Rainbow Box Club Review by Michelle – October 2017

One of my favourite types of subscription box is a lifestyle box. I love receiving a gorgeous little package, and not knowing whether it’s going to be containing cute stationary, beautiful items for my home or lovely little gifts to make me smile.
When it comes to lifestyle boxes, my favourite ones are themed each month. The Rainbow Box Club does just that, bringing you a selection of themed lifestyle items in a letterbox friendly box each month. The boxes are delivered by Royal Mail and fit through the majority of letter boxes, so you don’t have to worry about whether you’re going to be in when it arrives. I hate it when I arrive home to find the dreaded red card on my doormat, or that my box has been left out in the rain, so a massive thank you goes out to Rainbow Box Club for taking away this frustration.
I unboxed live on the BoXession Group, but you can also view a no chat version on our YouTube Channel here …

The theme of October’s Rainbow Box Club fits perfectly with the changing season, as it is Autumn Woodland themed. One of my favourite things to do in autumn is to stomp through the woods wrapped up in snuggly clothes to keep warm, so I love the Autumn Woodland theme of the box.
On opening my box, I was greeted with an autumnal orange tissue paper, sealed with an acorn sticker. There was also a sticker on the underside of the lid with a list of the items in the box. I like the items in my boxes to be a surprise until I open them, so I quickly hid this, so as not to spoil the surprise.
I carefully peeled back the sticker and spotted a very familiar print, so that had to be the first thing out of my box. I’m a massive Sass & Belle fan, and could quite happily own each and every one of their products. Seeing their whimsical woodland print on a tote bag couldn’t have started off my unboxing any better. The tote bag is made from 55% recycled plastic meaning it’s waterproof, and the strong webbing handles mean that this bag is really going to last. The print on the bag is a super cute mix of trees, leaves and woodland animals. I can definitely see me using this bag a lot throughout the year, as my cotton tote bags and their contents end up being soggy when it rains.
October’s box contains not one, but two Sass & Belle products, the second being a Woodland Friends Pocket Notebook. Subscribers will receive one of an assortment of these notebooks, and I received the little badger notebook. This high quality notebook has cute woodland themed images on both the front and back covers, and contains 35 plain pages. I’m forever writing notes, lists and doodling, so love a good notebook and I find the cuter the cover, the more inspired I feel.
Although I love writing notes, I very rarely write and send letters anymore. The stripy paper bag sealed with a sticker saying “Send More Snail Mail” contains everything I need to change that: autumn themed lined note paper, envelopes and stickers to seal the envelopes with. I love that Rainbow Box Club are trying to inspire their subscribers to send more letters, as they are so much more personal than a text message or email.
The next product in my box fits perfectly with the notebook and letter writing set; it’s a cute Woodland Animal Pen. Subscribers will receive one of an assorted variety of pens, and mine has a cute fox design on it. Not only is it cute, but it’s a really nice pen to write with. It has a soft and smooth rubberised texture to it, and a fine liner ink nib. I really like that it’s black ink, as I’m not a fan of blue ink in pens.
At both home and work I’m usually surrounded by sticky notes to remind me of important things; unfortunately, the sticky notes themselves are pretty boring. Well they used to be, as this month’s box has sticky notes that look and are shaped like autumn leaves. I really love these, as they will make my work areas look so much nicer now. Matching the sticky notes is a product I’m slowly getting an addiction to, washi tape. I love this stuff, there are so many uses for it, and the leaf print washi tape in my box is a perfect addition to my collection.
The next item in my box was a set of 10 cute and brightly coloured wooden mini pegs, with five different designs of owls on them. I love these, and plan to gift one or two to my owl mad friend, and use the rest to make a cute string picture hanger for my craft room. I really like that they are multi-use as imagine that the subscribers will find lots of different ways to use theirs.
The last item in this month’s Rainbow Box Club, is a product from an independent jewellery designer. The Rainbow Box Club aim to have at least one product each month that is handmade or from an independent small company. This month’s company of choice is the wonderful Holly Hocks Jewellery, and their Squirrel Badge. This bright orange squirrel silhouette badge will look amazing on your jumper or coat this autumn. I love that it has a badge finding, rather than being a pin badge, as it means it will be held securely wherever you choose to wear it. In addition to this wonderful badge, the box has a discount code for Holly Hocks Jewellery’s Etsy page.
The Rainbow Box Club have found items that fit perfectly with the autumn woodland theme, without being tacky. I’m looking forward to using every single item, and know that they are going to help make my desk area look so much nicer while being useful too. I’ve really enjoyed this month’s box and can’t wait to see what items are going to be in the November – Under the Sea themed box. This box is a must buy for anyone who loves cute stationary and lifestyle products. I have to send a massive thank you to Rose from Rainbow Box Club for sending me this month’s box to review.
What’s in The Box?

  • Sass & Belle, Whimsical Woodland Tote Bag – £4.00
  • Sass & Belle, Woodland Friends Pocket Notebook (assorted) – £2.00
  • Leaf Sticky Notes – £2.00 (approx.)
  • Wooden Owl Peg Set – £1 (approx.)
  • Autumn Leaves Washi Tape – £2 (approx.)
  • Woodland Animal Pen (assorted) – 50p (approx.)
  • Letter Writing set – £1 (approx.)
  • Holly Hocks Jewellery, Squirrel Badge – £5.50
  • 15% off discount code for Holly Hocks Jewellery
Total: £18 (approx.)
Contents cost + Postage: £19.58
Box Cost: £15 (including postage)
Saving: £4.58

Box cost based on one off box.
Further discounts are available if you order a rolling monthly subscription, or pre-pay 3, 6 or 12 month subscriptions.
If you’d like a bit more fun and colour in your life, order your own Rainbow Box Club subscription at: https://rainbowboxclub.com/ . If you sign up to their newsletter via their website, you’ll receive 10% off your first box.

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