The Cruelty Free Beauty Box Review by Mel – February 2019

Well, I am thoroughly spoilt this month. This is the February edition of The Cruelty Free Beauty Box that has kindly been sent for me to review. I did think I may not get a Valentines Day Present, but to my shock he pulled it out of the bag last minute! Nevertheless, this box arriving was still a better present (shh!).

Since it is Valentines Month (and Pancakes), I thought it would be a shame not to use some of my beautiful flowers to showcase this pretty box! The new box is fully recyclable, or reusable. Or you could even just sit and stare at how pretty it is…

It arrived swiftly via Royal Mail, protected with a grey plastic outer bag. I do approve when companies do this, as if the great British (Welsh in my case) weather does what it normally does, the goodies are safe.

If you missed my live unboxing, you can watch me back by clicking play below, or alternatively all unboxing’s are saved on our Facebook Group too!

What is in the Box this Month?

Box Total = £43.61!!

So, if you deduct what it will cost for your first box (£13.46 with our discount code), that is a MASSIVE £30.15 saving. If you are still reading right now, I wouldn’t bother, head straight to The Cruelty Free Beauty Box to subscribe. This box has SOLD OUT already! You will need to order now to ensure you receive the March edition.

So how does it work?

The Cruelty Free Beauty Box contains 5 Beauty items each month. These can be full size, travel size or samples. There is a questionnaire to complete when subscribing that allows the boxes to be personalised to you. You can select your Skin tone & type, Makeup style, hair length & type, and there are even questions asking if you sunbathe or use fake tan.

  • Month by Month – £14.95 including P&P
  • 3 Month Prepay – £43.50 (making it £14.50 per box)
  • 6 Month Prepay – £84 (making it £14 per box)

You are billed on the 1st of each month, and shipping is around 10th of the month.

Use the discount code ‘BOXESSION’ for 10% off your first box too!

This month you can also get a free gift instead of using our 10% code, the gift has a value of over £10. The code is:


Time for the best bit, the testing…

Friendly Soap

I have had one of these before, but in Lavender. I could smell this as soon as I opened the box! I love that the price of products by Friendly are just so affordable! I have not used this yet, but I have made a promise to myself that I will not buy any more liquid handwash. I have a lot of soaps, and I want to be more eco conscious by cutting down on plastic.

Pure Purpose Green Tea Balm

I may be going mad, but this reminds me of sherbet. You know the kids ones you get with a little lolly in. I keep opening it to smell it! I have used another balm from Pure Purpose, and a couple of their Coffee Scrubs. I am a fan of the brand and what they stand for. This can be used for protecting and healing skin (needed this last week when I burned mine using an alcohol based toner), it can also be used to remove makeup. I love multi purpose products, and just the smell of this has pushed it into my top 10 go to products!

Urban Veda Purifying Body Lotion

This is literally a spa scent in a bottle. You know when you go to a posh place, and the smell that emerges as you walk through, this is exactly the same. I like receiving the odd mini product, as they are just great for travel. Also when you do use them up, save the bottles for popping Shampoo & Conditioner in for when you take the kids Swimming! I covered myself in this post shower, and could smell it on my bed sheets in the morning.

Phase Zero ‘Romance’ Coconut Eyeshadow

If you watched my live, I was amazed by this product. It is coconut water that contains pigment! Everyone needs some of these, when dry it does not budge at all. I couldn’t believe that it washes off so simply too. This is much kinder on the eyelids than powder eyeshadow. The shimmer is subtle but a shiny metallic finish. The colour is perfect for me, at 35 I feel I am a bit past the bold eye stage. I would love more of these, great re purchase price too!

Medusa’s Makeup XOXO Perfume Oil

This is my favourite item from this months box. I love oil based perfume as it will last the day under any conditions. It is also really nourishing on the skin. The scent is fresh, but punchy. I would buy this, and when this runs out I think I will again. Not the velvet bag though! Just kidding, it is very luxurious. I just cannot touch velvet. I love the branding of it, and I already have a few things by this brand. They are very bright and modern with their packaging, and I am a fan.

My Verdict?

If you do not know by now, this box is my favourite. Every post on the group that pops up asking for a recommendation, I will comment The Cruelty Free Beauty Box.

The lady who owns it, Chloe, is just so passionate about making Cruelty Free Beauty affordable to all. By creating these boxes every month at a fraction of the retail price to me is just admirable. I can imagine how much love goes into every box. Let’s support one small business, and not the fat cats, … remember, Guilt Free!

Mel x

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