BB Bag Beauteque Monthly Review by Mel – June 2017

The Theme for this Month’s BB Bag is the same as Mask Maven – Life’s a Beach!

I have never had this Subscription before, but being a huge K Beauty fan now, I have been researching where I can get my hands on these goodies, and when Beauteque agreed to send me both of their Subscription services to review; I am not going to lie I have been very excited. I have been constantly checking the tracking to find out how long it was going to be. When it arrived on Monday morning I knew I would have to wait all day to unbox it Live. I behaved myself … all I did (honestly!) was cut the box so that I didn’t have trouble on the video opening it. I did get a sneaky peek at the pattern of the bag as I could see it through the white tissue paper.
It arrived via Royal Mail; I had no Customs fee to pay, which I was happy about, as I know that sometimes you can get a bill.
The Makeup Bag it comes in is a bright Aztec print oilcloth, very good quality too I may add! Some of the Beauty Box companies have lately changed to using bags, you find they include some rubbish tatty thing that the zip comes off or the seams come apart. They aren’t worth it in my opinion – go back to boxes if you can’t do it right. Beauteque have got it right though so it’s a thumbs up from me!
So What’s in the Bag?

  1. The Tsaio Exfoliating Cream – 6.7oz – $25
  2. Urban Dollkiss Urban City Azulence Urban City Azulene 10 degrees Change Essence – 80ml – $10.99
  3. Lador Perfect Hair Fill Up Ampoule – 13ml – $3
  4. Wangskin Tattoo Lip Tint – 15g – $11.99
  5. Vacci Royal Luminant Auto Eyeliner Pencil, Waterproof – $9.99
  6. Urbanlook Persian Cat Eye Mask – $7.99

Total Box Value = $68.96 (£52.77)
Cost of this is $24 delivered monthly plus $8.95 P&P – Total $32.95 (£25.22)
‘YOUTUBE10’ for 10% off makes this £23.38 INCLUDING POSTAGE!!! That is less than HALF PRICE!
To watch my unboxing Video on our YouTube Channel, click play below…

I always try and product test at least half of the contents whenever I have been sent something to review. I can tell straight away which items are top of my list to try out. I usually save the best till last, but on this occasion there was one product I was DYING to try out…
The Tsaio Exfoliating Cream
The one I have is the Jasmine Smoothing one. I am finding it hard to type I am so excited over this product. You will all know by now that when it comes to Makeup I am borderline novice. But when it comes to things like this, it isn’t an exaggeration when I tell you I have tried hundreds of products.
This is simply amazing, get out your bank card and buy it now. I kid you not I was online researching where to bulk buy before I was typing this review. It is like snow in a tub, its pure white, smells like heaven, and when you massage it into your face it takes you to heaven to. This is going to number 1 spot of anything I have ever used, knocking my love for Optiat Coffee Scrub to second place (oh the horror). It contains essential oils; my face feels like a baby’s bum!! I don’t need any fancy descriptive words for this you just need it, please trust me. I will take any kind donations of this product, please email me for my address ha ha!
Wangskin Tattoo Lip Tint
I have seen lots about this product, I discussed it with other Admin who also said they had seen mixed reviews on it. It seemed like the right thing to do to test this out. I received it in a bright red colour, which is perfect for me. I found this a little tricky to apply just by using the squeezy tube, so I used a small eyeshadow brush in the end to ensure a smooth and neat application. I had to hold my mouth open in an O shape until it dried fully too which was about 20 minutes… my partner found this extremely amusing! It was very easy to peel away and came off n two strips – top and bottom lip. There was definitely a very prominent red tint left on my lips afterwards. The ultimate test was the staying power, and sadly after I had devoured my tea and drank a coffee it was almost gone. I wouldn’t re purchase this but I am very happy it was in the bag as I have been intrigued by it.
Vacci Royal Luminant Auto Eyeliner Pencil, Waterproof
It is worth mentioning that this month’s product was supposed to be a liquid eyeliner. When Beauteque emailed me, they explained that it had gone out of stock so they had sent me another type as a replacement for this item. I was more than happy with that as the alternative item is of exactly the same value. I haven’t had the chance to use this on my eyes, but I tried it on my hand and when I tell you that it won’t come off, I am not kidding! What’s in this? Permanent marker? Ha ha it seriously won’t come off. I guess that is what it is supposed to do, but I had better be careful when applying it to my eyes not to make a mess or I am going to be walking around looking very silly indeed!
Urban Dollkiss Urban City Azulence Urban City Azulene 10 degrees Change Essence
I have not had a chance to try this out yet as I am saving it for my Holiday to the Cotswolds in a few weeks, but I wanted to tell you all that this really does change colour in the fridge! It changes from clear to a really deep blue when it gets to its optimum temperature for using. Sorry but things like these make me smile, it’s the child in me I guess. Looking forward to using it after I have spent the day out with the kids being terrorised and robbed of all my money!
My Verdict?
This subscription is excellent value for money; the contents are worth more than double what you pay. The products are quality; as you would expect from K Beauty.
I would sign up to this one, but I am more likely to buy Mask Maven first as I am just addicted to the face masks.
Keep your eyes peeled for my review coming soon where I am going to Star Rate ALL of the K Beauty Subscriptions I have tried to date including:

  • Bomibox
  • BB Bag
  • Mask Maven
  • Ichiko Bento

I will be giving you the easy buy guide to help you to choose!
Thank you lovely lot for reading as always,
Mel x
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