Love Me Beauty Review by Mel

The first time I ever came across LMB was in a magazine. They had an offer, which for your first box was £1 plus £3.95 P&P. I thought great, why not at that price. Back then the items came in a box a similar size to Glossybox or Look Fantastic. From memory I got a Cailyn brow pencil and some Percy and reed hair products. I didn’t continue at the time as I felt my Glossybox was offering more value for money, so I cancelled.
After joining the Beauty Box Swap Shop UK group in July 2016, one of the members posted an offer for £5 off your first box, which made it £8.95 including P&P. The items didn’t blow me away, so again I cancelled.
The way they work is you go onto their website and you build a beauty profile about yourself. You fill in your likes, your skin tone and hair type etc., and this is supposed to build a profile where products are recommended for you to try. I personally have found this a little pointless, as they don’t offer enough of a range of products each month for them to be ‘recommended’. I am not entirely sure if this is something that is in place in case they broaden their selection in future, but it definitely didn’t help me to make a choice.
They advertise that you will get 60 credits to use in their monthly edit, which have a value of £45. A single month subscription is £10 plus £3.95 P&P. A 3 month subscription will be £9 a month plus postage and a 6 month one is £8 plus postage. You can then buy add on credits as follows:
20 credits = £5
50 credits = £10
100 credits = £18
200 credits = £32
You can use the add on credits as you wish but you have to spend a minimum amount each month of 60 (your monthly allowance) and you cannot order more than one item at a time.
Items are between 10 and 30 credits each, I think they put a figure on them dependent on their retail value. So essentially you could get 6 x 10 credit items, but there are never 6 items of that value so I have never had more than 3-4 items per order. They no longer send the items in a box; they now come in a makeup bag. The bags have a different design every month, and some I have really liked. They renew their edit once a month on the 1st of every month; usually they have around 10-12 items to choose from. This can become a problem if you signed up on say the 12th of every month, as the most popular items sell out in the first few days. If you don’t make a selection during your month, then it is worth mentioning that they will automatically send you a selection of whatever is left. Plus some of our members have been sent older makeup bag designs once they have ran out.
I was lured back in by a Groupon offer, which was £29 for a 6 month subscription; postage was extra at £12.50 for the 6 month duration. As a new groupon customer I also got £10 off so it came to a total of £31.50 (£5.25 a month).
I signed up in July. My first month selection included PIXI items, which I absolutely loved and have since bought a lot of PIXI items. My two go to products for my skincare regime are Glow tonic and Beauty sleep cream. My second month included Ecotools brush sets – full size ones! I was made up, so when they ran the Groupon offer again I got my partner to sign up for a second 6 month subscription.
Since I did that, I now regret it. It was downhill from there sadly. To list a few of the months afterwards there were Benefit makeup items (all tiny samples), Make up Forever (even smaller samples), Laura Mercier primers in 5ml? NUXE items and Ormorovicza that I have had for free in my Feel Unique Pick & Mix! OPI Nail polishes that I have seen in the pound shop. I got excited when they announced a Kat Von D collaboration for September, and I think most of our members crashed their website that morning! I cannot count the amount of complaints about the size of the samples I have seen on social media. I think the ink liner was 1ml and the lipstick was so tiny some peoples snapped, as it was so thin.
I had a problem with the delivery times and missing credits from my account that month, so I complained on their Facebook page. They immediately blocked me from their page just for writing on there. I couldn’t believe it really. So I took to their Twitter instead and was ignored further. So it’s safe to say I give them a big fat zero for customer service.
In January they released their edit titled ‘The best of 2016’. It quite literally was the leftovers that hadn’t been bought and they needed to use up. I wrote to them via e-mail asking about this and they ensured me that this wasn’t the case when it clearly was.
The February edit had an introduction of Charlotte Tilbury, kiss pockets? Basically a piece of paper with a bit of colour on you have to press your lips against. I don’t feel it is fair to be paying for samples, but reluctantly I chose some more tiny Kat Von D samples and a NUXE lip balm, which is actually ok. The bag design is cute, but that’s as much as I can muster to get excited about.
My Subscription has 1 month left to go, if you can’t tell already I will be cancelling. I will write to them again telling them why but I won’t hold my breath for a constructive response.
My verdict?
Get back to the days of PIXI and Ecotools and offer full size items again and not free samples (some of the items were even marked on the packaging as free sample). The 60 credits are not worth £45 lately. I have included some pictures of previous month selections. I can’t see me returning unless they up their game sadly, especially not with the competition being Latest in Beauty, which in my opinion is a world apart from this.

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