Dinki Belle Nail Wraps Review by Michelle

By Michelle
Mel is frequently horrified by the state my nails, so I knew she’d be pleased that I was testing out some of the Dinki Belle nail wraps we’d kindly been sent to review. I spend a lot of my time with dirt under my fingernails from gardening, and if I’m honest I’m rubbish at painting my nails. I always seem to end up with more nail varnish on my skin than nails, and end up smudging it before it’s even dried. Nail varnish usually last a maximum 3 days on my nails before it ends up being chipped and looking terrible. I don’t have the time to redoing my nails every 2-3 days so Dinki Belle’s claims of lasting up to 14 days was a massive selling point to me.
I’ve tried cheap nail wraps before and they’ve ended up sliding off my nails (even when I’ve used a top coat) when I’ve either put hands into hot water or washed my hair; so, I was really interested to see if Dinki Belle would hold up to their claim of lasting up to 14 days.
Applying the wraps was a bit trickier and took me longer than applying varnish. This may be because I haven’t used wraps for a long time though, and I’m sure practice makes perfect. If I was to factor in varnish drying time, the wraps definitely win in the application time stakes. They were also much neater to apply, with no mess on my skin to clear up. I chose not to apply a top coat to give their durability a real test, but even if I had the wraps still win time wise, as it would just be one layer drying time.
I received the Dizzy Dots print wraps and was really impressed with the quality of print. Cheap wraps I’ve tried before have been pixelated or blurry when viewed up close. It seems that other people loved them too. I got so many compliments on my nails, and was even asked several times where I had been to get them done. My friends and colleagues seemed really surprised that they were nail wraps.
I actually forgot I was wearing them, as you can’t feel them on your nails. This helped in me giving their durability a good test as during the time I was wearing them I wasn’t particularly kind to my nails. I did the gardening, washed up in very hot water without gloves on, and obviously had frequent showers and washed my hair.
So, I know you all want to know how long they lasted. It was a week and a half before they started to look tatty, and I peeled them off. I definitely think they would have lasted much longer if I’d have used a top coat, and I’ll be trying that out next time. When I peeled them off they did leave a sticky residue, which I removed with nail varnish remover, but my nails were still in great condition underneath.
In conclusion, I love them! No longer do I have to have tatty looking nails, or worry about smudging nail varnish. They come in so many amazing patterns and colours, I want to try them all. I’ve already ordered myself 10 more packs.


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