GlitzBox Review by Michelle – Part 2

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In Part One I discussed the amazing new concept that is GlitzBox and the items that were in my box. In this part I will be letting you know what I think of GlitzBox now I’ve had time to wear the beautiful pieces of jewellery that were in my box.
In brief GlitzBox is a subscription box that lets you rent stunning pieces of jewellery over a month, and gives you the choice to buy them minus the monthly subscription cost, or send them back using the prepaid postage.
Trying out the pieces
In the style survey that GlitzBox asks you to complete prior to you receiving your box, I had let them know that I had an upcoming holiday to Cornwall. My plan had been to wear the pieces while I was on holiday, to give me a chance to fully review the box and items.
As I discussed in Part One I am in love with the actual box that contains the jewellery, and due to its sturdiness and compactness it was a perfect fit inside my suitcase. Inside the main box, each piece of jewellery is separately packaged to ensure maximum protection of the pieces. I personally would not usually take over £350 of jewellery with me on holiday not counting my wedding and engagement rings, but I felt confident that they wouldn’t get damaged on the journey as they were secure in their little box. If I had been holidaying abroad, I think I would have kept them in my hand luggage as I always have the fear that my luggage is going to go missing when I fly.
Rather than a nice relaxing week away with drinks around the pool in the sun, and posh dinners out, our holiday turned into more of an action-packed trip. I’m not sure how many miles we ended up walking, and I even ended up on the longest and fastest zipline in England. Obviously, there was no way I was going to be wearing hundreds of pounds of jewellery while doing these things; but having the month-long period to enjoy the jewellery meant that I didn’t have to worry that my plans had changed. On the more relaxed days of my trip I felt almost proud to be wearing the stunning jewellery, and had some lovely complements about the bracelet and necklace from strangers. This in itself was a confidence boost. I’ve also loved just wearing the pieces around the house, imagining what it would be like to be able to afford to buy and wear new pieces of stunning and expensive jewellery each month.
One thing I did not expect from receiving GlitzBox is how it’s made me more conscious of how that extra little accessory can really set off an outfit. I have a reasonable collection of jewellery and accessories at home, and since receiving the box I’ve made more of an effort to pair pieces with each outfit. Who knows, there’s time yet for me to become a style icon.
Who is GlitzBox perfect for?
I’ve absolutely loved being able to review GlitzBox, but if I’m honest, I’m not sure that it is a box that I would continue to subscribe to. The reason for this is that I currently don’t often go to places that I would wear expensive jewellery to. I would however definitely consider buying a one-off box in the future if I had a special occasion coming up.
GlitzBox would be the perfect thing to buy if you are going to a wedding, or even planning your own wedding. I love that if you don’t want a surprise you can pick exactly what items go into your box. From experience planning your own wedding can be very expensive, and this is a great way to cut the costs down. If you receive any money as a wedding gift, you could always use it to purchase any of the pieces that you really love after the big day, helping spread the costs.
GlitzBox would also be fab if you have any other big occasions, like a prom, birthday, or going on a cruise. Basically, any occasion where you want to feel that extra bit special and have a bit more sparkle and glam than in your day to day life.
After discussing GlitzBox with the other admin ladies, we agree that GlitzBox would be great for anyone who likes to keep up with the latest jewellery trends, but doesn’t have the budget to buy new expensive jewellery each month. It’s perfect for anyone working in PR, fashion or even Instagram models.
I love that part of GlitzBox’s concept is to help people move away from throw away fashion and jewellery, and move towards quality pieces that don’t just end up being resigned to the bottom of your jewellery box or thrown in the bin. I know that I’m guilty of buying cheap pieces of jewellery and only wearing them once or twice, and having more expensive pieces would make me more likely to wear them more frequently.
Saying Goodbye
The time is almost here to package up my GlitzBox and send it back using the provided prepaid postage label. I’ve loved every piece that was in my GlitzBox, but the one that has really caught my heart is the gorgeous bracelet. The quality and sheer beauty of it makes me really want to keep it, but unfortunately my bank balance doesn’t agree. Luckily all of the items from GlitzBox are available to buy separately on their website, so maybe one day I’ll be the proud owner of this piece. I’m looking forward to filling out the leaflet that you return with your GlitzBox, enabling you to provide feedback on the pieces. It also helps the GlitzBox stylist to know even more about your style for any future boxes.
Overall I honestly can’t fault GlitzBox in any way. Their customer service is brilliant, they have a professional and easy to use website, and the pieces that they send out truly are unique and beautiful. Thank you so much to Tamsin at GlitzBox who sent me this box to review.
If you’d like to subscribe to GlitzBox or find out more, details can be found on their website:
You can also stay up to date with all that’s happening at GlitzBox by following their social media accounts:
Twitter: @Glitzboxuk
Instagram: glitzbox

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