Feast Box Review by Joanne – March 2019

You may be mistaken for thinking we only review make up boxes here at BoXession. You would be sorely wrong. If there’s a box for it, we will review it! Our bloggers have unboxed some real beauties like!

This was my second unboxing and Mel was really mixing things up for me! I was chosen to review Feast Box

Now I’ve always loved cooking. And even more than cooking, I loved eating. I didn’t understand folk who would claim that they forget to eat. How is that possible? Not me. I’m sitting on the bus at 7 o’clock in the morning planning what I’m going to have for lunch. As I was scranning lunch I’d be thinking about dinner.

Then I got really depressed. Depression is a beast. We all know that. But one of the side effects that I really hate is loss of appetite. I don’t know if it’s the medication or just a symptom of the illness, but my appetite has really suffered. I’ll be sitting there absolutely starving, stomach gurgling away like a swamp, but I just can’t summon the wherewithal to go and actually cook myself something. And when I do eat, I eat sparingly. I was never one for finishing a meal and now I’m even worse.

So Feast Box arrived at the perfect time for me. Feast Box isn’t your typical subscription food box, for several reasons. Firstly, boxes are not a set price every month. The price of your box depends on what you pick to go in the box (more on this later). Average price per head per meal is £6 or thereabouts. I appreciate that this isn’t a bargain per se, but again I’ll talk more on that later too! Secondly, the USP of Feast Box is that it focuses solely on Middle Eastern and Asian food. I am a fan of Asian food and before I got depressed I loved cooking Asian. I bought all the staples for the larder and rarely a weekend would go by without me conjuring up some creation from a far off land. So when Mel first told me about Feast Box I was predisposed to like it. And after I spent some time looking at the recipes I could choose from, the pricing began to make sense.

You can choose from two meal plans, two meals for two people or one meal for four people. I plumped for the two meals for two people and began perusing the menu. My mouth was watering already. So, every week there are 12 recipes to choose from, all authentically Asian and sounding delicious. There were glorious pictures of the dishes with a succinct yet sufficient description, making it super easy to see what was on offer. I also really liked how the cooking time per dish is forefront. It also tells you the price per person for each meal, and that is how your box price is calculated.

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The third special thing about this box is that it is brilliant for vegans. If you’ve watched my video you know I love my meat (insert snigger here) but even I have to admit, some of the vegan dishes looked yummy! There were more vegan options than fish. I swithered over the jackfruit pancakes as the only other time I’ve stumbled across jackfruit is in pre-made sandwiches from a well-known supermarket. I really struggled to pick only two meals because the choice was so much better than I had anticipated. The dishes on offer are all to a restaurant standard with the ingredients to match. There was lots of unusual ingredients that you’d struggle to find in the supermarket. I decided to enlist Scott’s help and we finally whittled it down to the Vietnamese pork pancakes and the sweet and sour duck breast.

By now I couldn’t wait to get my box, especially to see how all the ingredients were packaged and presented. The video of my unboxing can be seen below…

The package was delivered by DHL on time but unfortunately the box looked as if it had gone ten rounds with Mohammed Ali. The contents were fine though, and that’s all I was concerned about! I really enjoyed unboxing Feast Box. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect because I’d never subbed to a food box before. I was really impressed and it was very exciting delving into all the separate bags and parcels! I loved how the fresh ingredients for each meal were packed in their own wee brown bags. I was over the moon with the recyclable packaging that was keeping my meat fresh. The handy little ice bags meant that your food would stay fresh for a few hours even if you weren’t home for the delivery. One teeny gripe was that I wasn’t sure whether these too could be recycled. I really would have gotten the use out of them, they’d be great for keeping your bottle chilled during a sunny afternoon in the garden. My most favourite things of all were all the wee tubs of all the essential ingredients! Little cute tubs of chilli flakes, honey, palm sugar, soy sauce and so much more, all jumbled together in a lovely fabric drawstring bag (which I will definitely find another use for). I felt like a magician delving around in his big pocket and I had to force myself to stop, before my live became the Unboxing War and Peace.

I decided to cook the duck breast first, purely because it was the quickest to cook and therefore suitable for a mid-week meal. It’s important to note here that the meat is pretty well dated so you don’t need to make the meals immediately. You’d definitely get a good few days fridge life out of it all, the vegetables were as fresh as if they’d just come out of the ground. There were no limp lettuces here! Now to come to another (perhaps unwitting) genius thing about this box. As a lot of us do, often Scott and I eat dinner at different times because of his work shifts. To my delight I realised that this recipe in particular was so easy to split into two. I used half of everything and cooked my meal. When Scott got in from work the rest of the ingredients were sitting there in their cute wee tubs waiting for him! I’m not sure if this was just a by-product of this particular recipe but I can’t see why it wouldn’t work with other meals. Also, a lot of the recipes were well suited to being reheated later. I was really impressed with this.

One (and in all honesty, the only) small gripe would be the composition of the recipe itself. I read through the steps and had a wee think to myself. The rice would take  12 minutes max to cook (after you’d fried the ‘shrooms), whereas the duck would take 11 minutes plus resting time. Resting is a crucial step when cooking meat. After a ponder I decided to get the duck on the go and then move onto the rice. The remaining steps of the recipe ran like clockwork after that. There were one or two teensy fails along the way, but I will happily admit that these were one hundred per cent my own fault. The recipe was super easy to follow and took the fear out of sauce-making.

And the finished plate?

Well it tasted great. It was authentic and fresh and you would have paid a lot more for this in a restaurant. The portion sizes were huge, the duck’s breasts would have put Jordan’s to shame. I scranned the lot and it’s been a while since I’ve done that! The ingredients were restaurant-standard and more important, authentic.

Scott and I also cooked the Vietnamese pancakes together, so Feast Box also gives you a reason to take some time out and spent it with a favourite person. So as I sit here rubbing my full belly and giving it all the “ooh I’ve eaten too much”, I bid you, go forth and order Feast Box!

Joanne x


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