Esalon Colour Review by Mel

I decided to try this after seeing raving reviews online. I hadn’t coloured my hair for months and it was in dire need of a lift. Esalon are a USA based company (LA) who offer a subscription of salon standard home colour, which is delivered to your door.
Upon delivery of the box I was very impressed. The bottles are individually labelled with your name to personalise that they were mixed especially for you. The box includes separate bottles (stage 1 and 2) for roots and ends which is included in your first order to ensure that your colour is even from root to tip, with 2 bottles of developer. After your first box you will then get a single bottle to re apply the colour. You can choose the frequency of your delivery; I set mine to 12 weeks initially, which is the maximum (the minimum is 4 weeks).  You can also cancel if you wish to only purchase as a one off. They include a very easy to follow step-by-step guide with timings, again this is personalised to your hair type. It comes with 2 pairs of gloves, the colour tint brush (free with your first order), shampoo and conditioner sachets, stain guard to put on your forehead to stop the dye leaving marks and also a stain remover wipe to remove any afterwards.
It was really easy to put on, my other half hates doing it for me but even he commented how simple it was. It didn’t smell awful either as sometimes I get a headache due to the strong ammonia smell.
The main thing I was impressed by was the fact there was plenty. I have long hair and if I go to a supermarket or drugstore etc. I have to buy 2 bottles of the same strength stuff to cover all of my hair as one bottle is ever enough. I end up with an obvious colour divide where my roots are. My roots were over 2 inches long and you can’t see the divide now. I have washed it twice since trying it out and writing the review and I haven’t noticed a fade as yet. My hair is unbelievably shiny and soft as you can see from the photos. I am very happy with the result and will be placing another order.
Whilst you will never rival a salon, I am disabled (nerve damage in my spine) I can’t sit very long without severe discomfort so it’s never a pleasant experience a 3 hour salon trip would leave me in bed for 2 days following it.
My only negative would be it didn’t include a mixing bowl (I already have one) as I have previously used professional colour from a salon supply store several times in the past so I can definitely compare them, and this is of the same standard.
The website was so easy to follow, you select options for hair type and colour and it will give you recommendations. You can then upload a pic of yourself and you are assigned your own personal colourist. She messaged me after placing my order to ensure I wanted a subtle violet tone and not bright one, which I found, was a good personal touch.
My order was placed on 15/01/2017, shipped on 17/01/2017 and arrived on 24/01/2017. For shipping from the USA this is fairly fast. You can choose an express delivery option too.
A subscription is £14 monthly plus £3.95 postage.
If you use the link below then you can get your first box for £7 plus £3.95 postage, which is half price!!
They do a match up subscription too where your first 3 products are £11, items such as full size shampoo and conditioner, gloss, hair product, salon cape and towel to name a few are all included in this. I will add these to my next order and do a follow up review.
They offer a product guarantee that they will refund you 100% of your order if you are not completely satisfied too, bit of a no brainer for me. I never repeat buy unless I am very happy with the product and I am definitely getting it again.
Hope you liked my review, any questions you may have I will be happy to answer.
Mel xx

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