Shave Kit Review by Michelle – June 2017

By now you all know that I love a bargain, and with just the slightest nudge from the other admin ladies, I just couldn’t resist ordering my first Shave Kit box.
I’ve been signed up to the Shave Kit newsletter for some time, and they occasionally email me with offers to receive my first box at a discounted price. When I received one of these emails offering me my first box at just 30p including P&P, I was sold.
The ordering process was really easy and I was given the option to choose between two blade head types, either 3 blade or 5 blade. I chose the 5 blade, as I think the more blades the better. Your first box comes with a handle and one blade head, and at checkout you are given the option to add more things like shaving gel to your order for an extra cost.
My shave kit arrived in a small, thin, letter box friendly box with simple Shave Kit branding on it. Inside was a little note thanking me for signing up, a £5 discount code card, a booklet telling me all about Shave Kit, and the razor itself.
I had planned to let my husband test out the razor, as it’s more of a men’s style razor, but my legs needed shaving so I quickly whisked the razor and myself off to the bathroom to tackle my yeti legs.
I’d expected the razor handle to feel cheap and not likely to last long; however, I’m really impressed at the quality of the handle. It’s a really well weighted sturdy metal handle with handy rubber grips, so you’re less likely to drop it when it’s wet.
I’m cursed with thick dark leg hair that grows way too quickly for my liking, so I was really happy when the blades cut cleanly through my hair without any dragging or grazing. The aloe Vera lubrication strip also helped the blades to glide over my legs preventing any nicks. I often find that when shaving my legs the razor head annoyingly gets clogged with hair, but the anti-clog cartridge did just what it says. After using it I haven’t had any ingrown hairs or irritation, which I’ve previously experienced when using other razors.
I have chosen not to continue my Shave Kit subscription at the moment, as we currently seem to have a surplus of razors in my house. If I had chosen to continue, Shave Kit send your first set of refills (x4 blades) 10 days after you receive your starter kit. You can then select how frequently you want refills to be sent, and choose if you want extra items like shaving gel included in your subscription. It was a bit tricky finding on the Shave Kit razor where to cancel my subscription, and I would have preferred to find this information in the manage my subscription section, rather than hidden away in the FAQs. In case you find it tricky to find too, you need to email informing them that you want to cancel your subscription.
Overall, I’m really impressed with this razor and I prefer the weighty metal handle to the plastic handles of moist women’s razors on the market. I would however love to be able to pick from different coloured handles, so that if my husband had one too we could differentiate between them, as he doesn’t appreciate it when I steal his razor to shave my armpits.
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