BathBox Review by Joanne – March 2019

Thank you Ryan for entrusting me with another one of your lovely boxes! This month is the March box and it’s full of the joys of Spring! I feel that my mood has picked up somewhat in recent weeks and I think the lighter nights are largely responsible. Not to mention the sight of daffodils blooming away everywhere, even on the side of the motorway. It really is a lovely time of the year and it’s hands down my favourite season.

You can go and subscribe at And especially for the BoXession ladies-who-bathe, Ryan has provided us with a code of BathboX which gives you 10% off your first order.  

I’m fast becoming a fan of Bathbox and I would definitely recommend it if you’re a fan of a bath! Bathbox is a monthly subscription service at £9.99 per month with payment being taken on the date of your first order and on the 15th of the month thereafter. Your subscription will run until you cancel it.  Boxes are despatched around the 25th of the month.

Each box contains five different goodies for your bath, including bath bombs, fizzers, salts, candles and other bits and bobs. I need to comment here again on the size of some of the bombs. I chucked one into my bath and it  left a dent in the bottom (it really didn’t. I’m saying that for effect. Still, huge though). If you’re not sure about committing to a subscription you can also try a one-off box. This is a great way to test the waters before going the whole hog. The contents of the March box amounted to £14 which, bearing in mind the cost of shipping, isn’t at first blush a massive saving. However, the quality of the products though really do make up for this. I can’t stop myself from using my goodies up as quick as I can. I’ve even considered having one bath after another because I couldn’t decide which bomb to use first. Because of my impatience I then need to wait on tenterhooks for what seems like 84 years until the next box lands! Aye, I’m a fan!

If you missed my live unboxing, you can watch it back below by clicking play…

The March box contained three bombs, one tub of salts and two very interesting little thingymabobs which I’ll come to later.

The handmade Sugar Plum Purple Flower Bath Bomb (RRP £3.00) was the first thing I reached for. Purple is one of my favourite colours and I love the scent of lavender, so it was a stick on that I’d go for this. It was so cute though, so perfectly formed, that I almost didn’t want to use it immediately! I’m glad I did though, because this bomb was da bomb! I particularly loved the gorgeous hue of violet it turned the water. I felt like I was a unicorn having a bath! I was so taken on that I shouted on Scott to come see. He was less impressed than me. The scent was just dreamy too.

Last month I made the mistake of rationing my wee tub of bath salts (please note, if you save up and return 10 of these little tubs you’ll get a free bathbomb!) so this month I merrily tipped the entire contents of the tub into my bath. I’m not a huge fan of salts because I’m not really sure what they actually do other than scent the water. But wow, what a scent this captivating crystals had! The main ingredients are peppermint, May Chang and a hint of grapefruit (RRP £1.50). My nose did detect more than a hint of citrus but as I love fruity scents (I’m a nightmare with perfume because I don’t like flowery scents) I was happy about this! I later found out that May Chang is an essential oil derived from a citrus fruit which may explain the slap of citrus. The peppermint is really refreshing too, it doesn’t clear out your tubes the way Vicks Vaporub does, but it was well balanced and really complemented the heavier citrus layer. I really loved these salts, and to top it all off, my skin was left feeling quite soft, which I chalked up to the May Chang oil.

If you watched my unboxing you’ll see that I was enraptured with the dinky little Blue & Red Rose Soap Petals (RRP £1.50). I haven’t seen anything like these before and after my exploits with real rose petals in my bath last month I couldn’t wait to try these. I pulled the petals apart and let them float in the bath. As they melted the water turned soapy and scented. Lovely jubbly. These were really cute, and so very practical. No more fishing out lots of teeny tiny petals after your soak! A note of caution however – they made my bath a wee bit slippery afterwards, as Scott found out to his detriment.

The last product I tried was the (again handmade) Honeysuckle Orange Flower Bath Bomb. This was good fun! It fizzed away quite happily and turned the water a cheerful shade of bright orange. It smelt lovely and wasn’t as flowery as I had expected. My skin was pretty damn soft afterwards too. Buffalo Bill would have been trading in his lotion for this!

There’s only one product I haven’t tried from the March box, even though I was dying to give it a blast! I’m going to gift the Lemon and Marjoram Essential Oil Bath Bomb to my lovely boss, who deserves some relaxing bath time!

I’m really looking forward to seeing what Bathbox has in store for their Easter box. They’ve been posting tantalising teasers on their Instagram profile.

I’m holding out for the wee chick…

Joanne x

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