Makerly (Craft Subscription) Box Review by Michelle – October 2017

When my two obsessions meet I’m sure to be in for a treat.
Long before I discovered my love of subscription boxes, I began crafting. I’ve never been one to stick to a particular craft, and love discovering new techniques and learning new crafting skills; so, when I was asked by Nichola from Makerly to review October’s box I was really excited.
Makerly is a craft kit subscription box that provides you with all of the materials you need to make a different crafting project each month. You don’t need to worry about already having the tools at home to make the projects, as along with the materials, and easy to follow instructions you’ll be sent the tools you need. Past Makerly boxes have been projects including, jewellery making, papercrafting, sewing and even DIY fairy lights! Before I received my box, I had a look at the beautiful Makerly Instagram feed which increased my excitement no end. It’s full of modern, bright and interesting makes, so I was sure that whatever project would be in my box it would be something great.
My box was delivered by royal mail and I absolutely loved the presentation. What could have been a pretty boring cardboard box had a cute label with a sprinkle design and the Makerly logo on it. On opening my box, it was jam packed; so much so that when I’d finished unboxing, I couldn’t get it all to fit back inside. Perched on top of the materials was the instruction leaflet telling me what this month’s project is, how to make it and the materials included in the box.
To watch my unboxing video, which I unboxed live on the BoXession Facebook Group; Click play below…

This month’s box is absolutely perfect for October, it’s a kit to make Lavender Scented Pumpkins. The only things not included in the box are a pen, pair of scissors and something round to draw around e.g. a plate. I think even if you haven’t made anything before, you probably have these items at home, so there’s no need to go out and buy anything with this kit. I know when I’ve bought craft kits before it’s incredibly frustrating when you sit down to make it, and realise that an essential item isn’t included in the kit.

The kit contains:

  • Instruction Leaflet
  • 3 different types of fabric – bright orange cotton, white and black spotty cotton, and grey and white hounds tooth material.
  • Stuffing (to stuff your pumpkins, not a box of paxo)
  • 11 self-threading sewing needles
  • 1 embroidery needle
  • Thread
  • Embroidery thread
  • Felt
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Buttons
  • Tags
  • Bag of dried lavender

Usually with craft kits you only get enough materials to make 2 or 3 items, but there’s plenty in this box to make your very own pumpkin patch, or gift them to friends and family. Attention to detail in a box is something that means a lot to me, and Makerly definitely have that with the way they have presented the materials in this month’s box; from the stuffing packaged in a brown bag tied with string like a parcel, to the envelope labelled “Bits & Bobs” with the tiny tags and twine inside it.

I’ve done quite a lot of sewing before, and found the instructions really easy to follow. I do however think even if you haven’t picked up a needle and thread before; the simple step by step instructions mean you’d have no trouble making your pumpkin. Depending on the size of round object you choose to draw round, you’ll end up with different sized pumpkins, so you can choose whether you want to make large or teeny tiny pumpkins. The instruction leaflet gives you hints and tips about how to decorate your finished pumpkin, meaning you can make it as unique as you are. I love that there are different options, and that not everyone who uses this kit will end up with the same finished products.
So far, I’ve only made one orange pumpkin, which took around an hour to make spread over two nights, and if I do say so myself I think it’s pretty good. I’m looking forward to making more using the other materials and decorating them in different ways. My husband has even said I should make a catnip one for our cats to play with. As there are so many materials in the kit, I’ll probably have some left to add to my craft stash and use in different projects in the future.

Overall, I’ve really enjoyed this box, and being able to create something I haven’t made before that looks and smells great. With the theme fitting so well with October, I’m wondering and hoping whether there will be a Christmas themed December box, as that would be amazing.

If you’re interested in buying your own Makerly box they are available from:
It’s difficult to work out the pricing for this box, as there are no similar kits currently on the market that I could find; however considering the amount of materials in the box, it’s definitely worth the £15 (including P&P) price tag.
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