Ms Flow Review by Katie – September 2017

Firstly, I would like to say a HUGE Thank You to Sonia from Ms Flow for sending out this lovely box for me to review.
Ms Flow is a monthly subscription box for ladies at that time of the month. The subscription aims to make your monthly visit from Mother Nature a little more comfortable and easier by providing you with your chosen sanitary products, and also a few nice treats to help with your well being at this sometimes awful time. Ms flow quotes “we focus on the physical and mental symptoms of our periods and aim to make them as pleasant as can be.”
Your subscription caters to your specific flow and also has a large range of different brands in both tampons and towels as follows: –

  • Always ultra sanitary towels
  • Body form sanitary towels
  • Natracare organic sanitary towels
  • Natracare organic tampons
  • Tampax tampons
  • Tampax pearl tampons
  • Tampax compak tampons
  • Tampax pearl compak tampons
  • Lil lets tampons

Also in your Ms flow monthly subscription you will receive luxurious niche beauty products, artisan sweet treats, an exclusive Ms flow scented candle, speciality teas and essential oil based products to lift and balance your mood and hormones at this time of the month.
The subscription price varies on your specific flow as follows: –

  • Light flow – essentials for 2-3 days, £12.99 plus £2.95 p&p
  • Regular flow – essentials for 3-5 days, £13.99 plus £2.95 p&p
  • Heavy flow – essentials for 5-7 days, £14.99 plus £2.95 p&p

After choosing your flow you then choose when you receive your parcel to ensure you receive it as near to your visit from Mother Nature as possible, you can choose to receive it around the 1st, 7th, 14th or 28th of the month. Ms Flow have thought of everything to make your period arriving as convenient as possible.
I received the box by Royal Mail and it was packaged in a cardboard box with the Ms flow logo and the slogan “ on time…for your time… every time.” on it, the box had a smart black and white stripe printed round the sides. When you open the box you are greeted with red tissue paper wrapped round your goodies and the information leaflets containing the Ms Flow logo again.
See my live unboxing of September Ms flow here: –

The first products I saw were the red and white striped sweet bags containing the essential products of tampons and towels, as this was a box sent to me to review mine contained a selection of all the different brands they do at Ms flow.

And now on to the exciting bit… the surprise products I received in my box.

Cocoa loco organic dark chocolate brownie RRP £2.99
This brownie was rich tasting and soft and moist, it was an organic and fair trade product hand made by a company called cocoa loco, it was a 200g bar and a perfect on the go treat for that time of the month, as everyone knows chocolate is the perfect best friend when we have Mother Nature visiting.
Bear Super Sour strawberry and apple yoyo’s RRP 40p (£2.00 pack of 5)
I was happy to find a pack of these in my box as I frequently pick up a pack of these on my way to work, they are fun to eat and also a healthy alternative to other sweets, they are really juicy once you start chewing and very fruity, made from pure fruit and veg and also one of your 5 a day, a perfect guilt free natural sugar rush for us big kids.
Pukka revitalise teabag sachet
This teabag smelt amazing, I could smell the spices as soon as I opened the box, the clove and cardamom were very prominent, this tea will be perfect for an energy boost and to wake you up when feeling sluggish and lethargic both symptoms we tend to suffer with at our time of the month, I also think it would be an amazing tea if you are struggling with any flu or cold symptoms as the spices really clear your airways.
Ms Flow strawberries and cream candle RRP 4.00
This candle is super cute and also super scented, a soy based candle that burns for up to 10 hours in a cute glass votive, these candles are Ms flow branded and a different one is featured every month in your subscription. The scent was mainly vanilla with a hint of fruity strawberries, it was a sweet scent and not too heavy so would be perfect in any room of your home. I chose to put mine in my kitchen as I love fruity smells in my kitchen, a large range of different scents of these candles are also available to purchase on the Ms flow website at
Saturated colour scrub stick lip exfoliator RRP £4.99
This lip scrub and balm in one is very handy, I love lip scrubs but find the ones I buy in pots are quite messy and the sugar falls off and on to my chest and chin, (one member pointed out during the live unboxing it was similar to eating donuts) this is a lot less scrub and more balm which is a lot better for on the go lip exfoliation, the sugar is easier to lick off and as it is more balm you don’t get bits falling off your lips, my only criticism is – it’s not flavoured or scented so you get that waxy oily taste when licking off the sugar, I don’t make cosmetics but I don’t know if it would be a good idea for a little vanilla to be added.
The Soap Company tropical strawberry soap RRP £3.49
This handmade soap is delicious, to be honest I cannot smell the strawberries at all but it does smell very tropical which is more than welcome as I do find strawberry smells a little sickly in bath products. It looks like a slice of watermelon and contains exfoliating poppy seeds, it really does smell lovely and looks totally cute and I must confess I did visit the website and see what else they did and I could buy it all. Well worth checking out.
Help me organics room spray, apparently I need to chill out RRP £6.50
I have purposely saved the best until last… this is my ultimate favourite product out of this box; this mood balancing room spray is divine and really did work. The price tag is amazingly affordable compared to other aromatherapy room sprays. The product is handmade, vegan, organic, cruelty free, and paraben free and made in Britain. It contains a mixture of relaxing essential oils with lavender and geranium being very prominent. It really does relax you and lift your mood and as the title suggests; it chills you out. It also works as a sleep spray, I tried it on my pillow but covered with an extra pillow case as it is a room spray so maybe not meant to come in direct contact with skin and even through the pillow case it worked really well as a sleep spray. I was fast asleep in no time at all. I will be looking into purchasing more of this as I absolutely loved it and recommend highly, the perfect relaxing scent for that time of the month or anytime in fact.

Overall this box was really well presented and put together, it contains thoughtfully picked out items for that time of the month and when we are feeling a little stressed, grumpy and craving sugar. The total value of the box is above the price you pay and we all love a bargain! The convenience of your period arriving and you being prepared is worth the weight of the sanitary products in gold. Nothing worse than not being prepared for mother natures monthly visit and having to send the man shape out to get supplies. Also a great reason to justify paying for this box each month to the man shape, I’m sure no man enjoys the embarrassment of purchasing your essential sanitary wear when you get an unexpected visit.

The total value of this box not including the sanitary products is approx. £23, so a healthy saving whichever flow price you go for and that’s not including the cost of your sanitary products. Thumbs up from me.

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Katieemma xoxo
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