Boxcitement Review by Mel – April 2017

I always get very excited to try a new box. You all know I’m addicted to these things, right? I still let out that childish squeal every time I receive something new to try out.. do you all do this?! I live in hope I am not alone…
The box itself is letterbox friendly, I love the tape across the front too ‘boxcitement consignment’ they understand us box addicts already. I have to be careful these days to  peel these open, it used to be a mass of packaging on the floor while I am like a small child amidst the Christmas wrapping paper…However I now need to take pretty pictures for you lovely lot!
The inside was so neatly folded, this is detailed… even down to the ‘boxcitement’ printed tissue paper. This tells me the love they have for what they do. A personalised note from Deb, who is the owner of the company who very kindly sent me this box to review. The little touches like that make me smile (a fellow perfectionist).
This months theme is ‘Lost in the Woods’, there is a beautifully illustrated card detailing the box contents on the reverse.
Inside you’ll find:

  • A funky test tube vase to help bring the outdoors inside
  • A wall-mountable key holder – keep your keys handy for that long country walk!
  • A stylish birthday card with envelope
  • Some naturally stylish gift wrapping goodies
  • A cute twig pen – get creative in the great outdoors!
  • A mini sketchbook for this impromptu outdoor art sessions
  • A stylish floral ribbon wrap bracelet for your next garden party

There is also a make your own mini bird house that isn’t on the list above.
Whoever designs these definitely puts clear thought into what they do. The cards are just so high print quality. I see a lot of boxes.. hundreds over the years in fact. This one is made out of love.
The card and the wrapping paper I will use, its seriously cute. I instantly start to wonder whose birthday is coming up.  I would like to wrap something up and give that to myself!
I love bees.. did they know? I actually have bees painted on my nails this very moment which is like some weird fate they have sent me a Bee themed key holder. It is my partner who started the bee obsession so I am already pestering him to get this put up in my kitchen. I live in a miners cottage and my house is full of lovely little trinkets, nothing matches exactly but it does, if that makes sense? I love homely items and get excited over vases and flowers. It’s official, I am now a grown up haha.
Which takes me directly to the next item… a teeny little test tube vase, this is beyond quaint. Time to force the man shape to buy me a single rose, right?
The twig pens I have seen before, we bought some at a local craft event and my boys have their names etched into the twig. You can replace the biro insert on them just which means technically this will last forever. It is much easier for me to use a chunkier pen to write with (see above re: long nails) and the note-book to go along with it will be used for our Sunday Bingo sessions on the group to jot down the numbers.
I have gifted the little bird house for my son to take to school and make during craft, his class have their own garden, so I thought they would appreciate this as I am not green fingered I’m afraid.
My favourite item in this box has to be the chic little bracelet. I instantly was reminded of summer and BBQ’s when I saw this. Its got a kind of bohemian feel to it… I LOVE this the most, it’s very me!
The pricing of this box depends on the length of subscription. 12 Months will cost you £15 a month but you have to pay this upfront (£180), 6 months at £16 a month (£96 upfront), 3 months at £17 a month (£51 upfront) or recurring monthly payments of £18. All of the prices include p&p so no extra hidden fees.
My Verdict? 
This is outstandingly well thought out and put together, so much detail. It would make a great gift too. For me personally I would sneak at spoilers each month to be sure that the theme was suited to me so I wouldn’t sign up to an extended plan. If you love surprises and craft/stationery/lifestyle then this box is most definitely for you. I feel the pricing is very fair and not too high… off to kick the man out of the house now to the florists…
I hope you enjoyed my review and if you would like to take advantage of this beautiful little box and sign up, these are the wibbly wobbly web links below…
Mel xx

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  1. Aw thanks Mel for such a lovely review – so glad you enjoyed your box! And love that fact that you can see how passionate we are about making our boxes a delight to open – you’re right, a lot of love goes into them!

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