The Feel-Good Box (Beauty Bible X The Perfume Society) Review by Joanne

I am a fan of specially curated boxes. Show me a theme and I’ll buy the box. In the past I’ve treated myself to collection boxes from Latest In Beauty and I’ve always been very impressed, so when I saw that Beauty Bible were collaborating with The Perfume Society for a Feel-Good Box, my hand creeped out for my credit card before my brain caught up…

I was very impressed when I opened the box. As you would expect from the mash up, every single product is handpicked to make you feel and smell great! The packaging was pretty standard to other curated boxes, but I liked the pink cardboard packing stuff (does this stuff have a name? (If not may I propose strinkling?). And the smell that wafted out and tickled my nostrils was tantalising. I couldn’t wait to get stuck in.

The box contains a veritable treasure trove of goodies, all for a bargainous £19. This box was not gifted.


  • Temple Spa Peace Be Still Calming Skin Balm, 50ml, £19 for 150ml
  • Neal’s Yard Remedies Wild Rose Beauty Balm, 15g, £40 for 50g

  • Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, 30ml, £16.50 for 100ml with two cloths

  • Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Cell Repair Night Oil, 4ml, £38 for 30ml

  • Olverum Bath Oil, 15ml, £32 for 125ml

  • Heathcote & Ivory Gardeners Hand Cream, 30ml, £12 for set of 4 x 50ml

  • Percy & Reed Heavenly Hydrating Body Wash, 100ml, £7.50 for 100ml

  • Molton Brown Rosa Absolute Sumptuous Bathing Oil, 45ml, £40 for 200ml

  • Scentered Focus Therapy Balm, 1.5g, £14.50 for 5g

  • This Works Stress Check Roll On, 5ml, £16 for 8ml

  • Hello Day Vitality Boost, 1 stick, £21 for 15 sticks

  • Green & Black’s Organic White Chocolate, 100g, £2 for 200g

There is so much to try, and good sizes too! The Olverum bath oil, aka liquid gold, was the first item I reached for. The bottle looks teeny but a little goes a long way! If you add the recommended amount it should absorb into your skin without leaving a residue on your tub. However, as I did a cracking impression of Shaky Hand Man (mind him? Banzai?) when pouring it in, I can’t comment on this claim. My whole house smelt amazing for a wee while afterwards, and I had a dreamy time lying in the bath surrounded by the gorgeous scent. It’ll be interesting to compare with the Molton Brown oil, and I’ll be sure to report back on my findings!

I’ve been a fan of both Percy & Reed and This Works for a few months now so the inclusion of these products were responsible for the aforementioned creeping hand. As with the haircare, the shower gel smells heavenly and leaves your skin silky soft. Tip: you can also use to handwash delicate lingerie! I love This Works sleeping products so I couldn’t wait to try this stress check, particularly as I’ve been struggling with bad anxiety lately. I’m going to take this to the office and stash it in my drawer, ready to be whipped out the minute someone does something to rip my knitting! I’ll keep the Scentered Focus close by to help me when I need to knuckle down and get stuck in.

Liz Earle, well I’m preaching to the converted here. I love Liz Earle. You love Liz Earle. Everyone loves Liz Earle. I was first introduced to the Hot Cloth Cleanser by my lovely boss a few years ago but I’ve not tried it since. I was excited to see it in this box. It feels so luxurious and I do love a product with an interesting application/ removal method. This ticks all the boxes, then some.

The Neal’s Yard is the Swiss Army Knife of the box. It does everything. I admit sometimes I get confused by multi-tasking products because I can never decide what to use it for, but I can’t wait to play about with this! It smells heavenly, very rose-y as to be expected but not overpowering with it. I think I’ll most enjoy using this as a make-up remover balm and, again, I’ll report back on my findings.

The product that caused me the most consternation is the Temple Spa skin balm. Initially I rubbed a dollop into my forearm and, well, my review was scathing. But there I was, sitting polishing my review to ensure it adhered to Mel’s guidelines (this being my first review, I had to do a good job!), the tube caught my eye. I decided to give it another go. I’m so glad I did! The smell was so much nicer on second application. It rubbed into the skin super easily and dried in seconds. I’m not a fan of body lotion but I would buy this specially now! You can also rub it into your hair for sweet-smelling hair!

Weighing it up, this box was most definitely worth the money. Almost every product is a hit and has clearly been chosen with great care. The only product I won’t use is the hand cream, and that’s purely because I’m not a fan of hand cream. I will gift this to my colleague.

But what’s the very best thing about the box? Well, if you visit their website you’ll find a booklet called Sensory Notes, to ensure you get maximum olfactory enjoyment from your goodies! Each product has a full description with handy hints and tips. If you’re like me and need to know exactly how to use your products you will love this little add on. It’s very unique and shows the thought that has gone into selecting products that work together and are pure dead lovely!

I’m now away to scran all of the lovely chocolate…

Joanne x

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