Pong Cheese Box Review by Mel – November 2017

I promised the man of the house Cheese, Meat and Socks, and Pong Cheese have kindly fulfilled his wishes by sending us this box of yummy Cheese to review!
It arrived in a HUGE box, it was heavy so that is always a good sign with food boxes (it means they are full of goodies!)

As soon as this arrived I stored it in the fridge ready to unbox later, I didn’t even peek at the contents.
I unboxed this live on the BoXession Facebook Group, which has now been uploaded to our YouTube Channel and you can watch here …

I get so excited with food boxes, I am very lucky that I have my very own chef, he is an amazing cook, and makes an amazing mess too!
So What’s in the Box?

  • Shepherds Purse Mrs Bell’s Blue 100g RRP £4.99
  • Nibble Nose Mature Cheese 200g Truckle RRP £3.50
  • Red Devil Snowdonia Cheese Company Red Leicester with Chillies & Crushed Pepper 200g Truckle RRP £4.50
  • Trevarrian Cornish Creamery Chatel Cornish Brie 200g RRP £4.20

TOTAL Box Value = £17.19


image3-2I always try to use at least half of the contents in a food box for a review, I like to give a really good insight as to what you can create with the contents. I mentioned in my video about the Bacon, Brie and Cranberry Panini’s. I absolutely love them and haven’t had them for a while. So what better excuse that using the Chatal Cornish Brie that came in this box. We have a Breville sandwich press, that fits 3 Panini’s perfectly. So we shared 1 and a half each.
These tasted amazing! I honestly cannot stress how these 3 ingredients go together perfectly. You need to try these, a taste sensation! The Brie was so creamy, it wasn’t too strong or overpowering at all. I would buy this again without a doubt.

The next recipe we had in mind was an idea given to me by Pong Cheese. They sent me a recipe for Welsh Rarebit (thank you for that). I showed the Chef and he said he wanted to do his own.
He sourced his own stout to use from a local brewers, Handsome Brew. It was a very dark stout hence the colour in the sauce. The toast he made was from our own sourdough. We decided to make a full meal to add the bacon and eggs.
We used the Nibble Nose Mature Cheddar to complete the dish. This was amazing, cannot even tell you how much I enjoyed it. I have never had Welsh Rarebit before, but I will be again that is for sure!

The cost of this box is £22 a month, P&P is FREE! You can upgrade to a premium box for an extra £7. You can get 50% off your first Box with the code ‘CLUB50’ making it just £11!! now that is a bargain!

You can choose these options too:

  • No Goat’s Cheese
  • No Blue Cheese
  • Vegetarian Only

My Verdict?
I am a cheese lover, always have been. We often buy locally, visit cheese farms or food festivals. We usually come home with bags of yumminess.
This is a way that any Cheese lover can get the goods without having to go everywhere to source them. Some of these items would not be available in local supermarkets. While the value of the box is around what you would pay if you were to buy online and add postage, the beauty of this is you are getting high quality products that you wouldn’t normally find.
With Christmas coming up, buying this box (especially with the half price introductory offer) would make an amazing Cheese Board. They also have speciality Christmas Boxes available to buy now on their Website.
As always I have posted the links below so that you can have a nosy, or to order…

Mel x

Twitter: @PongCheese