LOWTOXBOX Launch Box Review by Mel – September 2017

LOWTOXBOX are healthy, natural, And Organic. Eco-friendly, ethical, Fair trade and cruelty free! Yes that’s a lot of goodness rolled into one box! And what’s more they even plant a tree for every box sold!!

Lucy is the founder of this box; I love her drive and enthusiasm. When I first started to contact her a few month’s back via email I could almost feel how passionate she was just from reading her replies. You can tell that she has not rushed into setting up LOWTOXBOX; I have a habit of noticing everything. I do not know whether it stems from my management background or having two boys… but I tend to see things and mull them over in my mind. I noticed that the Website has so much attention to detail and is very professionally done. Lucy even did a pre launch box and took it to exhibitions to promote her baby – sorry her company.
I even wonder to myself what she has done before this, I am not going to deny being a little nosy, but she has business sense even down to the self-advertising branding on the Tote Bags … that is clever. I mentioned it in my video that you can now watch on our YouTube Channel by clicking play below…

So below is the pricing to get yourself a LOWTOXBOX:

  • £22.50 month by month (£18.75 plus £3.75 P&P).
  • 3 Month’s Prepay £64.50 – £21.50 each month (£17.75 per month plus £3.75 P&P).
  • 6 Month’s Prepay £120 – £20 each month (£16.25 per month plus £3.75 P&P).
  • One off Box – £25 – no subscription needed.

It is worth a mention that the above cost even includes a Tree; yes I know I have already said that, but I wanted to tell you again. It is such a lovely idea to give back to the environment.
So What’s in the Box?

  • Ready Raw Bagel Bites – 90g – RRP £3.99
  • Green Goddess Natural Energy Boost Mix – 10g – RRP £7 for 100g so worth £0.70p
  • Little Miracles White Tea & Cherry Drink – 330ml – RRP £1.39
  • The Primal Pantry Apple & Pecan Raw Paleo Bar – 45g – RRP £1.49
  • Awake Organics Aura Natural Clean Deodorant, Travel size – 10g – RRP £4.50
  • Green People Damask Rose Moisturising Cream – 10ml – RRP £20 for 50ml, so worth £4
  • Vetivert & Co Revive Rejuvenating Face Balm – 30ml FULL SIZE – RRP £25
  • Living Naturally Natural Stain Remover – 60g – RRP £3.49
  • LOWTOXBOX Long Handled Natural Cotton 5oz Tote Bag – First Box Bonus item! RRP £2.95

Total Contents Value = £47.51
So, the total value is over double the cost … we are winning already ladies. You want me to get onto the best bit I know… the TESTING! And since there are food and drink items included in this Box it makes the testing part more fun!

The first item I wanted to try was the Awake Organics Clean Deodorant. I have been wanting to try these since I have seen several brands pop up recently in different subscription boxes. I tried the solid bar type that you run under water and found them awful. I am now on day 3 of using this and I am quietly impressed, ok I am never quiet but this is GOOD. It has a slightly exfoliating texture to it and it smells like a spa product, really fresh and clean. I did struggle a little with my long nails getting it out of the pot, but nothing a little spatula can’t solve. I need to test the entire pot, and also use it after my underarm wax to ensure it does not irritate me; but I am pretty confident that this will be getting bought again. The fact it is only a tiny pot is actually a plus! Handbag size is a winner in my eyes.
The Little Miracles drink I popped into the fridge to chill overnight before I drank it. I am guilty of not drinking enough, I know it is bad but I do not like the taste of water. I knew by looking at it that I would like this, I am a fan of cherry and I know agave is a natural sweetener as I use it for my son’s food. I will be buying more of these; I hope that I can source them locally as I do struggle sometimes where I live.
Next up I tried the most expensive and impressive item in the box to look at. I knew when I handled it on the live video that this was a quality item. The Vetivert & Co face balm. When I opened this I instantly remembered a Neal’s Yard Rose one I had. It is very similar in consistency. It is a solid balm; the smell of citrus hits your senses instantly. Yes I did want to eat it; I can’t help it when things smell good enough to eat! This could be used anywhere I am sure, but as it is marketed as a Face Balm I thought for testing reasons I would go with that. So I cleansed my face, tweezed my brows, re cleansed to get rid of stray hairs and then swirled my finger over the top of the balm. I have to say that this was amazing on softening my skin post brow tweeze. I had absolutely no dryness the next day. I could not leave this on my face all day though, but I do not think that’s the purpose of these balms. They are more for intense hydration or overnight treatment. This is going to last me about a year, a little goes a long long way and the pot is fairly big. I am very happy with this item.
The one item I was not expecting in the box has to be the Living Naturally Stain Remover. This smells like lemon sherbet sweets. I have to be honest I keep smelling it and I am tempted to chop it into cubes and place it in my drawers as I think everything will smell amazing after a short while. But I know that this is not the intended purpose. Having two boys I get through an immense amount of washing in my house, so I will be using this when I have some stubborn stains to remove. I have to say it is interesting the amount of alternate products you can get now that I never knew even existed.
I have a nut allergy so cannot eat the Paleo Bar, but my friend and nail tech lady Martyne is really into these products and I already have a couple put away for her to take along to my next appointment. She already subscribes to a Box that exclusively provides healthy snack options, so I am sure that she will enjoy this.
I really do love the Tote Bag; I use these all of the time. I will be sure to spread the word on LOWTOXBOX whenever I am asked. It is very high quality and not at all flimsy.
My Verdict?
If you want a box that is great value for money as well as kind to the environment, then this IS THE BOX. This is a great all rounder as it is not just beauty, so you get to try many products and sample before you buy.
In my opinion this is a box to watch, they are in it for the long haul. All the best to Lucy with your venture, and thank you for sending me the box to review.

We have been given an EXCLUSIVE discount code; ‘BOXESSION10’ gets you 10% off your first Month-by-Month order.

Thank you my lovelies for reading,
Mel xx
Twitter: @lowtoxbox

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