Flaming Licks Box Review – October 2017

So Here I am reviewing Flaming Licks Crave Subscription Box. For those of you that don’t know, Flaming Licks is a unique spicy food Subscription Box and I would say some of it is not for the faint hearted!
There are 3 types of box on offer. The first is the Munch Box which consists of spicy snacks priced at £8.99. The Taste Box which contains recipes and cooking sauces and spices priced at £13.49, and lastly the box I am reviewing, The Crave Box that includes all off the above for £19.99. Below is what it included:

  • 3 x hots shots sauces made by mushemi fire- The Juju: an extremely hot chilli relish, The Char: A BBQ Chilli dipping sauce, and The Zwao: a piri piri chilli sauce. RRP £6
  • 2 x Zambian recipe cards.
  • Flaming licks smoked chilli and onion marmalade.
  • Flaming licks fiery italian cheese bagel croutons.
  • Prices spices Bombay potato spice mix.
  • Wildlings harbaneo chilli and lemongrass duck crackling RRP £6
  • New york deli mumbai mix RRP £1.50
  • Upton cheyray megladon hot and fruity sauce RRP £4.50

firstly I would like to say I unboxed this box live on the BoXession group much to the groups amusement; but I have to say this was one of the more enjoyable unboxing videos I have done. I was looking forward to trying this box as it was something really different.
Both my partner and I have been testing the products over the past week, and have enjoyed it. I would also like to say that I like the variety of the items in the box as there were things in there that I would normally overlook.  That is a great thing to have in a box; its get you wanting more!

Box Contents

The first item I’m going to talk about is the hot-shot sauces. First is the juju sauce, this was extremely hot and definitely not one for the faint hearted. I struggled with this one! Made with scotch bonnet and piri piri chilies it’s a sure win for you chilli heads. The second one was the char. This is the BBQ one and I really liked this; it’s not what I would call hot but it is amazing! It is smokey with a little kick, and you can put it with anything. I had it smothered over chicken with spicy bean rice and it was amazing. I went to buy this again but sadly it was not in stock. Lastly there’s the zwao piri piri. My partner tried this one again with chicken and really enjoyed his meal. He said it was fairly hot but he’s very hard to gauge with hot food; yes he’s the guy pouring the hottest sauce he can find in the chicken restaurants! All these sauces are made by mushemi fire and they focus on Zambian cuisine.

Next was 2 x recipe cards one recipe Zambian ifisashi (groundnut chicken), and one for a slow cooked fragrant lamb curry. I didn’t get to try making these, but I will definitely be trying them out soon! It also included the method for the Bombay potato (I’ll talk about this later).
Third up was the flaming licks chilli and onion marmalade. I’m a big fan of chutney’s and marmalade’s and just unboxing this and looking at it you can tell. It was well made, the colour was just beautiful! I decided to give this one a go in a cheese sandwich, and also with some crackers. I have to say it wasnt for me, but I took it to a dinner party with me and a couple of people really liked it so I found it a new home where it was appreciated.
Ooh this next one was really good! The fiery cheese bagel croutons… who likes a salad with plain croutons?! certainly not me! These were amazing, that good I could have just eaten them like crisps. I will be buying these again because they’re just so different and really pleasantly surprised me. They gave the throat a really good kick but you could still taste the cheese coming through. Winner all round!

Now who doesn’t love an authentic indian recipe?! I sure do, it’s my favourite Take-Away. Fear not the Prices Spices Bombay potato spices give the real thing a run for their money, and you can do it in your own home! Honestly I could not believe I made it myself and it was so easy too! The flavor was deep and you get the expected amount of spice for Bombay potatoes… I just want more please!!
Don’t be fooled by the sleek packaging Wildlings harbaneo chilli and lemongrass duck crackling will get your juices flowing! Jeez these were hot, so hot they made me choke on a live unboxing! You can taste the lemongrass and duck on initial chews, and it is pleasant… them bam here comes the chilli! They are very hot, I was still feeling the after effects of these for a while. I kindly passed these to the Mr who very much enjoyed them. I like the fact that these were different, and something I have not seen before.
New york deli Mumbai mix… these do exactly what they say on the tin so to speak. They are spicy but the sultanas in them makes them sweet. This also contains nuts so avoid if you have allergies. Much better than your standard Bombay mix; these were well enjoyed at the dinner party.
Upton cheyray megladon hot and fruity sauce… Wow this was my favourite item in the box! Not only is the name and packaging amazing, the sauce is delicious! First you get the fruitiness going round your taste buds, but then you get the hot but sweet taste that tingle your tongue. I have had this with meats and also used sparingly as a salad dressing I really like this one a lot!

The Verdict

This box is packed to the brim with goodies! The value way exceeds the goods value and the product choices were well thought out. As I said before, this have been one of my favourite unboxing’s, and it really exceeded my expectations. I like the fact they have their own shop and you can re buy the products you like. I feel this box explores all areas of spicy food and is also stylish to look at. I’m interested to see future boxes from Flaming Licks, and for that reason im going to give it 5 out of 5. Thanks for reading, and Thank You to Flaming Licks for letting me review.
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