Craftiosity Review by Michelle – September 2017

In addition to my subscription box addiction I have another hobby that has definitely turned into an addiction over the years. For as long as I can remember I’ve loved crafting, and making things for myself, my home and as gifts for others. I’m always on the lookout for new crafts to try out, and when Moira from Craftiosity offered a box for me to review for BoXession I jumped at the chance.
My box arrived inside a relatively plain postal bag delivered by royal mail; however opening this I was greeted by one the cutest boxes I’ve received to review. The brown card box is decorated with white outline images of different craft tools and definitely increased my excitement as to what I might find inside. The box was also extremely heavy; which is always a good sign in my experience.
I unboxed this live on the BoXession group, which you can now watch on our YouTube channel…

On opening the box, I was greeted with a lovely hand-written note from Moira, thanking me for reviewing the box. I have to thank Moira for sending it to me to review, and this added extra touch made it even more special. Talking of extra touches, the items in my box were neatly wrapped in bright pink tissue paper, sealed with a cute matching sticker saying “Craftiness Is Happiness”.
20170927_133550 (1)
Before it arrived, I had been thinking about what craft project might be included in the September Craftiosity box, from cross stich hoops to papercrafting. At no point, however did I even consider the project that I found inside the box. This month’s craft kit is a lavender bath bomb kit. Inside the box I found all the ingredients to make 2 sets (4 in total) of lavender bath bombs. I can’t think of a more appropriate craft project to fit with BoXession, as the majority of our FaceBook group members are beauty lovers, and the pigment to add to the bath bombs is purple!
Along with the ingredients I would need, were also the tools needed to make the project, including moulds, a pipette and a pair of non-latex gloves so I wouldn’t end up with purple hands. The only thing not included was a bowl to mix ingredients in, an old glass jar to mix the wet ingredients, and a small amount of water. These are all things that the majority of people will already have at home. Instead of the ingredients just being packaged with a label naming them; Craftiosity have included information on the labels about the ingredients e.g. “Epsom Salts – Magnesium Sulphate. Epsom Salts have been used for centuries to relieve tired and aching muscles while bathing.”. I really like this added touch and think it’s especially helpful if you were to be making this project with children, to help them learn while having fun.

I love that Craftiosity have considered that different people find instructions presented in different ways easier to follow. I personally really like to have pictures alongside written instructions, to help me know what I should be doing and how my project should be looking at each step. The instructions contained within the box are set out in really easy to follow steps, with clear pictures next to each step. In addition to the instructions in the box, there is a YouTube tutorial video available. I think that this is a brilliant touch, as it means that whether you’re an absolute beginner to crafting, or an experienced crafter you can make the project contained in each month’s box. There are also handy ideas about how you can personalise your bath bombs, if you wanted to make different colour, style or fragranced ones in the future.
It would be wrong for me to write a review of a craft box without trying to make the project myself. So far, I have made one set of purple lavender scented bath bombs containing dried lavender pieces. I found the instructions really easy to follow, and whole process was also really fun. I imagine if you were to make this project with children it could get a little messy, as I managed to get carried away when mixing the ingredients, and decorate my work top with some the dry ingredients. Luckily it was quickly cleared up with the wipe of a damp cloth. If you decide to make this project, I will say, make sure you follow the instructions. The instructions say to be cautious with the amount of coloured water you add, and I thought that one more drop to add a little more colour would be fine. It wasn’t a complete disaster, but I know for time that it would have made a better end result if I’d stuck to the instructions. I had some spare mixture left over so used an old tub to make an extra bath fizzer. The only bit of the process I haven’t enjoyed is waiting 24hours for the bath bombs to dry inside the moulds, but that’s just because I’m impatient.

24 hour has never seemed so long, and I have to be honest I thought as I’d made the ingredient mixture too wet, I didn’t have high hopes for the end result. When I prised the bath bombs from their moulds, I was so surprised that they’d held together, and actually looked like a bath bomb. They’re by no means perfect, but I think this is one of those crafts where the more you practice, the better you get. I have some different scents and coloured dyes left over from some soap making, so I’m planning on trying out different coloured and scented bath bombs for my second batch.

Craftiosity really have thought of everything with this month’s box; as they’ve even included a Clipper Sleepy Tea, so can have a relaxing night time drink after enjoying a bath using one of your handmade bath bombs.
It’s plain to say I’ve loved this month’s Craftiosity box, and may have even found a new craft I love. I will say, my friends and family shouldn’t be surprised they receive a handmade bath bomb from me this Christmas. The brilliantly thought out kits and instructions mean that this box is perfect no matter your age or crafting experience. I can’t wait to see what next month’s craft project is going to be.
What does it Cost?
If you want to order your own Craftiosity box, and maybe discover a new craft to fall in love with, you can buy them from:
Boxes cost £20 per month + £2.95 P&P on a rolling subscription, which you can cancel or skip a month any time.
You can additionally buy a 3month subscription or gift subscriptions.
It took a lot of googling to find a similar product with natural ingredients, and everything included in the kit. The lowest price I could find even after all that searching was £23.98. I wasn’t able to find one with such easy to follow instructions, and as well presented as this box.

The lovely Moira from Craftiosity has given BoXession members an exclusive £5 off of their first box using the code: BX001

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