My Pet Gift Box Review by Sam – November 2017

Firstly Stewie, Meg, Felix and Angel and I would like to say a huge Thank You to Maria from My Pet Gift Box for sending us this box to review.
I was super excited when the Royal Mail man knocked on my door with the big brown box. Upon opening the brown box it revealed a thank you note also detailing a monthly competition you can enter to win a luxury gift box, and a FAQ section on the back. Removing that I was met with smart black box with the My Pet Gift Box logo on. I was then bombarded with curious kitty’s wanting to see what was in it and they weren’t disappointed. As you can see in our live unboxing here…


I’m sure you are all as impatient as Angel was to find out so here goes…

First out was Kong active treat ball 

You put treats in the hole, then your kitty has to work for it’s treats. Mine spent ages batting it between each other and stealing treats from each other much to my family’s amusement.

Then was Kong Dynos catnip toy 

Angel has claimed this she loves anything that crinkles and will happily pinch anything (and I mean anything) that makes that noise! She proudly run off with it in her mouth and spent ages batting it about. This has to be her favourite toy to date and mine as well as it has catnip in it. Promptly after playing with it she charges about chasing her own tail around the room hahaha!

Next were four cat Golf ‘n’ Balls 

Perfect as I have 4 cats and anyone that has cats will know you can never have enough balls. These ones are brightly coloured soft squidgy and bouncy purfect.

Then was Speedy Hedgehog

A firm favourite with the cats and kids alike.
You pull it back and it wizzes off across the room. Honestly this has given us so many hours of enjoyment and the cats happily pad about the house with it in their mouth showing off their catch. They haven’t left this toy alone!

Next out were Beaphar catnip bites 

This caught all of the cat’s attention and Stewie was quick to paw for some.
We all know what catnip does, there’s nothing more entertaining that a few cats on catnip together.

Next out were Pet Munchies gourmet beef liver treats

What can I say these went purfectly in the treat ball and were thoroughly enjoyed by all of the cats.

Last but not least was Felix treats gift pack

3 goodie bags in various flavours 

  • Seaside mix – Salmon, Pollock and Trout.
  • Pick and mix – Chicken, Cheese and Turkey.
  • Stewie was quick to claim the original mix with Chicken Liver and Turkey.

Well I did always call him my lil kitten with chicken. And these are his favourites, in fact he wanted them so much he was happily trying to eat the packet to get to them.
And a lil Felix shaped cat toy with catnip Stewie also claimed this and laid down contently grooming it lol.
Oh and we can’t forget the box hahaha!
Loved by cats all over the world including mine.

What did the cats think?
Considering I skipped the recap in my live due to being afraid for my hands they loved it. It’s giving them hours of enjoyment and us too.
They would definitely recommend this box (if they could speak).
What do I think?
It really pleased the not so secret crazy cat lady side of me.
My cats bring me so much joy and amusement, even if one does think it’s a parrot and sits on my shoulder ha ha!
So it’s really nice to be able to treat them.
Honestly It’s pawesomely thought out and put together – From the way they personalise the box to your pet, taking into account name, likes, dislikes and even their Birthday so they can send them a Birthday card! Even down to them adding a treat for the pet’s human friend.
They offer a quality guarantee- If you are not 100% happy with any items in your box, they will replace them free of charge! You can’t get more purrfect than that!
I would happy recommend this to any pet owner, confident that they will love it as much as we did. I will be purchasing the Christmas box for them.
Who would love it?
Umm hello crazy cat lady here!!
Cats all over the world are purring at the thought of getting their paws on this box.
And Dog owners would be barking mad not to take a look at the dog boxes on offer.
I feel it would also make a great gift for a family or friends pet.
Is it worth it?
When is watching a cat go crazy chasing its tail high on catnip not worth it? Hahaha!

  • Ruff N tumble speedy hedgehog RRP £3.76
  • Kong active treat ball RRP £4.99
  • Kong catnip dinosaur RRP £4
  • Ruff N Tumble golf n balls RRP £3.99
  • Beaphar catnip bites RRP £2.29
  • Pet Munchies gourmet beef liver treats RRP£1.39
  • Felix treats gift pack RRP £4.99
  • Treating your loved one and the hours of fun family entertainment priceless!

Total RRP £25.41
A Saving of £15.41 when you use code box50
How do I get it?
There are so many options for Cats and Dogs.
Subscription wise you can choose to receive a Cat Box:

  • Monthly £19.99
  • Every 3 months £24.99
  • Every 6 months £29.99

You can also get your first box half price with code BOX50 making it just £10
Shipping is FREE site wide!
There is no commitment, meaning you are free to paws (pun intended) or cancel anytime you like.
They also offer a 10% discount on every additional monthly box you purchase, that’s great for people like me with more than one four legged friend.
You can also buy:

  • A Birthday Box for your pet
  • Themed boxes like Halloween and Christmas
  • A wide range of one off boxes
  • A build your own Box option

It’s well worth having a look on the website:
Or you can find them on:

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