Cure & Simple Review by Mel – August 2017

I have to be honest, I was told about this Subscription by my other half, who absolutely LOVES Bacon.
We talk boxes often, or should I say I talk to him and he listens… and he knows how I am always researching new things to review. He does pay an interest when it concerns food though. It’s ok for him, he can eat whatever he wants and is still a slender 5 foot 11 and 11 stone (insert angry face here). He is the sort of man who would prefer to eat meat on its own and has no interest in the side dishes or accompaniments.
He gave me the name of Cure & Simple and said ‘Mel, this one’ … so I emailed them and had a reply from the lovely Carrie, who I also told the above story to. She very kindly offered to send me a box to review, she asked what our preference to Flavours were too!
They do so many, you would not believe… Bourbon, Thai, Streaky, Smoked, Unsmoked, Pancetta and more.
The first thing I did when the box arrived by Royal Mail on Thursday was put it in the fridge! How wrong was I ?! You don’t need to do that… the handmade Artisan Bacon has NO added water, natural cures and no modern preservatives used. So it can be kept outside of the fridge. That is amazing if you want to take it away with you on holiday…. well as it happens I am going on holiday to the Cotswolds on Thursday! So for the purpose of this review I have tested half of the box and I am taking the rest with us!
I was so eager to see the contents of this, but I waited all day and resisted the temptation so that I could unbox live on the BoXession Facebook Group.
You can watch my live unboxing video by pressing play below,… WARNING, may cause Bacon induced hunger haha…

So What’s in the Box?

4 x 200g Packs of Yummy Bacon:
  • Old English – Dry Cured with Galangal and Dark Muscavado Sugar.
  • Streaky Original – Dry Cured with a hint of Sugar.
  • Thai Fusion – Dry Cured with a strong South East Asian influence.
  • Pancetta – Dry Cured with Thyme & Sage.
How does it work?

You can order Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly at a cost of £5.95 including P&P, there is no commitment so you can cancel whenever you like.
So we (I) decided, that we will have Bacon Sandwiches for lunch, and Bacon & Pea Risotto for our Evening Meal. It is no secret that I cannot cook to save my life and have been known to cause utter chaos in the Kitchen…. but I am a lucky lady! The man in my life loves to be in the kitchen. I always said if he wasn’t an Engineer, he would be a Chef. I even forgive the huge mess he makes for the fact he cooks like a god (don’t tell him that).
He cooked the bacon for the Sandwiches, and I was upstairs typing. He sent me a text saying ‘you need to smell this, it’s amazing’ he also commented that there was no added water in the Bacon, even though I hadn’t explained this to him. He said its the best quality he has seen, ever. He used the Old English, he has already requested more of this as he genuinely loves it. Here are some photos…

So you can imagine how excited we were for more of this after trying the above? he even went to the Supermarket for ingredients, he never ever does this unless he gets excited over food. I had no idea he had added Lobster Tail and Sea Bream to the ingredients list! We are both really into good quality food. I won’t lie to you when it comes to cooking we only use the best, yes everyone has a junk food night or a Takeaway but generally we like fresh, local, and we don’t mind paying for it. Without further ado here is the result of what he made…

I have already eaten this and yet I am literally drooling over it.

He used the Pancetta Bacon to make the Risotto, and it was absolutely divine!

Our Verdict?

Would we buy more? YES! it is a little more expensive when you compare it to what you can buy in a Supermarket, but when you try it you will be converted… it’s like driving your dream car but then returning behind the wheel of your clapped out old banger… you wouldn’t want to, right?!

If you would like to purchase a pack of this extremely delicious bacon sent from the gods, you can also get your first order for the BARGAIN price of £2, with our EXCLUSIVE discount code ‘BoXession17’.
Twitter: @CureSimple
Thank you my lovelies,
Mel x

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