BathBox Review by Joanne – February 2019

Your Bathbox is the first unboxing I’ve done for BoXession and wowee, it kicked things off in style! I’m very grateful to Ryan for allowing his pretty things to fall into such untrained hands! I also owe him one for extending a 10% off offer to you lovely ladies, if you use the code BathboX (capital B capital X). Your Bathbox can be found at It’s a very pretty website, and I loved the cute wee cartoon on the landing page.

I love a bath. I did my bathroom up last year and it’s now one of my most favourite rooms in my wee house. At first I was an aficionado of the rainfall shower I chose, but these days I’m rarely out of the tub. I love lighting candles, putting nice stuff in the bath (any kind of stuff, although maybe not salts, but more on that later), reading my book and doing all of my masks. I know I’ve succeeded at bathing when I: (a) turn into a prune; (b) turn into a tomato; or (c) keel over because the water is too damn hot. I love trying out new products in my bath and I confess that I’m relatively new to the whole bath bomb experience! Who knew chucking a big lump of something into your bath could give so much joy and excitement! What a deprived girl I have been! I now think that bath bombs are literally the best thing in the world. Change my mind. I dare you.

If you missed my live (apologies for the slight technical faults!) here’s the link below:

So, this being my first unboxing I was fair feeling the nerves! My obliging boyfriend Scott was drafted in to act as cameraman (he thought he was being director). The live did not go entirely smoothly but considering that literally one second before I went live I had kicked over my glass coffee table and nearly smashed it into smithereens. My heel was still gowping as I went live but I put my Big Girl Pants ™ on and tried to forget about it. Unboxing is priority!

When I pulled open the lid of the box, which was itself very pretty and eco-friendly (and with a caution that aforesaid pretty things were inside) my pain was soon forgotten. The scents that wafted out and tickled my nose hairs were just delightful! I removed the plastic wrapping so that I could take good photographs and the scents nearly knocked me over! That’s the sign of a quality bath product. I couldn’t wait to get stuck in and find out what treats awaited me.

This box on the face of it doesn’t appear to be giving a great saving. The contents amounted to £14 (I did get a cheeky wee extra in the form of an extra pouch of rose petals however!) and the subscription costs £9.99 per month. Shipping is an extra £2.99 on top. So at first blush it’s not a huge bargain. Having looked back at previous reviews it appears average box contents come to £15. 

However, if you’re looking for quality, ladies look no further! This box has your name written all over it! As I began to delve deeper, shifting around the pretty pink protective packaging, I couldn’t believe the size of the bombs! They are massive and I reckon that if I’d chucked one at Scott, who was rather precariously perched on the arm of the sofa, it’d probably have taken his wee head clean off.

I’ve had the pleasure of testing a fair few of the products now.  I am also spreading the love of Your Bathbox by gifting the Jasmine Fizzing (not Fishing, as I nearly said on my live, and not something else which I almost typed here!) Heart to a friend. I will struggle to let it go because it smells divine (I think this is possibly the most heavily scented item in the box) but it’s nice to share.  

Angel Delight Bath Bomb, RRP £3

Those eagle of eyed amongst you may notice that there’s something missing from the box. Ladies, I was so excited about trying out this bomb that I clean forgot to take a picture of the complete box. If that doesn’t sell a product, I don’t know what does! So after my unboxing I grabbed this, tucked it under my oxter and sprinted to the bathroom akin to a rugby player sprinting to the try-line. Whoosh, into the bath it went. It was so heavy it made a great big thunk as it hit the bottom and I was glad I had a cast iron bath (also relieved that I hadn’t launched it at Scott earlier). As I watched it disperse and the water turn an ohso pretty shade of blue, I realised with horror that I hadn’t taken a picture of the entire box. I panicked and tried to fish the bomb out but it was too little, too late. To try to salvage the situation I took this picture:

The smell was out of this world (although not like Angel Delight the pudding)! I’m still not sure what it was made of because the description was silent on the ingredients. I splashed around merrily in my blue water, pretending I was a mermaid swimming in magical waters, happy as a pig in poo. I loved this bomb. My skin was so soft afterwards and the scent lingered. This bomb utterly lived up to my expectations!

Rose Petal & Lavender Bath Bomb, RRP £4

I have a confession to make. I’ve not used this yet. I want to save it for a special occasion. I love the scent of rose and lavender so this bomb is right up my street. It’s super pretty, although I was a tad disappointed with the lack of rose petals on the top. It doesn’t look quite like the picture on the contents sheet, but I do caveat this by saying that there may be more petals nestling inside the bomb. That’s a very small gripe through, and it does look super pretty just as it is! This bomb is made for a bath lit by candles, kindle in hand, chocolate to the side, maybe a wee glass of wine. In short, this bomb is meant for luxuriating in! I’m going to enjoy this bomb, but I will be sure to report back!

Tea Lights, RRP £0.50

Next my fingers walked across the ubiquitous wee scented tea lights. I was fair chuffed to find two of these essentials in the box. Tea lights are always needed by ladies who bathe, and I think these cuties will be perfect for using with the rose petal and lavender bomb. Those of you who watched my live will know that I’m the daughter of an ex-fireman. Recently I Instagrammed a pretty picture of pretty bath products with tall dinner candles burning merrily away in the background. Soon afterwards I received a text message from my mammy telling me that my daddy would go radge kebab if he knew I was burning those kinds of candles so close to my shower boards! I hung my head in shame and rapidly stocked up on these wee tea lights. I’d go so far as to say that I’d be pleased if every single bath box came with two tea lights.

It was going well so far. But what else did my box of pretty things have inside? I delved further and  stumbled across a wee plastic tub. At first glance it looks a bit… underwhelming. However, on reading the contents sheet, I realised that if you save up ten of these wee tubs and return them, you’ll get a free bath bomb! How’s that for a bit of saving the world while you soak? I immediately decided I could comfortably overlook the presentation and I applaud Your Bathbox for running this scheme.

Along with technical difficulties, the other thing you do not want to happen to you when doing a live is stumbling across a word that you don’t have a scooby how to pronounce! Well, dear readers, it happened to me. This wee tub was full of Benzoin, Ginger & Orange Bath Salts. Benzoin. What the…? I thought, as I frantically tried to decide how to pronounce it. I didn’t have a clue what this was. The only benzos I knew of were of a pharmaceutical nature… How I rued not googling it when I had been doing my research into Your Bathbox! I have since remedied my error, and to pass on my knowledge, I quote from Wikipedia:

“Benzoin or Benjamin is a balsamic resin obtained from the bark of several species of trees in the genus Styrax.”

I went on to learn that it has a sweet, vanilla-like aroma. Now I really was in a state of high excitement about trying these salts out. Although bath salts are probably my least favourite bath product (the exception to this being the This Works sleepy salts), I do love fresh, zingy, fruity scents. I couldn’t wait to sprinkle this in my bath. I had high hopes for these considering the quality of the blue beastie I had used the night of the Unboxing.

I’m really sorry to say that I was disappointed. I didn’t get much of a scent at all from the salts. However, I do wonder if that was my fault because I didn’t sprinkle enough into my bath. I used a third of the wee tub but in retrospect I think I should have chucked it all in. You do use a whole bomb, after all. Well, I do. I did try to cut one in half once but I nearly came to a gory end. So I wholeheartedly apologise if it was indeed my fault that I didn’t get the full effect of the salts!

Turning now to the bath petals. These were so cute and I loved the wee gauze bags that they were packaged in. The smell was glorious, much stronger than I had have expected. Although the petals weren’t the priciest items in the box I was really looking forward to trying them. What girl hasn’t dreamt about lazing about in a petal-filled bath, being all sexy and romantic and decadent and suchlike? Well, it transpires that I’m categorically not a fan of rose petals in my bath! I kept spotting them out of the corner of my eye, bobbing about, looking like suspicious wee floaters. When I felt them touching my skin I got such a fright because I thought it was beasties in my bath. And don’t even get me started on the fankle I got myself into trying to fish them all out of the bath before they went down the plug hole! I had the (probably irrational) fear that they were going to block my tubes! Would they block your tubes? Asking for a friend…

Ladies, in summing up, for me this box was nearly perfect. Despite my initial thoughts, it is indeed great value for money considering the high quality of the products, and it’s all so very prettily packaged! As every girl knows, it’s rare that you’re going to love every single thing in a box, but the things that I did love, I really loved. So I’m very excited to see what’s coming next month…

I’m now away to sprinkle the rest of my rose petals on Scotty’s side of the bed in a clumsy attempt at seduction….

Joanne x

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