A Box of Happiness – Member of the Month April 2017

This Month we teamed up with Zoe York from ‘A Box of Happiness’ to bring something new and exciting to boXession. We are always thinking of ways that we can keep the group friendly and beautiful. What better way of doing this than to give something back to the beauties who make our group wonderful.
The way Member of the Month (MOTM) works is other members can contact Admin with people they wish to nominate. This could be because of a Random act of Kindness, or just that they feel someone deserves a treat because they are in need of a pick me up.
The 3 nominees this month were:

  1. Katieemma Smith – for being kind to other members, taking one lady from the group to a Debenhams Beauty event as she suffers from Anxiety.
  2. Elloise Birch – for always being helpful to other members and sharing Discounts, Special Offers and Competitions.
  3. Liz Jackson – for being a Top Swapper on the group, always being helpful to others.

The 3 nominees were put into a Poll, and over a 5 day period members selected who they wished to win ‘A Box of Happiness’.
The voting was so close, only 6 between Elloise and Katieemma… I couldn’t even look at one point!
All 3 entrants were extremely deserving of this, but there can only be one Member of the Month! (sadly)
The Winner for April’s MOTM was KATIEEMMA! Congratulations!
We already have 7 nominees for May’s Member of the Month which will be announced on 23rd May. There is still plenty of time to put someone forward. All will be revealed then!
A HUGE Thank You to Zoe for the lovely prize, to see more about A Box of Happiness you can visit their Website, Facebook or Instagram and the links are below …
Thank you for reading,
Mel x
Instagram: @aboxof_happiness


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