Rainy Day Box Review by Hayley & Robyn – January 2019

Firstly, Robyn and I would love to say THANKYOU to the lovely Jayne over at Rainy Day Box for sending us this super fun box to open! If you missed us live, you can watch it back here!

The Rainy Day Box is a box designed to captivate kids no matter what the weather and get them involved in some good old-fashioned crafting fun!

The box comes with kits and project for all ages to enjoy (yes, even me!), full of craft supplies and things to make and do! Perfect for my fidget fingers Robyn, who is 7! She loves to mess and paint and cut and stick and design, so getting her mitts on this one was something she was looking forward to.

The box came by Royal Mail and is compact enough to fit through the letterbox, so you don’t even have to be at home when it arrives!

Did you miss our Live unboxing? You can watch back below on our YouTube Channel…

What was in the box?

The kits come in individually labelled paper bags that are eco-friendly! This month, we could make;

A Winter Bobble Hat

Half a paper plate, a cotton wool ball, a blue strip of card for the rim and some pretty snowflake decoupage pieces makes this delightful winter bobble hat! Almost looks real enough to wear!

A Pom Pom Ice Cream

Lovely brown and white wool that looks exactly like chocolate ice cream (Robyn’s favourite-how did you guys know?!) to make a fluffy pom-pom, that sits on top of a card ice cream cone; perfect for a summer’s day?!

A Seasons Calendar

A bright green piece of  card makes the perfect background for this DIY calendar, something I look forward to my children making for me every year, and keep them too in my memory box. Lovely tissue paper to make the leaves for all the 4 seasons. I adore this and can’t wait to find 5 spare minutes to help the kids make it.

Eco Recycling Project

Each month, the guys include a project that involves recycling something in the home that would otherwise be thrown away. This time its a chance to make some lovely spring daffodils! Grab an old egg box, mix the paint, glue on the pipe cleaners and hey presto! A bunch of pretty daffodils! My favourite flower! Can’t wait to make these, and the added bonus; they don’t die! Something I can definitely keep.

Other boxes

Rainy Day Box club also send out bigger boxes; the Build a Big Box Club Sub box contains 5 larger premium crafting items or games or choose from a whole host of activities from the options available online for just £11.99 as well as one-off boxes for £10.99!

The Letterbox Club Sub Box is just an incredibly low £7.45 per month if you subscribe for 6 months, and an amazing price of just £6.95 per months on a 12 month subscription! Amazing value in my opinion!

In conclusion…

Robyn and I think the Rainy Day Box Club is a fantastic box for little (and big) crafters, 4 well put together, well thought out kits, in keeping with a theme. And the eco-friendliness of it all for me is a big bonus, no piles of plastic all over the house! Absolutely a box I would subscribe to in a heartbeat!

We’re off to make the calendar now guys, so thanks for taking the time to read!

All our love,

Hayley and Robyn x

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