Discover Incense Review by Joanne – April 2019

I have a new favourite thing. Ladies and gentlemen, I am honoured to present to you Siesta Crafts. Thank you so much to Tim for sending me their subscription incense box to review. I freely admit to having been an incense virgin but Discover Incense has led me to make a very fascinating discovery. Siesta Crafts are Fair Trade and have the best social conscience. Read on to discover exactly what I’m blathering on about.

Discover Incense is a monthly subscription for lovers of the  smelly sticks and Siesta Crafts kindly gifted me the New Beginnings box to review. Thank you so much! You can read about the sub box here. Here is your safety warning from the Fireman’s daughter: incense does still burn so be careful where you’re burning it and keep it out of reach of weans and animals!

What’s the damage to your purse? How much does the Discover Incense subscription cost?

  • 1 month – £12.99 per month;
  • 3 months – £11.99 per month;
  • 6 months – £10.99 per month; and
  • 12 months – £9.99 per month

Dispatch date is the 10th of the month and it’s delivered by 2nd class Royal Mail. Shipping costs are included in your monthly payment which is great! This particular box was somewhat sizeable, and I did wonder if it could possibly have been put into a letterbox friendly box. The packaging is however all fully recyclable and I imagine future boxes will be more letterbox-friendly.

So what’s inside? You can see the video of my unboxing below:

Each monthly box contains at least three packets of incense (each packet containing w as well as a “special gift” and having looked into the cost of buying individual packets of incense, this is great value for money, particularly if you sign up to the longer term subscriptions! Each monthly box is themed and, rather fittingly for a first box, I received the New Beginnings Box. This box contained three packet of incense, two special gifts (I’m teasing you here, read on read on!) and a handy little sheet telling you about the box contents which is great if you don’t really have a Scooby about incense other than it smells.

I’m a fan of scented candles but I freely confess I’ve never really been into incense. I suffer from migraines so I’m very particular with my scents and I avoid anything floral scented or heavy. I’ve always had this impression of incense being heavy, like walking into a tart’s boudoir in 19th century Paris, the air so heavy with rich scent that it makes your head spin.

The first product I tried was the Satya Sai Baba Super Hit. The notes told me that the scent of this Super Hit incense is subtly floral with a warm sweetness. As I’m wrestling with my mental health the claim that it would uplift my mood really interested me. Of course, to burn incense you need an incense holder and this is one of the gifts in the box. Mine was handmade in India, pretty cute and easy as anything to use, just stick the stick into the hole, wield your flame and Bob’s your uncle. I got the stick burning and initially the scent was pleasing to my hooter. After 10 minutes though the floral scent became stronger and I had to extinguish it. I’m not a fan of floral scents at all, all my perfumes tend to the citrus, so I think that explained my reaction. If you are a fan of the flowers I reckon you’ll really like this scent.

After my experience with the Super Hit I was a wee bit feart about trying another incense but I had a swatch at the pretty packaging of the Tribal Soul Palo Santo smudge sticks and decided to give it a whirl. A stick of incense burns for about 20 minutes or thereabouts, so I set this one smoking and went off to the kitchen to potter about making my dinner. After eating I returned to my living room to a most wonderful scent. The leaflet told me that this incense was inspired by the mystical, forest-like scent of the Palo Santo, or ‘Holy Wood’ (also the title of my most favourite Marilyn Manson album). This incense was so good that I immediately sparked another stick up to fully revel in the scent (and help disperse the lingering scent of my smelly fish that I had for dinner). As I typed this review, breathing in the woody scent, I Googled Palo Santo and discovered that it is a sacred tree that’s grown in parts of South America, used for centuries by shamans in ritual prayer, ceremonies and healing. I loved this incense, which cemented the fact that floral scents are just not my bag!

The third incense in the box is the Himalayan Spice which promises a complex, deep fragrance. This is the only product I haven’t tried and that is purely because at the date of reviewing we have been blessed with some glorious Easter bank holiday weather. I’m saving this for a more suitable occasion but I am expecting to like it because I’m more partial to spicy scents than florals. I can say that the packaging is super cute, coming in a traditional Lokta paper packet decorated with a wee hand-pressed Himalayan flower.

One of the best things in life is discovering a wee extra lurking in your box that you weren’t aware of. You’ll see my utter joy when upon moving the pretty green packing paper I saw this gorgeous little tea light! It’s beautiful, almost too beautiful to burn. They’re handmade in Northern Thailand and I was just so enamoured with this cute wee candle. I’ve still not been able to bring myself to burn it.

So what did I ken of the New Beginnings Discover Incense box?

To sum up, if you’re an incense aficionado, this is a great value and fun sub box. It’s definitely got me interested in incense and I’m going to investigate more citrus-y scents. But more importantly, by shopping with Siesta and buying their beautiful goods you’re helping them support communities, small businesses and artisan families all over the world. I love Siesta Crafts. I love the beautiful objects they sell. I love the stories behind the beautiful objects. I love the price of the beautiful objects. I love the ethos and the corporate responsibility of Siesta Crafts. Please, I beg you, go check them out. Read this and you’ll love them too:

I’m in love and I can’t wait until pay-day!

Joanne x

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