The Cruelty Free Beauty Box Review – October 2017

I have been kindly asked to review this Subscription Box by Chloe from The Cruelty Free Beauty Box.  I have to say I had a lot of impending excitement for this one as I had heard lots of amazing things about it.  I love the company’s ethos which you can read about on the website; and this is shown right down to the finer items e.g the packaging and information leaflets in the box, and the competition they are running where you can win your november box by tagging them in a picture of your box with your furry friends.  
The Subscription Box consists of 5 items and i’m going to be reviewing the Beauty Box which costs just £14.95! I loved the questionnaire that they ask about your preferences so they can help tailor the box to you.  You can also prepay for 3 and 6 months. This is the same for the makeup box but that costs £19.95 a month . 

The Items:

  • The Konjac sponge company konjac sponge full size RRP £8.99
  • Human & Kind elbow & foot cream Full size RRP £6.95
  • Evio Beauty Group Green tea primer full size RRP £23.50
  • Eden perfume 10ml no 78 travel sized  RRP £6
  • Miss Patisserie Bath Slab Peony + Pear full size RRP£5

Box Total: £50.44

Full Box Contents

The first item I unboxed was konjac sponge. I have used one of these before, but I wasn’t impressed on the shape as it was too small. This one from the konjac sponge company was pretty impressive! I liked the size; I really like how it exfoliated my face with the natural fibres. My face felt cleansed afterwards and it even removed my eye make up gently. What a win it has definitely changed my mind about these, and the fact it is 100% natural is great too… no added nasties.

The next item was the Human and Kind hand, elbow and foot cream. This had a really delicate floral smell to it and was very hydrating to the skin, perfect with winter impending. I’m always suffering with dry chapped hands, and it’s a nice size to pop in you handbag. I also tried this on my feet and it left them silky smooth but without being greasy which I liked. I also have to say the packaging really stood out to me, and the price is very reasonable too. Perfect if you too like products that are multi use as I do.
Next was the green tea primer from Evio. I have been using this all week and I have not been able to put it down! I always go back to the same primer; but I think I may have found another favourite! This is perfect for people with a dry face like me, I found it very moisturising and it helped with the longevity of my foundation. I urge everyone to give this one a go… my favorite product in the box and probably the one I overlooked the most so this was a very pleasant surprise. I would love to try more products from this brand.

Now this ones a game changer… when I unboxed the Eden perfume sample I didn’t realise what it was until after unboxed it. I knew it smelt familiar and this is why…….. Eden make perfumes that smell similar to popular brands, but they do it the cruelty free way… how amazing is that!!!! I received no 78 which is million dollar lady; this is similar to Paco Rabannes Lady Million. This is a floral fruity fragrance, I found that this purfume lasted a long time. I really enjoy fragrances in boxes as its something I just don’t like – going out to smell them as they never smell the same on them bits of paper and I hate buying them and then discovering I dislike them later. Eden also hand make their perfumes and they are paraben and phthalate free! They have their own shop in Brighton and The Cruelty Free Beauty Box are going to stock 10 of their fragrances in their online shop. How exciting is that?!

Finally we have the bath slab. This was huge! What an amazing size! Mostly you get bath bombs in a ball and they are a one time use. This guy you break of a couple of chunks and pop in your bath and there’s more for later! It only cost’s £5 thats a bargain in my eyes. The smell I received was Peony and Pear, I really liked this you could smell it in the bath… I usually don’t like receiving bath products; it makes me very sad as I can’t test them as I currently dont have a bath in my home. However it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t review this, so I scooted round my mum’s to try this out and left her the rest as a thank you! she was also very impressed.

So that’s the Box! I forgot to mention that The Creulty Free Beauty box have just launched their Christmas range. All the details are on the Website… go on take a look you know you want to!

You can also get the added bonus of 10% off a Subscription Box or products on their Website (excluding Christmas) with the code ‘boxession’. Hurry though as it expires on 31st October!

The Verdict?
I really like this box it was very well-balanced there were some great brand discovery’s particularly the Eden perfumes and the green tea primer.  For this reason i’m going to give the box 4.5 out of 5. I would have awarded 5 stars but I had to give that amazing bath bomb to my mum! A HUGE Thank You to Chloe for letting me review her animal friendly, Cruelty Free Box …
To follow them on Social Media here are their handles…
Twitter: @crueltyfreebox

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