The Monthly Pamper Box Review by Katie – September 2017

I was so happy and grateful to receive this lovely box; so a huge thanks to everyone over at for sending this joyous little bundle out to me to review. Not only was I excited because it is a box full of my favourite things, but also because it is the launch box! Yes that’s right I am one of the first to review the very first The monthly pamper box. How lucky am I?! read on to find out exactly how lucky I am…
I received the box by royal mail, it came wrapped in a plastic parcel bag, which I excitedly ripped off to find a brown cardboard box with a simple print of the box name The monthly pamper box, and their logo…a little bath and overhead shower drawing. I received it within approximately 4 days of it being dispatched.
I knew what to expect in the box in terms of products, I already knew it was a bath product pamper box from looking at the company website. Also I just need to mention how excited I was about the live unboxing of this box, I could literally smell the products inside the box everytime I went near it while it was sat on my dining room table. It was definitely teasing my senses and making me not want to wait for the live unboxing of this deliciously scenty box.

Watch my live here …

The monthly pamper box will include at least 5 full size luxury handmade bath and body products each month including things such as bath bombs, shower gels, bath fizzers and soaps and costs £14.95 plus p&p.

So here goes, my opinion on each item I received in September’s launch box including the two bonus items to celebrate the launch of The monthly pamper box.

Kiwi fruit bath bomb (bonus item) – RRP £3.25
This was a free gift for anyone purchasing September’s launch box. It was a large size pastel green bath bomb wrapped in tissue paper. The smell was sweet and kind of gentle, kiwi is not a typically fruity smelling fruit and smells as it tastes. It was a very delicate aroma, almost floral. I found it was lovely in the bath, really softening and it dissolved really well and left no residue on the bottom of my bath, it produces more of a foam than bubbles. The scent was subtle and not overwhelming or strong, it was very pleasant tjo and my skin felt smooth and soft after bathing in it.
Gold top bath fizzers – RRP £3.50
This bath fizzer was another large item, it was a very pretty white fizzer with an almost snowflake/star design on it topped with gold glitter. It did state that it was a vanilla milkshake fragrance bath fizzer but I honestly could not smell a trace of vanilla, it did smell wonderful still though, it smelt very strongly of citrus, it was a very clean and energising smell. This would be perfect to bath in on a lazy morning when you want to relax in a hot bubbly bath before facing

the day ahead. It was very strongly fragrances and the clean citrus smell lingered in the bathroom for hours after using it.
Red grape shower gel – RRP £6.99
This is my ultimate favourite item out of the whole box, I am so in love with this bottle of heaven. This smells divine, the smell of the red grape is really warming and relaxing, and it has a beautiful undertone of musky scents. This would be the perfect shower gel to use before bed or before settling down on an evening. It was really moisturising and creamy too, I could’ve definitely skipped the body butter after using this, it was a full size bottle too and will last me at least two weeks and I shower and bath daily. I was very impressed with this product and would definitely purchase again in the future.
Strawberry and lime macaroon – RRP £2.00
The macaroon was a very cute item, it even has a sprinkling of hundred and thousands on the top of it, it almost looked edible. The lime was a very prominent smell in it whole strawberry smell was a lot less prominent in it until I popped it in the bath. Again the citrus lime scent made it very fresh and clean smelling, and again a very energising scent. It made my bath water feel soft and creamy and left me feeling extra clean as the fragrance stayed on my skin even after getting out and rinsing myself under the shower.
Pink champagne soap slice – RRP £2.00
This slice of soap was delicious looking and again almost looked edible, and was just as delicious smelling. The scent was fresh and uplifting, less fruity and more floral and leaves hands smelling wonderful. The only downside to this soap was that it left my hands very dry after a couple of days of using, not a great thing at this time of year when hands are already prone to becoming dry from the cold weather. It does look very pretty though on my bathroom sink and i am a sucker for a pretty soap.
Lime and lemon lip balm – RRP £3.50
This cute little tin of lip balm is another favourite from this box and is currently living in my handbag. It smells lovely, it smells as expected as citrus fruit but also very sweet instead of the usual sharpness you would associate with lime and lemon fragrances. It has a very slight sweet taste to it. It is made with mango butter and is so moisturising, my lips feel great when using this and it is long lasting so I only need to use 3-4 times a day. It’s definatly something I would re-purchase and try the different scent varieties of.
CHOCOLATE (bonus item) RRP 80p
Yum, yum, yum and more yum… Who does not live a delicious bar of free chocolate. Yes I devoured and enjoyed every last decadent crumb. To be honest I’m surprised it lasted the ten minutes or less between unboxing and photographing. Beautiful melt in your mouth bar of heaven, you don’t get curves like mine from shying away from a free sweet treat or two… or ten.
Overall I really loved this box, I think it is a great way to try a variety of products and fragrances you might not usually pick for yourself. The monetary value of the box is not amazingly over the rrp price of the products but the novelty of a surprise selection of products is worth paying for. It would still be worth subbing to just to get to try 5 different full size products each month.

  • Total value of box – £22.04
  • Price of box – £14.95 plus p&p
  • Saving – £7.09

Katie xx

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