Secret Scent Box Review by Chloe – April 2019

This is my second time reviewing for Secret Scent Box; it has been over a year now so I am excited to see how well the company has grown. It is a monthly subscription box that offers you three different designer fragrances, each 3ml so they will last you the entire month! As well as the perfumes you also receive description cards on the scents which include pictures of the full size bottles so you know what they look like. This is great as it goes into detail on the different notes, meaning if you find you like a specific perfume from the box you can look up similar ones based on their description. The perks of having perfumes delivered straight to your door in sample sizes each month gives you the chance to see how they wear on your skin and if you would like to buy the full size in the future. The box I am reviewing is the women’s fragrance set, they also offer one for males and gift sets.

The box is delivered by Royal Mail and fits through your letter box (no missing this box yay). The outer packaging is a white cardboard box to provide sufficient support whilst being delivered and inside this is the classic black secret scent box with their logo inscribed in silver. It is small, cute and simple.

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Month to month subscription is £15. This is a recurring payment but you can cancel at any time. They offer discounts if you subscribe for longer periods of time, the 6 month box will cost you £14 per month and the 12 month box costing you £13 per month.

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This month’s fragrances are:

Lacoste pour femme elixir – This is a new scent that has just been released this year! It is a unique and sophisticated perfume that enhances the quintessential femininity of the French fashion house. I am a fan of Lacoste male fragrances so am excited to try this one. After wearing it the last couple of days I have fallen in love and have had many comments on what I am wearing. The scent lasts well on the skin and I didn’t’ feel the need to top up during the day which is a bonus. The top notes are pink pepper, mandarin and jasmine petals, these all give that feminine scent. Middle notes include Brazilian gardenia and jasmine flower which add to the floral body. The base notes aee vetiver, cedar wood, ambrox and patchouli. I think this is why I love this perfume so much as patchouli and cedar wood are two of my favourite notes in a scent. Overall I would describe this perfume as floral with hints of woody musk which make it a seductive and classy sent.

Calvin Klein Obsession – Many of you would have heard of this perfume before, it is a classic fragrance that has been around for years and worn by many! The best way to describe this perfume is spicy and oriental that gives you a warming sensation. The top notes are peach, vanilla, lemon, bergamot and basil, these are the first notes that you can smell when applying the fragrance. The middle notes are spice, sandalwood, oakmoss and jasmine, this is where the spice comes in. Base notes include vanilla, vetiver, amber, musk and incense. As you can see from the notes there is a great mix of sweet and spicy, the amber and vanilla go very well together and are what create this warm, mature perfume. Again, this perfume lasted all day on my skin and I didn’t need to top up, at first it can be slightly overpowering but after a few minutes it settles down nicely.

Elizabeth Arden green tea lavender – The final perfume in this month’s box is a green tea oriental scent. When first trying this perfume it reminded me of holidays away with family, the times when you would all get ready for an evening out for food. Top notes are lemon, mandarin orange, chamomile, and mint all giving you that refreshing first scent. Middle notes are lavender, tea and Caribbean magnolia. Base notes are musk and ambrette. I would describe this scent as an aromatic green floral scent that refreshes your senses and takes you away. It is perfect for this time of year with the upcoming summer months.

My thoughts on the box

In my opinion Secret Scent box is a great concept. Having three different designer fragrances delivered to your door every month from only £13 is an amazing way to try new scents! It would be especially great for those of you that struggle to find the time to travel to fragrance shops to test different perfumes, this saves time and stress. Another thing, when you test perfumes your nose finds it hard to test more than 2 in a row and they can blur together, so by having the 3 different ones for a month it gives you a proper chance to come to a conclusion on the scents. So all in all I think this box is worth your money, and is one I would personally buy!

Chloe x

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