Ms Flow Review by Michelle – August 2017

To me a period box subscription, as I like to call them, is not a luxury or a treat, it’s an essential part of my life. I have endometriosis, so when Aunt Flo comes to visit it can be a pretty miserable time. I’ve subscribed to a period box for longer than I even realised, and it’s become part of my monthly routine.
Ms Flow is a box that I’ve admired from afar on social media, particularly on their Instagram feed, so when Mel told me that the lovely Sonia from Ms Flow was going to send me their August box I was thrilled.
My Ms Flow box arrived in a plastic postage bag delivered by royal mail. Until I opened the bag I didn’t realise it was my Ms Flow box. I think it would be nice for the postage bag to have a Ms Flow logo sticker on it so you know what is inside, but it still remains discreet. Talking of their logo; I love that it has a lioness on it, as it brings with it the connotations of strong women, which is what I feel we all are during our periods. I also love their tag line “On Time, For Your Time, Everytime”. This is printed on the lid of the box along with their gorgeous logo.
On opening the box, I was greeted by a lovingly wrapped blue tissue paper package containing all my goodies, it was topped with a card explaining everything that is in the box. After carefully unwrapping the paper, the first thing I went for was the stripy paper bag containing what I knew were the sanitary items. To me this is the most boring, but obviously most essential part of a period box. Other similar subscription boxes have the sanitary items in a material pouch but in all honesty, there’s only so many material bags with a period box logo or name on that you can reuse. I’m quite conscious about what I throw away, so I like that this paper bag can be recycled.
Sonia at Ms Flow was really helpful with my request that my box only had towels and not tampons in it. I’m usually very product loyal with my sanitary products, but love that Sonia has sent me a selection of the different brands that you can choose from to be in your Ms Flow box. I really like that this includes an eco-brand, as this is something I haven’t tried before. There is a really good selection of both towels and tampons for you to select from when ordering your Ms Flow box, so there’s likely to be something suitable for everyone.
Next out of my box was something that I could smell as soon as I opened the box, the Ms Flow 100% soy wax candle. Each month in Ms Flow you receive a different scent of one of their glass votive sized candles, which are produced in the UK and have a burn time of up to 100 hours (wow that’s ages!). This month’s scent is Blackcurrant and Sandalwood. I’m not ordinarily a fan of sandalwood scented products, but the hint of sweet and juicy blackcurrants makes this candle have a beautiful deep heady and well-balanced scent. I haven’t burnt it yet, but I have it sat on my desk and can’t help but keep picking it up to deeply inhale its relaxing aroma. These candles are also available to buy separately on the Ms Flow website.
I honestly can’t remember the order I took the rest of the items out of my box as they were all so exciting. When Mel reviewed last month’s Ms Flow she spoke about how she prefers sweet and naughty treats in her monthly box, than the healthy snacks that are often in similar boxes. I personally like the healthy snacks, but have to agree that when Aunt Flo arrives, I automatically grab for something sweet and often chocolatey. Ms Flow certainly didn’t disappoint on that front this month, as there were not one, but two chocolatey treats inside. The first was a 35g bar of Green & Blacks Milk Chocolate. This is a brand I love, and I accidentally ended up eating half the bar while writing this before I even noticed I had opened it. I’m really impressed with the size of the bar, as often boxes contain tiny bars that just end up teasing your tummy when you pop them in your mouth.
The second chocolatey treat was a Belinda Clark, Gourmet Milk Chocolate Stirrer. To those who haven’t used one of these it’s a big lump or gorgeous chocolate on the end of a spoon, that melts when you stir it into hot milk, leaving you with a mug of hot chocolate. I’ve seen these before in shops and cafés, but never previously tried one myself. Unfortunately, this item was the most disappointing to me in the box, as although it worked really well, I just didn’t like the taste of the chocolate. This is probably just my fussy taste buds though, as I can be a bit picky when it comes to chocolate.
The product I was most excited to see in the box was the Space Mask. I’ve seen people in the BoXession facebook group raving about these, and after trying it I completely understand why. Space Masks are a self-heating eye mask that looks like a sleep mask, and is infused with jasmine to help relax you and aid sleep. On the night I tried out this item, I didn’t think that I was going to fall asleep very easily. My plan had been to try the space mask out and then have a cup of the night time tea that is in the box. I’m so glad I tried out the sleep mask while lying in bed, as I fell asleep after about 5 minutes of putting it on. This is definitely a product I’ll be buying in the future to keep in the cupboard for those nights when I’m having trouble sleeping. I honestly can’t recommend this product more highly.
As I’ve said this month’s box has a night time tea (from Heath & Heather) in it. This is the only product in the box I haven’t had a chance to try out yet. I’ve previously tried night time teas, which seem mostly to be lavender based. I’m really interested to try this one as its camomile and spearmint flavoured, with a hint of valerian root.
I’m very partial to a good lip gloss, especially in the summer months, and this month Ms Flow contains a Maybelline Colour Elixir Lip Gloss in Nude Illusion. This has to be the creamiest lip gloss I’ve ever tried, and the heart shaped applicator is so easy to use. This shade is almost exactly the same colour as my lips are naturally, so it enhances them rather than colouring them. My only negative about this item is that the packaging was not in English, but the information leaflet in the box explains all you need to know about it.
Lastly in the box was a product that I’ve renamed. It’s the Celestial Unicorn Bath Bonbon Melt from Shimmer and Luxe, or as I’m calling it the unicorn poo bath melt. It was so pretty that I felt slightly sad putting it in my bath to dissolve, but this sadness was soon washed away as I stepped into my bath. If you’re after a bath bomb with a lot of fizz, this isn’t the product for you. If however you want a relaxing bath, with a gorgeous fruity scent that leaves your skin feeling divine, get yourself to Etsy and stock up.
I’ve enjoyed testing out all the products in the August Ms Flow box so much. Each item stands its ground on their own, but they come together to make the perfect relaxation and indulgence box. This is exactly the kind of box I need at my time of the month. Although the saving I’ve worked out below is not the highest I’ve seen for similar boxes, I think that it feels much higher in value. I personally would rather have a box full of products that I love, and will use than saving lots on things that I don’t like or wont use.
You will see below Ms Flow comes in 3 different flow options, which have separate prices. As a woman who suffers with a heavy flow, it is disappointing that I would have to pay more for my box for something that is out of my control. I do however completely understand that the extra sanitary items in the regular and heavy flow boxes compared to the light flow box cost more. It’s also great for those of you with a lighter flow, that you won’t end up with a house full of sanitary items that you don’t use.
Overall, I’m really impressed with this month’s box and would like to thank Sonia and the Ms Flow team for sending it to me to review. If you’re as impressed as I am, you can buy your own box at . Sonia has provided an exclusive discount code for you to use on your first box. BOXESSION20 will give you 20% off of your first box, this is 5% more than if you were to use their onsite discount code.
My unboxing video of this month’s box can be found below. You can additionally see Mel’s unboxing of July’s Ms Flow box on her review, or on the BoXession YouTube channel.

If you’re still unsure about Ms Flow, you can buy a trial box on their website for just £10, which they say has a value of over £30.
What’s in the Box?

  • Space Mask – £3
  • Heath & Heather, Organic Night Time Tea – 15p
  • Green & Blacks, Milk Chocolate – 85p
  • Maybelline Colour Elixir Lip Gloss, Nude Illusion – £9.95
  • Ms Flow Candle, Blackcurrant &Sandalwood – £4
  • Shimmer & Luxe, Celestial Unicorn Bath Bonbon Melt – £2
  • Belinda Clark, Gourmet Milk Hot Chocolate – £2.25      
  • Sanitary Items (approximate cost) – £3

Total: £25.20

Flow option Light Flow Regular Flow Heavy Flow
Sanitary products 2 – 3 days 3 – 5 days 5 – 7 days
Box Cost (approx.) £12.99 £13.99 £14.99
£12.21 £11.21 £10.21

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  1. thank you Michelle, subscribed today & waiting for mine to come 😉 want to try space mask, a candle, bath melt…and all chocolates! 🙂 maybe this one will be even better than PP (I cancelled mine…I will try Ms Flow instead)

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