The Boost Box (Surgery Box) Review by Michelle – October 2017

I stumbled across The Boost Box Company whilst absentmindedly scrolling through Instagram one day, and I was so blown away by the concept of their company that I just had to message them to let them know.
The Boost Box Company is part of the happy story that has come from the difficult time Nadia (Founder of The Boost Box Company) and her family went through in the recent past. In 2013 Nadia and her husband Ben’s daughter Bibi was sadly diagnosed with lymphoma. This was obviously a tremendously hard time for the entire family; however, they wanted to try and draw the focus of Bibi’s days away from her illness and the treatments she had to go through. This is where the concept of The Boost Box Company came from, to try and provide people who are going through treatment for cancer, surgery or illness with a boost. All of the products in their boxes are natural and have been considered for their therapeutic properties in collaboration with clinicians and patients. Although this wonderful business has been created, I’m sure Nadia and her family will agree the happiest part of the story so far is that Bibi has been in remission for the past 3 years. I honestly can’t do their story any true justice in this short description, and I urge you to visit the “About Us” section of their website to find out more.
The Boost Box Company have lots of different boxes available to fit almost every person and budget. Nadia was kind enough to send me one of their The Surgery Box for Her boxes to review for BoXession, and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect as I was feeling under the weather when it arrived. Although the name of the box implies it is for women due to or who have been through surgery, I think it would be perfect for any woman who needs a boost, whether that be due to illness, surgery, or because they are going through a bit a tough time. My box arrived in a bit of a cloud of mystery. There was a plain cardboard box with just my address and the postage label on the outside. On opening the outer box, I found a gorgeous forest green recycled cardboard giftbox, handtied with a beautiful blue bow. As there was no company labelling to be found anywhere on the parcel, I popped Nadia a message to ask if it was my box and to let her know if it was I’d be unboxing the next day as I wasn’t feeling great. Nadia came straight back to me with a lovely reply wishing me get well soon, and telling me that she’d wanted the box to be a surprise. I think this whole surprise element would make the box even more special to the recipient, as it definitely put a smile on my snotty face that day.
When I finally got around to having the energy to unboxing it, I was completely distracted from how rough I felt by discovering what I found inside. The items in my box were carefully wrapped in dove grey issue paper sealed with a The Boost Box Company sticker, and nestled safely inside matching grey shredded tissue to keep them safe.

You can watch my unboxing on our YouTube Channel…

First out of my box was a beautiful hand-written notecard from Nadia, expressing that she hoped I would enjoy the box. When you buy any box from the Boost Box Company, you are given the option to choose what you would like hand-written on your notecard to the recipient of the box. I think this thoughtful touch adds that little extra personalisation to the box.
The item that I think I’ll get the most use out of from my box is the amazingly soft baby pink Alpaca Bed Socks from J Alex Swift. Lots of the products in The Boost Box Company’s boxes are from small, independent UK suppliers, and this is one of them. I’ve unfortunately had a number of different operations in different hospitals during my adult life, and one thing I notice each time, is how cold my feet end up feeling. I’m not sure if this is a side effect of the anaesthetic, or if hospitals are deliberately kept cool, but I really could have done with these socks with me to help keep my toes toasty warm. As I was feeling rubbish the day of my unboxing, these went straight on my feet as soon as the camera was off, and it’s true to say these are now my favourite cosy socks. I was a bit worried they might be itchy, but they’re simply perfect, and Nadia has told me that they get even softer the more you wash and wear them.

Nadia was also lovely enough to hint before I’d opened the box, that a cup of tea with a teaspoon of honey might make me feel a bit more human. I didn’t have the heart to tell her I’m more a coffee or herbal tea fan, but on discovering the next two products in my box I worked out why she had said it. The first of them was Joe’s Tea Co. – St. Clement’s Lemon tea. As I’ve said I really enjoy a cup of herbal tea, and when I’m feeling a bit rubbish I love a cup of lemon and ginger tea. These gorgeous pyramid teabags are filled with lemongrass, ginger and orange peel, to provide a warming comforting drink. Lemongrass and ginger are also known for their digestion aiding properties, which is really helpful when you’re not feeling up to eating much or are feeling nauseous.
To make my tea taste even better, and for its immune boosting and other therapeutic properties, I added a teaspoon of the most flavoursome honey I’ve had in a long time. My box contained a massive 340g jar of Hilltop Honey – Raw British Wildflower Honey. If I’m honest, until I tasted this honey, I’d thought all honeys were equal. How wrong could I be? It’s like you can taste each beautiful wildflower the bees have visited to create this delicious honey. There are so many wonderful uses for honey, and its therapeutic properties have been repeatedly documented and proven scientifically, that I think this is a great addition to the box.
When you’re not feeling great, sometimes the last thing you want to do I eat. If I’m feeling like that, I always seem to end up with a horrid taste in my mouth. The Boost Box Company have included the perfect thing to help with this. The Peppersmith – Peppermint Dental Mints are a little box full of mints that you can suck to both make you mouth feel fresher, and calm your stomach whilst not containing any nasties that are going to be bad for your teeth. I really like the taste of these, and you really can’t tell that they are sugar free. The box is also the perfect size to pop in your bag and take with you anywhere.
Lastly in the box was a product that has quickly become one of my skin’s new best friends. The Lyonsleaf 100% Natural – Calendula Cream is a multi-award-winning product, and it’s easy to see why. This generously sized tub of gorgeous smelling loveliness is more of a balm texture than a cream, which when applied to the skin melts into a non-greasy silky moisturiser. It’s full of natural, non-steroid, anti-inflammatory ingredients which are perfect for soothing sore, inflamed or dry skin and is vegan friendly. Physical and mental illnesses, medications and medical treatments can be really tough on your skin, and a product like this that can help your skin can also give your wellbeing a well needed boost. This is definitely a product that I’d look to buy in the future, although it won’t be for a good while as a little goes a long way with this caring cream.

What was in my box?
  • Alpaca Bed Socks – J Alex Swift : £17
  • Joe’s Tea Co. – St. Clement’s Lemon tea (pack of 15 fuso bags): £4.75
  • Hilltop Honey – Raw British Wildflower Honey (340g): £6
  • Peppersmith – Dental Mints (approx. 25 per box): £1.99
  • Lyonsleaf, 100% Natural Calendula Cream: £22

Total: £51.74

Box Cost: £59

Although at first glance of the figures, this box doesn’t seem the best value, I don’t think being a bargain is what The Boost Box Company is about. Their boxes take the stress and worry and hassle away from buying gifts for your loved ones who may be going through a tough time. When buying one of The Boost Box Company’s boxes, you can be sure that full research and consideration has been taken about each and every product, and the ingredients within them, to ensure that they do not contain anything that is going to make the recipient more unwell or negatively react with their medications or medical treatments. The boxes are all so well presented, and it’s clear that care and love has been taken over packaging each and every one of them; meaning that whoever you send one to will feel that they are receiving an extra special gift. Their website even gives you helpful tips on what to consider if you are going to be sending one of the boxes to someone who is in hospital or in a hospice. It’s really hard to express the warm and fuzzy feeling I have inside me about this thoughtful independent business, and the wonderful box I received from them. I know that I personally would have loved to receive this box following any of the operations I’ve been through, or at any of the times my health has been poor. Thank you again Nadia for letting me experience a small part of what The Boost Box Company is all about.

If you’d like to browse the many male, female and unisex boxes lovingly curated by The Boost Box Company, head over to their website:

You can also find more out about them by following their social media accounts:

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