CC Beauty Box Review by – October 2017

So I’m back again reviewing CC Beauty for the 6th time! can you believe it?! As usual i’m at the door as I see the postman with it; I cant help it… I have to unbox  as soon as possible and as usual it didn’t disappoint. CC Beauty is a high-end Subscription Box  containing 4 products each month. It costs £29.99 and you can have a one-off subscription; rolling subscription or a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription.

This month’s box is worth £69.98, the items included are below:
  • Cargo Cosmetics Around the World Palette – RRP £16.99
  • Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanse and Polish 200ml – RRP£26
  • Make up Forever 270 Angled Brush – RRP £10.99
  • Make up Forever Aqua Liner shade 4 – RRP £16

Box Value = £69.98

The first item I unboxed was the Cargo Palette. This is a beautiful nude and browns pallete that it suitable for everyday wear.  I liked the packaging and sleek design; I did however nick two pans unboxing! After further testing I found the formula very soft but on using on my lids I found them to be very blendable and the colours complement each other nicely. I find the RRP very fair; I have not used anything from cargo before and I do like this product a lot. It’s a pretty pallete to look at. I would definitely consider other products from this brand to try.
Next is the Liz Earle. I was so ecstatic to see this item in the box as it is my all time favourite cleanser! I use it everyday, and for me it’s a bit on the expensive side. My partner always moans when I try to hide this somewhere as he knows it is a little pricey; but i cant live without it. If you have not tried it then you really must. You apply this product to dry skin the wipe away with a clean hot wet muslin cloth, it leaves your skin so refreshed! Normally this comes with a small muslin but I find you can buy them for so cheap so this is not an issue.
Third up was the Make Up Forever professional 270 brush. This a is an angled eyebrow brush. I always love brushes in boxes; I know some people don’t like them but as I say you can never have too many and I always like trying new brands. I haven’t used Make up Forever brushes before, but I like this! I didn’t however use it for my brows as I happen to be lucky enough to have amazing natural brows, but I like the small angled brushes to apply eyeliner as they are quite firm and they dont move about too much… this definitely did the trick.
Finally we have the Aqua Liner by Make up Forever. This product is a bit of a bittersweet for me as I love this product but we had the same product in last months box. This is however a different colour and oh my it’s just beautiful! It is a bright jade green; and it’s shimmery and its just amazing! It’s my favourite product in this box. I have been looking for a liquid liner in this colour for forever and now I have it. Another thing to mention with this liner is the staying power; it’s just amazing. It literally does not move and the nib for application is great. I’m definitely going to be buying this in more colours.

The Verdict 

This was definitely one of my favourite boxes to date. I’m going to give it a  4.5 out of 5, and this is only because of the repeat of the same product from last month’s box as I personally like boxes to contain different things each month. I really enjoy working with CC Beauty each month and I hope this continues. I hope that you have enjoyed reading…

If you wish to purchase a box from CC Beauty, you can do so via their Website … don’t forget to enter the code ‘1STBOX20OFF’ for 20% off your first box!

Here are the links to their Facebook and Instagram too:

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