Secret Scent Box His & Hers Review by Sam & Paul – October 2017

I was so excited when these 2 little white boxes appeared through my letterbox (and I bet my postie was happy he didn’t have to knock today).

I would like to say a huge thank you to Anil from Secret Scent for sending us these to unbox live and review. I really love the idea of being able to get his and hers boxes, it’s so much fun unboxing something new as a couple.

As you can see in my live unboxing video…

Upon opening the white box we were greeted with a gorgeous sleek black box with Secret Scent Box embossed in silver on the lid, it just screamed high quality. Carefully pulling of the lid I was greeted with a card that said hello beautiful, and Paul exclaimed “they got my name right” as he revealed a card that said hello handsome, yes modest isn’t he? hahaha! Behind that was 3 cards each one detailed a different scent that was in the box, after removing those we were met with 3 X 3ml spray bottles. 

Each one contained a designer fragrance gorgeously repackaged in secret scents own bottles and each one carefully set into a black velvet foam. The fragrances should last 30 days between them (based on 4 sprays a day), so plenty to try out each scent and see how well it wears and which one you get the most compliments on. 

The Scents for her


In my box I got:
Moschino Pink Fresh Couture

Launched in 2017 this fragrance is said to re-interpret the original essence in a delightful and refreshing way. I must say this really did live up to its name and smells clean and fresh in a feminine way.

  • Top notes: pink grape fruit , blackcurrant and Lilly. Stayed fresh for quite some time eventually giving way to…
  • The middle notes: Of pomegranate, rose and pink hyacinth.
  • With base notes: of Cedar, musk and ambroxan peaking through. 
This was one of those fragrances I was surprised by the longer I wore it the more I liked it as the different notes came through. 
Armani She

Said to be a soft, ultra feminine fragrance that captures the beauty of all women. A timeless scent that caresses the skin in a cascade of delectable notes.

  • Top notes: Pineapple (my fave) bergamot, pear and tangerine.
  • Middle notes: Muguet, Orris, jasmine, heliotrope.
  • Base notes: Tonka, sandalwood, cedarwood, and musk.
This was a delightful mix of scents that instantly whisked me away to an exotic place. 

Last but not least was…

DKNY delicious night 

I was shocked by how dark and deep this scent was it reminded me of naughty nights out. It’s a very seductive scent and you can really catch the top note of blackberry. 

  • Top notes: pomelo, blackberry, ginger.
  • Middle notes: Orchid, jasmine, iris. 
  • Base notes:  Amber, patchouli, vetiver.

Thoughts from her: 

I love the concept of this box, the size gives you plenty of time to find out if you like the new fragrance, how it wears and whether it gives you a headache later without feeling awkward or pressured at a counter; or spending £60 on a bottle of perfume that you decide a week later isn’t for you. I love that each of the fragrances in the box are so different. It really gives you something to try for every mood. This has to be my favourite discovery box yet. 

And with code ‘BOXESSION15’ making the first box £12.25, it’s a bargain in my opinion for a months worth of high-end fragrance.

Scents for him 


Prada L’Homme intense 

This scent is said to explore the essence of male identity with a multi layered EDP that accentuates the endless facets of Prada. 

  • Top notes: Amber. 
  • Middle notes: Patchouli.
  • Base notes: Roasted tonka beans, sandalwood.

Simple but well put together this scent  lasted him well and he could still smell it the next day. 

Lacoste Live Male 

Said to be a playful and cool with an urban edge. Playing on perspective and optical illusions. 

  • Top notes: Fresh lime. 
  • Middle notes: Green leaves and sea breeze. 
  • Base notes: Liquorice, Guaiac Wood. 

This scent shocked Paul with its fresh scent that reminded him of cocktails, and turned out to be his favourite of the 3.

(And swiftly ordered by me for Christmas lol) 

Davidoff The Game 

For those who are not afraid to stand out and assert themselves. It states that existence is a game and should be played to win. 

  • Top notes: Gin fizz accord, juniper berries.
  • Middle notes: Iris, precious woods.
  • Base notes: Black wood.

This was a very deep muscular scent. The notes of wood mixed with the more playful notes make it very seductive  the scent lasts well and stays true. 

(This was my favourite and may also make its way under the Christmas tree) 

Thoughts from him:

It was very exciting opening a mystery box (I think he’s hooked ladies!). 

It’s a really good idea to try new things and I was impressed by the quality of the fragrances. This box has empowered me to discover a new favourite fragrance after being so set In my ways (seriously he’s used the same fragrance for 7 years!) 

Who would this Box Suit?

Everyone !

I love that they do a men’s and women’s box . The idea of couples ordering it together and trying the new scents to see what each other think is brilliant. 

It would be great for teens looking to find out what scents appeal to them and older people who are a bit stuck in their ways and want to discover something new. It can be gifted and what an awesome one it would make.

I’ve also found it can make Birthday and Christmas buying a breeze. 

Is it worth it?

Yes the concept is brilliant. 

The boxes are £15 a month each or just £12.25 with code BOXESSION15!

For her box 

  • Moschino pink fresh couture 3ml the rrp of a 30ml bottle is £35 so worth £3.50
  • Armani SHE 3ml a 30ml has an RRP of £39 so worth £3.90 
  • DKNY Delicious Night 3ml RRP of 30ml is £38 so worth £3.80 

Total RRP is £11.20 but obviously this varies between the boxes. 

The real saving here for me was hours of searching at counters for a scent I like and wasting silly amounts of money on bottles that I decide I don’t like within a week . Also the ease of finding out new ideas for pressies; and the care and thought that has gone into this box being put together. 

That in my opinion is priceless!

For him box 

  • PRADA L’Homme intense 3ml RRP for 50ml is £54 so worth £3.24 
  • Lacoste Live Male RRP for 40ml is £30 so worth £2.25 
  • Davidoff The Game RRP for 40ml is £32 so worth £2.40 

Total RRP £7.89 

Yet again the savings here are in time and saved money from failed impulse buys. Paul really liked this box and would happily subscribe. I am so glad to have finally found a new fragrance he likes.

How do I get it? 

The Secret Scent Box offers Free shipping to U.K. And Europe. 

3 options 

  • Monthly rolling subscription, free to cancel at any time.
  • Pre pay 6 monthly.
  • Pre pay 12 monthly. 

I understand that they are currently working on making the prepay options slightly cheaper per box at the moment, so well worth keeping an eye on. 

Boxes are charged on the 27th of each month in advance and are dispatched on the 7th of each month via 2nd class Royal Mail so UK boxes should arrive around the 10th . Europe delivery takes up to 5 working days from dispatch. If you order after the 27th you will not be charged till the 27th of the following month.

You can order yours here:

Find them on Facebook:

Twitter: @SecretScentBox

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