Boxxx Review by Katie – November 2017 *OVER 18's ONLY*

I would firstly like to say thank you to Lucinda, CEO of, britain’s hottest sex box subscription service for sending me November’s Hot box. I was very nervous about this one, but also very excited as most people who know me know that I have a very naughty side to me. This was the first time I have been asked to do a review of an adult themed subscription box so as you can imagine I was slightly nervous at first during the live unboxing which you can see here…

Once I started unboxing my excitement and anticipation to try all these saucy toys soon took over. I was sent the Hot box to review, this is just one of many different types of boxes that Boxxx offer on their website. The prices start at £24.99 and increase depending on the type and theme of box you choose, the Hot box is their best selling box and after unboxing I could see why, it was HOT, very HOT.
The box arrived via courier, it was very discreet and no one would never know what type of parcel it was, when I removed the packaging I was presented with a very sexy black matte box, with a ribbon round it and a Boxxx logo sticker sealing it. It came very quickly, I was actually expecting it the day after I actually received it. I was provided with tracking so I could ensure I was home when it arrived.
When I opened the box I was greeted with a card explaining what it contained with info about each product and also the recommended retail prices and also a postcard sized leaflet with the Boxxx contact and info details on it, I popped these to one side as I did not want to ruin the surprise for everyone watching me. Under these, neatly packed were lots of individual parcels carefully wrapped in black tissue paper and sealed again with a boxxx logo sticker. Also in the box was a small black envelope with a couple of little extra flavoured lube sachets (these I am saving for a saucy weekend away), these were a surprise little extra and in the flavours tangerine dream and strawberry.
The Cocktagon, 2 pack. RRP £10.00
The first item I want to talk to you about is the only item I have not tried and tested, it was a pack of 2 cock rings in the shape of octagons, hence the name cocktagon, with 8 sides and angles for extra pleasure. cock rings are fab for making your partner’s erection harder and last longer, I really don’t need to tell anyone that these are both positive points during foreplay and sex, no one wants their man reaching the finish line before them. It’s also an extra sensation for the woman when having sex with a guy who is wearing a cock ring as in the right positions you can really feel it grinding against her clitoris making her come quicker and harder.

Satin Eye Mask. RRP £12.00
An essential part of anyone’s play time toy box, being blindfolded is one of my favourite things. Not having a clue what my partner is gonna do next to my body is a massive turn on for me, my mind races with anticipation and wonderment thinking about what and where he might touch next and what and how he’s going to touch me, also by losing one sense it heightens your other senses so so a simple brush of his tongue or finger in a non intimate can turn from a gentle tickle to a whole other sensation.
I liked this eye mask more than others I have as I have very thick hair and find they slip easily when I’m writhing around from pleasure, this one had a double elastic which held it a lot better, I loved how it fit too, not a glimmer of light was getting through this.
Feather Tickler. RRP £5.00
A 13 inch feather tickler with soft black feathers, I love being tickled, whether its just to relax me and send me into a sound sleep or during foreplay to awaken those nerve endings and put me in the mood for tender, soft and gentle love making.

Slim Teardrop Bullet. RRP £6.00
First thing I’ll mention is that batteries are included. This small silver bullet had massive power, it had a long cable perfect for if you want to let your partner control the power and speed, or if on your own you can pop it where you want it and control it in comfort without reaching. Bullets are great for vaginal and clitoral stimulation obviously but can also be used in other areas of your body, vibrating and tickling your erogenous zones, I love one gently pulsing against the tip of my nipples and sending its little shocks of pleasure to my brain making it race.
Bondage Tape. RRP £12.00
Bondage tape is a staple ingredient of s creative and adventurous sex life. It has a multitude of uses from a simple blind fold, to creating sexy outfits and the obvious one a most exciting one, tying and binding body parts. Nothing in this world gets me going more than totally losing control of a sexual situation by being tied up and blindfolded and letting someone else do what they want to my body, this is the perfect opportunity to really let your partner go crazy with your body and let them show you exactly how rough they want to get with you, I also think that giving your partner that control also gives them the confidence to do to you what they wouldn’t usually suggest to you. Having you tied up with no control will really drive your partner insane and the best pleasure and biggest turn on during sex is knowing your partner is loving it. Don’t just try the obvious and the yourself to the bed, try binding your wrist to your ankles behind your back. Really let yourself your inhibitions go and your imagination run wild with this one.

Icicles No. 38, Cat-o-nine tails. RRP £40.00
This truly is the most beautiful whip I have ever seen and used, my absolute favourite part of this box. When I unboxed this I could not wait to try it out, it was absolutely stunning. It’s a black leather 9 string cat-o-tail whip with a stunning glass dildo as the handle. Whips are wonderful for anyone who is shy as will gift you I stand confidence just holding it, they can be used to gently slap, tickle and actress intimate body areas or for more adventurous you can really get a little rough and build up excitement and for the main event. The glass handle is a glass dildo too so you can also play solo with it or play with your partner with, it’s ribbed and carved glass with a round tip for extra pleasure and hits that g-spot perfectly, get your partner to use this on you to sauce up your sex life or use it on yourself while he watches to show him exactly what you like, he will love it. Pop it in fridge or run under the hot tap to really get those receptors racing through temperature play, even freezing cold this handle will get you hot.
Durex Feel play lube. RRP £10.00
Everyone knows what we use lube for, but what most people don’t realise is that if you are one of those people who get a little too moist during sexual contact, then lube is perfect for you too, your body will know you’re already prepared and stop you producing natural lubricant. It will reduce dryness and discomfort, and increase the feeling between both of you. Hint- keep it handy for the next saucy item.

Heavy Metal anal beads. RRP £8.00
These are different from all other anal beads I have ever tried before, they are not like the bendy silicone ones you usually get, these are heavy weighted metal beads on a string. They feel different from others and the weight feels very different, using these in the anus while having sex feels amazing, the weighted balls give a feeling of pressure when inserted and the movement of them during sex is amazing. They can also be used in the vagina and the sensation of slowly pulling them out was a sensation I have never experienced before. If you don’t want to use them for the anus then just slowly pulling them back and forth between the vaginal lips is very sensual and tantalizing, even more so if you get your partner to do it for you. They would also make really great kegel balls to tighten the vaginal muscles for extra pleasure or after pregnancy.

Boxxxx Hot Box price – £69.99

Total price of featured products £113.00

All in all you can probably tell the nervousness and fear if this box was totally unwarranted, this was literally the most enjoyable box I have ever reviewed and watch this space as I am reviewing the upcoming Xmas themed Boxxx. The value for money was amazing, the products were excellent quality and nothing disappointed at during playtime. I would 101% recommend this box to anyone wanting to spice up their sex life.

Katieemma xoxo
Twitter: @BoxxxSecret

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