BathBox Review by Joanne – April 2019

I love Easter. I love Bathbox. I had been anticipating this box greatly, following their Insta teasers and having a bit of banter about the prospective contents of this Easter themed box. So it was fitting that the April box was Easter themed, even although the despatch date was actually after Easter. I was raised Catholic, although I’m very lapsed now, but I’ve always loved the story of Easter. Honestly. It had nothing to do with the chocolate at all. Aye right. And this year I had, to use to a good Scottish colloquialism, ripped the pish out of Easter. I’d been eating chocolate eggs for months. Just as I was sick to the sight of Easter the April Bathbox landed on my doorstep. And behold, my weary body arose to perform an unboxing, which you can see here. It truly was a miracle.

How much do you need to shell out?

You can subscribe at The monthly subscription is £9.99 per month, plus £2.99 postage, and each box contains 5 belting bath products. Payment is taken on the date of your first order and on the 15th of the month thereafter.  Boxes are generally despatched around the 25th of the month and are delivered by Royal Mail.  They also offer one-off boxes for £12.99 which are great to gift. The Easter box totalled £12.50 but here Bathbox definitely sell themselves short. Bathbox is, quite simply, amazing value for money when you look at the actual products themselves. When you compare Bathbox products with equivalent products sold in high street stores or online, it’s a total no brainer. The most expensive bomb in the Easter box was £3.50, but from my research I can confirm that very similar bombs are sold elsewhere for prices in the region of £5, or even more.

After having stuffed my face with so much chocolate I tried to exercise a modicum of restraint and not tear into the box immediately. I have to say, I was expecting great things. I was not disappointed.

The Treats in the Box

This was hands down the best box I’ve had from Bathbox. It was bang on in terms of selection of products, appearance, scents and the theme. Bathbox nailed it, there’s no doubt about it. Jesus himself wouldn’t have taken three days to roll that stone away from his tomb if Mary Magdalene had been standing outside waving this box to wake him up. The five products were:

  • Berry Sorbet Bunny Bath Bomb, RRP £3.50
  • Chocolate Egg Soap, RRP £2.00
  • Peach Smoothie Duck Bath Bomb, RRP £3.50
  • Bath Eggs in Mango and Blueberry, RRP £1.00 each
  • Bergamot and Geranium Bath salts, RRP £1.50

Two of these bombs were the cutest bombs I’ve ever seen and therefore obviously the first ones I had to try! The first sacrifice was the wee yellow duckie. He was so cute but I lobbed him in, trying to push my guilty conscience away. A tear came to my eye as I consigned him to his watery death. The final dagger to my heart was when he bobbed back up for a final farewell. I felt distraught at sending such a cute wee creature to such an ignominious end. However,  he scented the water with the sweet smell of peach and turned the water a lovely warming shade of yellow (no, it didn’t feel like I was lying in a bath of pee. It was lovely).

The Berry Sorbet Bunny Bath Bomb was another belter. It didn’t look quite the same as the bomb in the photo but you could definitely see that it was a bunny. This had a pleasing tangy berry scent and gave the water a lovely tint of pink.

The Chocolate Egg soap smells lovely, it’s not overpoweringly chocolately but has quite a subtle scent. I don’t like overly scented soaps so this is a winner for me. And if you’re wondering after watching my live, I didn’t feed it to Scott.

The Mango and Blueberry Bath Eggs were the only product I was a wee bitty disappointed in as unfortunately one of my eggs had eroded quite considerably whilst in transit. It’s not that big of a deal because you can just tip the dust into your bath, but it would have been nice to have had an undamaged egg. Mango is my favourite fruit but I’m going to gift these two eggs to my friend’s daughter because the contents box says they’re the perfect treat for young bathers.

I’ve not used the Bergamot and Geranium bath salts yet because I need to keep something back to look forward to using!

The Verdict?

I’ve learned that the meaning of the word Easter comes from a pre-Christian English Goddess called Eostre. Well, the Easter offering from Bathbox would have been a very worthy offering to make to her! I reckon she’d have been so pleased with the goodies this month. I can’t wait to see what the team have in store for the May box, which is space-themed! A dark hole bathbomb perhaps?

Joanne x

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