Club GP (Gentlemens Practice) Review by Mr Michelle – September 2017

There are so many boxes around aimed at the female market, with the majority of men’s boxes being grooming product based. It’s very rare for us at BoXession to find an interesting men’s box that contains something other than grooming products, so when Gareth at Gentlemen’s Practice offered us one of their Club GP subscription boxes to review we were thrilled.
I unboxed this for the BoXession YouTube Channel, here is the no chat version…

I did also do a full chat version with our BoXession members, which can be found on our Facebook group, and our YouTube Chanel.
My husband was initially a bit wary about writing the review; so, I had planned that he would give me some notes on what he thought about the box, and I’d turn it into a fully-fledged BoXession review. To my surprise however, he’s done my job for me!

Here’s what Mr Michelle thought of September’s Club GP box:

So then,
My Wife asked me if I would be interested in receiving and reviewing the Gentlemen’s Practice (GP) box, initially I was unsure as I’ve never done anything such as this before. So, I guess I should set the scene, tell you a little about me so you understand from my perspective.
I suppose I’m a typical mid-thirties male, I’ve reached the stage where I rarely buy any clothes unless I’m told my jeans are too grubby or my shirt has too many holes in, instead preferring to still wear t-shirts I bought over a decade ago, well they still fit..
I do however have to purchase clothes and look smart for work. So one thing I do understand is the importance of a quality suit and shirt etc.
On opening of the Gentlemen’s Practice box, I was pleased to discover that it also included a £60 off voucher for naked wines. Who doesn’t like a bottle of wine!
This particular box was styled (or so I’m told) on the ‘Notorious Conor Mcgregor’ personally I’m not a fan of boxing, however he looked quite smart and I can see the attraction of a fan being able to purchase/have the same style of accessories without having to search all over the show for them. I would imagine a range of boxes based on public figures would go down reasonably well.
The contents of the box were carefully wrapped in tissue paper, sealed with the GP emblem. Inside of this I found several items.
The first thing which stood out to me was a 100% silk, handmade tie, it has a good quality feel to it and when tied it maintains its shape around the knot, rather than feeling limp.
I also found a lapel pin/insert which although not my personal style, is very well made, along with these came two pocket squares for a suit lapel pocket. Both of these have a good feel to them. My favourite being the one which is spotty.
Personally, I don’t think I would ever go out to a shop with a view that I must get a lapel pin or a pocket square. Unless they came with a suit I was purchasing anyhow, however they do generally make a good accessory for a good tailored suit.
These particular boxes would retail at £20 per month as a subscription with no minimum term – and that alone would be the cost of a decent tie. So, I think based on that alone I would be inclined to get one of these as you get a few other interesting bits in there too. GP also offer a range of different styled boxes with alternative contents such as watches, sunglasses, bags etc
I would think perhaps these boxes would be good for presents for gents from wives, mother-in-laws etc. as it would be an easy quick thing for them to arrange.
I was sceptical to start with; however, I like the idea of this box. It would appear that you can also choose to purchase one off boxes rather than subscribing and they also offer a bespoke wedding service which could be a godsend for the groom when it comes to trying to figure out what to get as wedding favours for his best man, groomsmen and the rest of the entourage.

Would I subscribe to it? I think perhaps is the key point of this, and I think the answer would be yes. The website states that they will not just post out boxes with ties so you get essentially something different every time. So why not, £20 per month is nothing really.”
Mr Michelle definitely has it right when saying it would be a great gift to buy the men in your life. I find men particularly hard to buy for (especially him), and with Club GP you know that you have bought a box that has been well thought out, high quality, and sure to be loved by the recipient.

Here’s a couple of things he missed out:

The box was delivered by Royal Mail in a postage bag, and fit perfectly through our smaller than average letterbox.
All of the items in this month’s box were handmade, I love this aspect, as it means time and care have been taken over them, and they are not mass-produced items that everyone is going to have.
Gentlemen’s Practice have an online shop where you can buy individual items, and after a browse, I must say the prices are brilliant, especially now I have seen the quality first hand.
Subscribers to Club GP will receive an extra little loyalty gift every 6 months, an exclusive 20% off discount to the Gentlemen’s Practice online shop and member only offers. Everyone loves being rewarded for their loyalty, and I really wish more boxes would do this.
What’s in The Box?

  • Navy Polyester Spotty Pocket Square – £8
  • 100% Cotton Black & White Pocket Square – £8
  • Handmade Pink 100% Silk Tie – £25 approx.
  • Pink Flower Lapel Pin – £6
Total: £47
Box Cost: £20
Saving: £27

Pricing of the tie is approximate, as I was unable to find this item in the Gentlemen’s Practice shop. Pricing based on my hour-long soul-destroying trudge through the tie section in John Lewis trying to find a recent anniversary gift. Believe me, I wish I’d ordered Club GP instead of wasting my lunch hour.
How do I get my own Club GP Box?
Club GP is the no fuss way to ensure that you or the man in your life stays looking dapper and doesn’t feel left out when the sub boxes start arriving.
If you’d like to purchase Club GP for yourself or a loved one, they are available from the Gentlemen’s practice website:
Why not keep up to date with the latest Club GP and Gentlemen’s Practice news by following their social media accounts:

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