Clouder (Vaping Box) Review by Hayley – January 2019


Firstly, let me start by saying a massive thank you to all the guys at Clouder for sending this fab new box for me to review! I am a vaper and our family has a small e-cig shop in Manchester, where I used to work, so know my onions when it comes to all things e-liquid!

If you missed me opening this amazing value box, you can watch back below.

Clouder Club is a novel and time-saving subscription of high-quality e-cigarette liquid, sourced from the US, UK and Malaysia; the countries where the most premium juices are made, delivered to your door after selecting your desired strength, PG/VG mix and your choice of flavours, from flavour groups, of which you choose 5.

All of the E-liquids available are TPD compliant; the new European regulation which ensures the quality of liquids are consistent, and adhere to all relevant safety protocols with regards to labelling, safety features of containers, nicotine content, size of e-liquid bottle, regulation of tank size.

The maximum quantity allowed in a single bottle, containing nicotine (max nicotine content is 20mg) is 10ml, so all bottles offered are 10ml that contain nicotine.

10ml of e-liquid is roughly equivalent to 100 cigarettes.

Subscriptions are fully flexible and can be paused or cancelled at any time, as well as your chosen strength and flavour choices, and the amount of PG and VG you prefer your e liquids to have- i.e the amount of cloud you get.

The box was delivered by Royal Mail Signed For delivery.

Whats in the box?

First of all, thank you for the Haribo, lollipop and refresher bar, I really enjoyed those!

Vapourcore-Nice Ice, Tom and Cherry, Yum Yum, Gold Tobacco, Menthol Breeze- all 3mg

These are a brand I have come across in the past. I must say I really enjoyed the Yum Yum flavour and this is my favourite of the 5 from this brand, beautifully sweet and creamy and no nasty aftertaste, the Menthol Breeze, Nice Ice and Tom and Cherry are all fabulous liquids with a nice throat hit and vapour cloud. I haven’t tried the Gold Tobacco, as I am not the biggest fan of Tobacco flavours.

Vapourlites HiVG Very Cherry- 3mg, 70% VG

Wow I managed some HUGE clouds with this e liquid, and the flavour is amazing too, a lovely intense cherry flavour with no sickly aftertaste. This is a much thicker e liquid than what I am used to but really enjoyed it.

Red Vape Reserva, 3mg Caramel Tobacco

Not something I would usually opt for as an e liquid flavour, but I thought I would try this. Appealing looking packaging hides a very high quality, smooth cloudy e liquid with a sweet subtle flavour of caramel, couldn’t even tell it was a tobacco flavour. I’ve saved this one for a rainy day…

Double Drip Coil Sauce Raspberry Sherbet, Lemon Sherbet 3mg

Oooo lalaaa! These are beautifully sour e liquids, just what I love! Super thick at 80%VG, these are more suited to a direct coil drip system rather than a tank which I use, but still completely usable in my set-up. Love love love these!!

Atomic Boom! Wick Fuel… Purple Rain, Carrot Cake Blast and Custard Doughnut, 3mg

I have tried a couple from this brand before but not these flavours- I do like to be adventurous! Out of the 3 flavours I think I love Purple Rain the best, anything fruity with me is always a winner. The Carrot Cake Blast is very moreish but it did get a little sickly after a while, as did the Custard Doughnut with Raspberry Jam but they are firmly in my box of liquids for another day.

So how much does it cost?

There are 3 sizes of sub boxes available, all incredible value. Add £2.99 for tracked posting and packaging..

For 120ml of E liquid- £14.99 per month, making each 10ml bottle just £1.25

For 240ml of E liquid- £26.99 per month, making each 10ml bottle £1.12

For 360ml of E liquid- £36.99 per month, making each bottle a minuscule £1.02!!!

In conclusion…

We’ve all been there. 9pm at night and the children are in bed asleep, no way of getting to a shop to pick up another bottle of e-liquid, because you have run out and life sometimes means you don’t always remember! This is where I believe Clouder Club is perfect for someone like me, who constantly forgets to pick up a fresh bottle. A supply posted right through your door!

The quality of the liquids is second to none, truly flavourful, smooth e-liquids from premium brands. An excellent concept and subscription box! And outstanding value too, at just £1.02 a bottle, there’s literally nowhere cheaper for that kind of quality.

Here’s a link to their social media pages!

Website Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

Hope you have enjoyed reading guys, all my love until next time,

Hayley x

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