first; it was a Colormates eye shadow brush. I have quite a lot of brushes but I seem to go through them quite a lot so you can never have too many brushes I don’t think. This brush was quite fluffy and easy to use though I did have a few bristles fall out but overall I was quite impressed with the brush. I always like it when boxes include brushes when they pop in a palette, as it’s just a convenience for me.
The next item in the box was quite a blast from the past! It was a Morgan makeup bag. I haven’t seen these since the 90s; it seemed like nearly every girl in school had some sort of Morgan bag. It’s very sturdy and a good size, I will use this to pop my spare makeup brushes in as it’s waterproof so would wash very easily.
The next item in the box is a small tub of Hard Candy Show Girl Loose Glitter in 005 Blue Chip. It’s so sparkly! Who doesn’t love glitter? It seems to be the biggest trend right now so including it in this box was a win for me, with it coming up to Christmas as well I attend quite a lot of parties so Glitter is a must.
The next product I discovered was a bar of Pretty Parrot handmade soap in the scent Bounty Hunter. I actually go through quite a lot of soap so I was happy that a lovely bar was inside this box. It had a lovely scent to it that smelt like melon but when I had a look at the website I was completely wrong as the scent is supposed to be coconut and lime. It is a lovely soap and I discovered that it is not tested on animals, which is a bonus!
To add to my bath time was another product, which was a lovely organza bag of mini bath fizzers in colourful heart shapes. I love bath items I use at least one bath bomb every time I take a bath so was very happy to receive these. They smelt lovely and I decided to throw them all in at once to get a strong mixture of aromas. They fizzed quite quickly and turned the water into various colours.
Another little organza bag was also in the box but this time it contained a very unusual ring. I am very into unusual costume jewellery but I have never seen a ring like this before, it had flowers with discs surrounding it with markings scored into the discs. I wore it for a little while but unfortunately it reacted to my finger and I had to take it off so I will probably gift this to someone.
I can’t get over how many items are in this box! I still have three more! The next little bag was tied with the same ribbon used to tie the box and it contained two mini Beauty blenders. I go through so many blenders it’s ridiculous as I have a bad habit of throwing them after using them a few times. These were quite firm but easy to use and with them being mini they were easy to pop into a small makeup bag to travel with. I love mini things so these ticked all the boxes for me.
The next item I received is a Body Shop Delipscious sheer lipstick in a nude/red shade 08. It was incredibly creamy and I loved the colour I have actually used it quite a lot since finding it in the box, as it’s been a great daytime colour. The formula is so smooth and buildable. I love products from body shop I actually purchase a lot of their scents but never really tried makeup items before so I was happy to pick this up in my Divine Box.
The next to last item I pulled out the box was interesting. It was two pairs of magnetic false eyelashes. I have seen these on random videos on Facebook and Instagram but never have tried them myself. I have seen mixed reviews for them so was a bit sceptical about trying them out. They were quite good quality to be honest, the magnets were strong and clamped together quite easily but I struggle to put normal false eyelashes on so after the 20th attempt I gave up and vowed to try again with a pair of tweezers another day.
The very last item was a nail file in a floral kind of design, it was sturdy and hard wearing, I use quite a few of these so I was happy to have this product included in my box.
So altogether I received 11 items, which I think is really good for the price of the box which is £15.99 including delivery. They have a deal on at the moment for first time boxes that if you mention Boxession when paying for your first box you receive 10 items instead of 5, which is a fantastic deal! It’s a nice mix of things, probably items that I wouldn’t usually buy but it is always good to try something out that you wouldn’t think to pick up. I feel like the box itself has had a lot of time and effort put into it and the ladies at Divine Box have taken my questionnaire into consideration.
They do one off boxes but you can also gift these to friends and family if you stuck for a gift idea. They will still send you the questionnaire, which is perfect so they will match up the answers for that special present. They are on Facebook, Instagram and twitter and can be found via these links:


Facebook – https://facebook.com/DivineBox17/
Instagram – http://instagram.com/divinebox1
Twitter – https://twitter.com/DivineBox1

Thank you to Danielle and Wendy for sending me this box and thank you my readers.

Jacey xox

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