Cosy Candles Review by Chloe – January 2019

I will start by admitting that I am a candle/wax melt addict so I am excited to be reviewing for Cosy Candles again. This box is perfect for people like me, who love to try new wax melt fragrances. After reviewing multiple boxes for them I can confirm their website is very easy to use and their social media pages always keep you up to date with any new deals and discounts! Why not give them a like or follow to see sneak peaks? All the wax melts are made from soy and handmade so every effort goes into putting the boxes together for you all to enjoy and indulge.

If you missed my live unboxing you can check it out here on our YouTube Channel:

The box arrived via royal mail 48 hour, the new packaging means it is no longer letterbox sized but a small parcel instead. The melts are in a cardboard box that can be recycled and opens up to display the classic yellow tissue paper and pink sticker with the Cosy Candles logo on. Inside these are this month’s contents card which has a brief description of this month’s scents and a list of the scents included. There is also a handy leaflet on how to use your cosy pods. Inside the tissue paper are 4 different wax melts, I like this as it provides variety every month and you are likely to find new fragrances to fall in love with.


  • Contents card
  • Using your cosy pods instruction card
  • Blackberry & Bay wax melt
  • Sage & Sea Salt wax melt
  • Peppercorn & Raspberry wax melt
  • Wild Bluebell wax melt

These melts are all 110 grams in size which are HUGE, bigger than the palm of my hand! Cosy Candles have had a revamp so now you receive 4 110g melts instead of the 6 80 gram ones. You are still getting a good variety of fragrances all from different scent types.


Each 110g melt retails at £5.00 making the box total to £20.00! To buy this box it would cost you £10.50 including delivery with our exclusive discount code ‘30OFF’! Saving you £8.50 than if you were to buy them individually. This is the price for the standard cosy pod subscription box which is the one I received. This gives you approximately 480 hours of fragrance! It includes 4 handcrafted, surprise scents. However there are other options too if this doesn’t tickle your fancy.

As well as the standard subscription box in which the scents are picked randomly each month they also offer a customised boxes! These are priced at £17.00 and you can choose 4 fragrances from the drop down list.  

How it works:

Your subscription will automatically renew each month on the date you sign up. You can expect to receive your box within 5-7 days of payment. Delivery is free and you can cancel your subscription at any time (no sooner than 7 days before your renewal date) so there’s no commitment needed. This is great as I know some months can be financially tough so this gives you the option to stop and start your subscription whenever you like. My experience with their customer service team has been brilliant so I am confident that if you have any queries the cosy candle team will be more than happy to help.

Time to see what my thoughts are on the scents:

Blackberry and Bay – Comparable to the famous Jo Malone fragrance this scent is deep and vibrant. The blackberry is sharp but mixed with the freshness of bay it almost turns woody.

Sage and Seal Salt – Again, another dupe for the expensive Jo Malone fragrance. This smells almost exactly the same to me. This is my favourite scent from this month’s box, it is so fresh it sends you day dreaming of standing on a sandy beach with the wind blowing through your hair. I love scents that can take you back to old memories and for a moment escape the present.

Peppercorn and Raspberry – This is a mixture of fruit and spice. It makes me imagine warm raspberries being melted with peppercorn. The fruitiness makes it sweet but the peppercorn evens this out so it is not too overpowering.

Wild Bluebell – The best way to describe this is a dewy morning with bluebells blooming. The bluebell is sweet but also refreshing, with notes of crisp green leaves, jasmine and bluebell.

Final thoughts:

Overall I think this box is convenient and amazing value for money with some great smelling wax melts. Considering the sizes of the wax melts and the 480 hours of fragrance you get I cannot fault them. The wax melts themselves are strong, but not overpowering, easy to use and cut into smaller pieces; they can be mixed together or used alone and come in reusable packaging. The fact that they are handmade highly scented, and soy wax melt means it is a great business to buy from. Cosy candles are continuously bringing out new fragrances which are exciting and I always look forward to the next month full of goodies. So what are you waiting for?! Go check out their website whilst there’s a discount code and order for yourself as a treat, or gift someone you love with a great subscription box, Christmas is only around the corner!

Chloe x

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