Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box Review by Mel – May 2017 Launch

Well, there is nothing I get more excited about more than a NEW BOX, yes that’s right…. A new, unseen before and EXCLUSIVE to boXession! And breathe!
Paula is the founder of the Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box, and she has made me a very happy Mel by asking me to not only review this new Beauty Box before the release date… but also we are running a competition for one of you Lovely lot to win this EXACT Box!
I am trying to not use too many exclamation marks here, but seriously … if any of us out of the Admin Team are into their Skincare in a big way, I would say I am top of that list. Make Up I do enjoy but I have never professed to being anything but a slightly advanced novice ha ha.
This arrived last week and I have been dying to tell someone, I have been leaking sneaky little hints all week about the contents without actually giving the game away. Now I get to release my excitement.
The box arrived double boxed; this is always a good thing. The goodies need protecting after all. When I removed the crisp white box and opened the lid I immediately let out a mini squeal. My senses told me one of the items before even peeling back the tissue paper! Ohhh that immediate smell of Coffee and Orange could only be one thing – Optiat Coffee Scrub. This stuff is AMAZING! I am already onto my third bottle. I use it everywhere, especially on my face to remove all of my dead and dry skin.
So what’s in the Box?

  • Natuura Siberica Energizing Facial Mask – 75ml – £4.70
  • O.S.e Apothecary Wild Rose, Frankincense & Myrrh Facial Serum – 30ml – £28
  • Evolve Beauty Tropical Blossom Body Butter – Travel Size 30ml – £4
  • Nakin Natural Anti-Ageing Lip Treatment Balm 15ml – £10
  • Optiat Feel Great Coffee Scrub Travel Size 90g – £6.99

Total Box Value = £53.69
Price of box = £24.95 including P&P for a Monthly recurring payment – can be cancelled at any time.
3 Month Pre Pay is £71.40 including P&P (£23.80 per month)
6 Month Pre Pay is £138 including P&P (£23 per month)
Saving = £28.74 minimum based on month by month payments
So, I have set about trying some of these this week so I could give you a really good review. I don’t need to tell you anything about the Optiat other than to BUY IT, this stuff is a game changer in the Beauty World. The price of it I find very reasonable as even the 90g tubes go a LONG way. One thing I will say is unlike other coffee scrubs this one is a squeezy paste so much easier to use which is why I love it.
The Natuura Facial Mask smelt absolutely divine. I can’t describe the smell it’s like when you go to a posh Spa and they use expensive products, you know immediately that they are going to be good. When it dries on your face it feels a bit like a cross between velvet and satin. It doesn’t crack or flake it dries like a layer. You wash it off with just warm water afterwards. My skin felt so fresh and soft, I could smell the fragrance for hours afterwards. The price of this is a steal; it looks and feels more expensive down to the packaging.
The most expensive product in the box is the T.O.S.e Serum. This is a totally new brand to me. I have been using this in the evening after getting out of the shower. I was on a live video on the group and I was all glowy and dewy… I was trying hard not to tell you what I had used but it was this, I am very very impressed. The value of this is more than the box alone.
Lip Balm I use daily, they last me ages when in a pot too so I prefer to pay more and have a pot on my bedside table. This one doesn’t disappoint, and I have just thrown another well known brand back in the drawer, as I prefer this already to it.
The only thing I haven’t used is the Body Butter by Evolve. It smells amazing but it is one thing I do not really use. I think it is because I have long nails that are my own and I spend half an hour picking things like this from under my nails afterwards so I lean towards lotions in a pump bottle for ease of use. I will gift this to someone though as I do not like to waste things.
My Verdict?
The demand for boxes of this nature is on the increase in a massive way. I see a lot of talk on the group regarding people wanting to make the switch to Natural Products as opposed to those tested on animals. I am always honest as you all know, and I am not exclusively cruelty free, but I now check bottles and look at alternatives where I can. Lets face it, If you can buy products that are just as good in quality without the guilt factor attached then we really should consider it.
The Natural Beauty market is becoming more and more affordable, and the information on what is or isn’t tested on animals, and what a product contains is widely available by the simple use of our friend Google.
The affordability of this box is on the money really; personally I set my limit to £20 per box so that I can try more every month. I also have the knowledge though that exclusively being cruelty free means that a company will have to pay more when putting together a subscription box. This is why the prices are higher.
If you are one for your Natural Products, then don’t hesitate to buy this one… you will not be disappointed.
We have an exclusive discount code ‘FIRSTBOX10’ gets you 10% off your first box!
I hope you enjoyed my review, if you want to know more about this box, or to Subscribe or follow them… all of their links are below…
Mel x

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