The Happy Lipstick Place (Lipsense) Review by Katie

I would like to say thank you to Laura who is a an independent distributor for sheersense, also known as lipsense. She runs her business from her website and kindly sent me two of her products to try out and review after I approached her at a beauty show. I purposely approached her as I have heard a lot about the product and did not realise it was now available in the U.K. And I have been interested and intrigued by the product for a while now.
Sheersense is famous for being kiss proof, water proof and smudge proof. It is supposed to be long wearing and apparently does not budge even when rubbed with back of hand, being waterproof it should stay put during, swimming, showering, eating, and drinking. You have probably seen the distributor videos where they compare to other long wearing brands, the one’s where they rub their lips with their finger and then show their finger after and it’s totally product free. I have watched several of these and really wanted to know the trick, after all…. it can’t be that good, surely it’s just trickery. Well now I have had the chance to try it myself and here’s exactly what I thought. No tricks, just an honest review, my own personal thoughts and opinions on the products I tried.
So here goes…… I received two products in the post from Laura, I received the lipstick in the shade blackberry and the gloss in silver glitter. Also in the parcel were several leaflets about the products and Laura’s website. I did not open the cellophane bag but saved it for a live demo which you can see here…

I guessed from the name of the gloss that the lip colour would be a dark shade, possibly a dark purple colour and I knew from other people’s videos that you apply the gloss over the colour. When I did my live demo and opened the lip colour I was a little shocked that it looked black, maybe I should have guessed this from the name blackberry but I was still excited to try it. I gave the leaflet a quick read as it contained the instructions about how to use, these were very simple and easy to understand which is always great and then I went for it. So I did exactly as the instructions told me and applied three thin coats of the lip colour, keeping the lips apart for 5 – 10 seconds in between coats to ensure the product was totally dry. I also ensured I applied the product in one direction and not back and forth like a normal lip colour. The colour was really nice, not a colour I would wear everyday but it was still a stunning colour, it was a metallic black and I could see slight tones of grey, purple, blue and silver in it depending on the lighting I was in. I then as instructed applied the gloss over the top to seal the colour. The gloss was amazing, it was s clear gloss with a silver glitter effect, I was so impressed with this gloss and had to show the viewers how fantastically sparkly it was so I shone the torch on my phone on it, it was the sparkliest lip gloss I have ever seen, the sparkle was blinding. I did the usual thing of trying to rub it off and I really did try wiping it, no tricks. I pressed that hard with my finger trying to remove it that my lip was digging into my teeth and I had no transfer whatsoever, so far I was really impressed, but I had to see how it held up throughout the day.
That day I had several things to do, I had a coffee date with a friend, lunch out and also date night, so perfect to test its longevity in different situations throughout the day. It really did appear to be as good as it sounded, it never bushes after hot or cold drinks. It was still perfect after eating. I even had a two hour nap in bed and it was still going strong when I woke up. The glitter lip gloss does wear off and needed re-applying several times throughout the day, but the colour stayed perfect. I first applied the products at around 11.30 and i can honestly say that at 11pm I was amazed to see in the mirror that my lip colour still looked fresh and newly applied, it had not budget at all. When cleansing my face it still did not budge with fade wash and i had to physically scrub it off with 3x eye and lip remover on a cotton wool pad, if i had not of removed this I 100% believe that it would still have been there in the morning when I woke up.

I would certainly recommend this product, yes it’s not cheap but the fact that you only apply once and no need to top up means that the value for money is a lot better as it is gonna last you a lot longer than other lipsticks that you need to apply several times a day.
Katieemma xoxo

Sheersense lip colour £22
Sheersense lip gloss £18
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