Studifuel Review by Chloe – February 2019

As some of you may already know I am currently studying at College and Studifuel were kind enough to send me one of their boxes to review! Studifuel is designed to help students have a healthy lifestyle whilst trying to keep up with deadlines, late nights studying and tight budgets. I will admit it is hard to balance social commitments, revision and eating healthy. It is easier to turn to unhealthy snacking and fast food due to convenience; I am excited to see if this box will help me change that.

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So what does the box include?

Essential vitamins including Vitamin C for supporting the immune system, Vitamin B12 to combat tiredness and fatigue, Omega 369 for brain function and heart health and more.

Healthy snacks to provide a healthier and tastier alternative to unhealthy snacks which are high in sugar and fat. Studifuel only select high-quality products for their boxes so expect to see brands like Nakd, Green and Blacks, Trek and 9nine in your box.

Refreshing herbal teas offering an alternative to conventional drinks high in caffeine or sugar in order to detox the system as well as aid relaxation.

Dried Fruits. You’ll also get a selection of Dried Fruits including Cranberries & Apricots.

As well as their subscription boxes, they provide free online access to our vast range of carefully selected healthy, delicious recipes that are easy to make and tailored to a student budget. Here is the link to the recipes.

Subscription options:

Studifuel Essential box includes:

8 delicious, healthy snacks including organic chocolate, vegetable crisps, oat bars & dried fruits. An essential vitamin of your choice between Magnesium, Vitamin C, B12 & Omega 369. Includes a selection of detoxing herbal teas

The essential box is only £9.95 + FREE Postage!

Studifuel Premium box includes:

15 premium, healthy snacks including organic chocolate, vegetable crisps, oat bars & dried fruits. Choose 2 vitamins of your choice between Magnesium, Vitamin C, Omega 369 & Vitamin B12. A larger selection of detoxing herbal teas.

The Premium box is only £16.95 + FREE Postage!

So, what did I receive?

  • Vitamin C tablets x 15 – RRP unknown
  • Green & Blacks milk choclate with crunchy toffee pieces 35g – £0.89
  • Dried cranberries – £1-3
  • Sesame snaps 30g – £0.18
  • Smooze! Coconut and mango flavour 65ml – £0.54
  • Fruitina apple and strawberry dried fruit 15g – £0.49
  • Ma baker giant flapjack 90g – £0.85
  • Nakd. Ginger bread bar 35g – £0.75
  • Pukka tea bags x 5  – Elderberry & Echinacea, Detox, Lemon ginger & Manuka honey, Three mint and night time – £1
  • Eat real veggie straws 22g – £0.49
  • Clean eating cook book – extra freebie with your first box

Most of these items are only available in multipack sizes so this box is an alternative way of trying different brands and snacks at a cheaper rate than buying lots of multipacks.

What I thought of the contents?

There is a real variety of snacks in this box. I started off by trying the Ma Baker giant flapjack, this chewy bar is filled with oaty goodness, a great healthy snack!

I tried the night time tea bag by Pukka as I was intrigued to see if it would help me wind down in the evening. I love the smell of lavender so fund the scent soothing as I drank my tea; it is caffeine free and a mix of calming herbs. It did help me to relax and I will definitely be buying more of these.

Whilst enjoying my night time tea I munched on the Green and Blacks butterscotch bar, it was divine. The chocolate melted in my mouth and the crunchy toffee pieces added that extra sweetness. You can’t go wrong with a cuppa and good choccy bar!

Honestly, I am a bit hesitant to try the Vitamin C tablets included in Studifuel as they have no labelling or branding on the pot. My thoughts are that adequate packaging should be made so the consumer knows the ingredients and contents meaning they can try the tablets with no worries. Therefore I will be giving these a miss which is unfortunate as I was looking forward to seeing if these tablets made a difference to my lifestyle as a student.

My favourite item from this month’s box was the Eat real veggie straws. I am a sucker for crisps as they are easy for on the go and are quite filling. These were a mix of kale, tomato and spinach. Surprisingly tasting these crisps went down a treat and I will be looking for similar items in my local supermarket.

Recently the weather has been improving so on my day off college I sat out on my balcony enjoying the warm sun with the Smooze coconut and mango lolly. With only 66 calories and freshly pressed coconut milk I indulged this lolly with no guilt. It was a great mix of fruity and sweet, really refreshing.


I kept the resealable bag of dried cranberries in my handbag to munch on whenever I am feeling peckish, these are a healthy alternative to chocolate and sweets but also filling.

I am yet to use the clean eating cook book that you get free with your first Studifuel box! I will more than likely use this one weekend instead of ordering a takeaway. There are many recipes in there, from starters, mains and deserts.

My final thoughts on Studifuel

I think Studifuel is a well put together box, time and effort has been put into finding ethically sourced products. They all contain simple and healthy ingredients, a great alternative to conventional snacks which are high in fat and sugar. The idea of healthy eating can be off putting because it is easier to eat fast food and it tastes so good! However this box has shown me that not all healthy foods are a chore and I actually ended up preferring some of the items to snacks I would normally opt for. With the great variety in Studifuel you can try many different items each month opening up your mind to new foods which may be beneficial to your lifestyle. I would recommend this box to anyone who finds it hard to keep on top of eating habits, you don’t have to be a student! Maybe you have a busy lifestyle or a hectic job? Then this box will help you to stay on top of your daily nutrients.

I hope you all enjoyed my review of February’s Studifuel box and that it has been helpful.

Thank you,

Chloe x

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