Sherbet Lane Box Review by Katie – October 2017

Thank you Sherbet Lane for sending me this very adorable Autumn themed Stationery Box. This subscription is perfect for anyone who like me loves cute stationery; and also loves subscription boxes. Without giving too much away about the contents just yet I would also recommend this box for anyone who gives little gifts a lot and would also be a lovely treat for teenagers at school or college students.
The subscription box itself is called the sherbet box, it costs just £14 a month, you can subscribe for 1, 3, 6, or 12 months or give as a gift subscription. You don’t save any money by subscribing for a longer length of time which is a little disappointing. Postage is included in the monthly price. The box was posted by Royal Mail, and was packaged in a neat tidy envelobox sealed well with washi tape featuring the sherbet lane logo and revealing a teaser of this month’s theme. The theme this month was autumn.
I was excited as usual to unbox this one and you can see my unboxing here…

The first thing I noticed was how neat everything was placed in the box inside the tissue paper, I felt it a shame to disturb the items, I soon changed my mind tho and began pulling everything out.
The first thing I received in the box was a lovely strawberry scented eraser/rubber, it was very cute and fun looking, looked like a pink sweet and almost looked edible, it smelled lovely too, really reminded me of a scented doll I had as a child.
The next item I noticed was a washi tape, this was the first item in a series of items all coordinating and fitting the theme of the box, Autumn. The washi tape was adorable and made me excited for the rest of the box. It had a very simple design of autumn coloured trees, in oranges, muted greens and browns. I love washi tape and there’s so much you can do with it, I’m a crafter so washi tape is not just a stationery item but a craft room staple too, and the cuter the better for me.
Next in the box I noticed shining brightly and catching my eye was a bag of extra sparkly card confetti, filled with pink iridescent sequins, craft paper circles and tiny die cut flowers, perfect for popping in any present or any greeting card… Which leads me to the next item.
Possibly my favourite part of this box of loveliness was the bundle of note cards, 6 x 6 card size with 4 autumnal designs, the cutest being the little girl walking in woodlands with her Scotty dog all wrapped up warm n cosy. These co-ordinate beautifully with everything else in the box and would be a great idea to send with a little gift from this collection with coordinating gift tag.
My next item I want to mention is the notebook, again fully coordinating with everything else in the collection, a small A6 paperback notebook, with the same printed autumn trees as the washi tape, with quality plain paper inside. This note-book would be ideal as a small gift, imagine this wrapped in brown craft paper sealed with the matching washi tape, with a nice pencil, a bit of confetti, a coordinating greeting card and coordinating gift tag. If only we had the gift tag to match……. Oooooo guess what’s next!
It’s a bundle of super cute gift tags, with garden twine threads and……. All coordinating with the note cards and other stationary. Again boasting those muted greens, oranges and browns, all autumnal, warm and cosy looking. Perfect images for this chilly time of the year.
The last thing in the box was a craft sheet, a simple cut out and keep sheet to make little stand up pumpkins and the very cute little girl featured in the earlier images.
Overall I loved this box because it was all perfectly coordinating, It would look lovely on any desk and would make the cutest perfect little gifts for anyone if you thought you could part with any of it. It was all very good quality and we’ll made, made from very sturdy thick card stock. The only thing I would’ve done differently was include a nice pencil or pen instead of the eraser. The eraser was really novel and cute but a bit out of place when everything else coordinated so well together.
The value for money was good, I would happily pay between £15 and £20 for this, I know I can go buy these things cheaper but it’s the idea of them matching well, the surprise element and knowing that my bestie, next door neighbour and colleagues don’t have the same… and who does not want a total surprise through the letterbox every month?!
A very pleasant little box, definitely worth subbing.
Katieemma xoxo
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