To #GirlCrush or not to #GirlCrush?!

So, you lovely lot all should know me well enough by now. I am honest. I like to hope that people on the group can not only trust me, but will come to me for help with issues. Since last months poor show from Hashtag GirlCrush I vowed to keep an eye on things this month. Well that I did. Between then and now I have had several members come to me about problems they have had with regards to waiting too long for orders and also not receiving refunds. I tried to help resolve the situation by emailing Sienna from #GirlCrush, who is the Director of this Company. I felt obliged to, as all of these Customer’s on the group signed up to this subscription box as a direct result of me sharing a discount code prior to their launch.
I emailed her a few times, I sent her a link to the BoXession Blog, I even asked her if she could reply to the customers and issue their refunds. There are currently 5 members of our group who I am in contact with who have been waiting for a refund from #GirlCrush now for over 6 weeks. They asked me to message them to see if I could get a reply after being ignored on every platform of Social Media and email. So I have since sent several emails, but I have not had a single response. Strangely when I was advertising her Business for FREE, she was replying to my emails sometimes within minutes.
Now the last two days people on the group have been receiving this months instalment of #GirlCrush. I have been watching closely and looking at the photos. I have purposely not responded and allowed members to make their own minds up. The group is full of a stream of complaints. This has now prompted me to delve into the situation a little deeper.
I have to admit, I feel like I have unearthed some severe discrepancies with this company, which I feel a bit silly for advertising them now.
Firstly there was a member of the group who pointed out something to me that is potentially very serious. It seems #GirlCrush are using Pink Parcels terms on their website. They have directly copied the wording of Pink Parcels Terms and Conditions … even including their email address! Well this did not sit well with me at all, so I contacted Pink Parcel directly to air my concerns. I have included a screen shot below to show Pink Parcel confirming that they have no association with #GirlCrush. I have since spoken to them in more detail about this and they are now investigating it fully with immediate effect. Legally speaking this is quite poor, and also it shows severe unprofessionalism from #GirlCrush.
I cannot imagine Pink Parcel will be too happy with all the complaints being directed towards them for a company they have no involvement in! I can confirm Pink Parcel are a great company and I am a subscriber so please do not worry, this has no reflection on them at all as a company. Our members did think that Pink Parcel must own #GirlCrush, I can see why. No ladies, Pink Parcel are still fabulous… no need to worry.
The BoXession Group has been littered with photos of members contents of this months #GirlCrush boxes. I set about contacting members to ask them for feedback. Some of the comments I have had I will directly quote below ….
‘It is like a box of leftovers and in no way catered for me. The preference questions they asked me have not been taken into account at all’
‘The Customer Service is awful, and the items in the Box are like items from a Jumble Sale’
‘Some peoples Boxes looked ok, but mine is such low value’
‘The combination is awful and not suited to my preferences’
‘The white Dress I received genuinely smells and feels like a Tent’
‘Felt like I won second hand from a Raffle or ordered from a dodgy Ebay seller’
‘Broken or missing items are not being replaced, they are only offering to send an extra item in next months box. I don’t want to buy any more of this tat!’
My professional opinion is that they are ordering a truck load of end of line or wrote off stock. I have worked in Management for years, including retail. Most of the items are not from the UK. I have seen a LOT of items, brands, and packaging. Most of these I have never even heard of in either my years of work experience or my time buying subscription boxes.
Vanessa Hill from Barrow received a Boob Band that could wrap around her 3 times over, and a necklace that only fits around her ankle. This makes me even more suspicious that the stock is reject items sold on for a very small amount.
I would urge people to be very careful with this company. The whole thing doesn’t feel right to me. From ignoring my emails, using other company details illegally, not refunding customers or responding to their complaints and the general feel of the boxes being full of items that are not fit for use or of high quality.
I would suggest if anyone is unhappy with their purchase from #GirlCrush, you can request a refund.
Under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 it covers distance selling regulations. Items you receive must be fit for purpose and be suited, otherwise you can reject the goods within 30 days of receipt of them receiving a full refund including any postage paid.
If you would like to know in more detail the law surrounding this then please visit
As always, I am happy to help of answer questions on the Boxession Group, or via private message.
Mel x
Please see below screenshots of proof of my findings and also members personal photos of goods received. Thank you to our members for the photo submissions.
Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 13.57.0418423214_10158830260125037_3909816476167859707_oScreen Shot 2017-05-19 at 14.09.44


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