108Box Review January 2019 By Gemma

First of all, I would just like to say a huge thank you to Eva from 108 Box for sending me this amazing box to review. 108 Box is a monthly themed yoga and wellness experience in a box, for the mind, body and soul.

Each box contains quality items, with a retail price always above the price you pay (which we will talk about later), such as Yoga Equipment, Holistic Products, Jewellery, Healthy Snacks and Drinks and Bath/Body Products.

As a Psychologist and Yoga instructor, this box is right up my street-health and wellness focused and designed to help you relax and recharge.

If you missed my live unboxing on our facebook page, you can catch it here on our youtube channel (and like and subscribe too!):

The box came via courier, and was not letterbox size, so you will need to be in to receive it (unless you have a safe place for them to leave it!).

I love the logo on the box, depicting a woman sitting cross legged and meditating. It fits the theme of the brand! This theme is continued throughout, and when I opened the box, I was met with:

I loved the little leaflets that came with the box with information about some of the brands included, as well as the cute little personalised notes and the product card, with the theme labelled as ‘Practice the Pause’. Also-how cool is the holographic tissue the products are covered with? I am definitely reusing this!

So, onto the products inside then, I know that’s what you are all waiting for!

The first item was something I have heard of but never tried, so I was really excited. It was some Shower Steamers by Ascent Handmade (RRP £3.50). There were 3 in this box, all individually wrapped in different coloured foil. They smell amazing, and they all have different purposes; Breathe Easy, Sleepy Head and Aide Memoir. They are formulated using pure essential oils to create a spa like experience for your shower. I live in a flat and do not have a bath in it, so I am so happy to have these, as I am always so jealous of all the gorgeous bath bombs I see on the group. Now I can join in with these Shower Steamers!

The second product is something I will definitely get use out of- Magnesium Flakes Foot Soak by Better You (RRP £3.49). Magnesium flakes are the active ingredient in Epsom Salts, which are known for their tension relieving benefits. I exercise a lot and these will be a god send to soak my feet in after a run or cycle session! They are ideal for replenishing the body, promoting overall wellbeing, aiding skin health and relaxing muscles, leaving them free of tension and stiffness.

The third product is interesting- CBD Flavoured Coffee from The Little Hemp Shop (RRP £1.75). I don’t drink coffee myself, so this will be gifted to my lovely fellow admin Hayley, however I think it is a perfect inclusion in this box! It comes in a test tube, which is really cute and different, and is said to help with things such as Pain Relief and Sleep Quality. This is Chocolate Mint flavour too, and should provide a few cups worth! I know CBD products are gaining a lot of popularity right now, so it is fitting that this is included in a box like this!

The fourth product got me very excited- the Cool Leaf Two Step Mask by A By Bom (RRP £6.00). I LOVE facemasks, especially sheet masks, and I cannot wait to try this out! The first step is some patches containing Lemon Balm, Mint Leaf and Apple Mint extracts to provide intensive care and a firming and lifting effect to the skin. The second step is the sheet mask with Lime, Basil, Cactus and Lemon Balm to hydrate skin and restore your zen! The packaging, as with all Korean Masks, is utterly adorable too!

The fifth product is another that I will definitely use, and also something I have never tried before- Earl Grey Tea Chocolate by COCO Chocolatier (RRP £4.50). I love chocolate, and I also like tea, but have never thought of the two together! It is dark chocolate from Colombia, with citrus notes to give you an energy boost. It definitely made for an interesting flavour combination and I didn’t know if I would like it or not, but it is divine. The flavours work so well together! I will be sourcing more of this!

The sixth item was also by Better You (see magnesium flakes above)- the Boost B12 Oral Spray (RRP £11.95). Vitamin B12 is very important to our bodies as it helps contribute to normal, healthy red blood cells, reducing fatigue and normal homocysteine metabolism. This spray is stimulant free and contains green tea and chromium to provide B12 and an energy boost by being sprayed directly into the mouth. Definitely an interesting concept, and this has gone straight into my work bag to see if it can give me a much needed boost between therapy clients!

The seventh and final item may be my favourite in the whole box (although it is very close!). It is The Moon Lunar Cycle Diary by Nikki Strange (RRP £14.00). I have heard of Nikki Strange products before but this is the first one I have owned. This diary is stunning, with the moon phases on the front cover and all through the diary so you can connect with the natural cycles of the moon, sun and seasons. I have always been quite a spiritual person and have always been fascinated by the moon and space, so this is perfect for me! Plus, I live my life by my diary so it will absolutely be put to good use!

So, that is all the products! Absolutely love everything, and even the CBD coffee will get used, even though I won’t use it myself!

The prices:

108 Box costs £22.95 on a month by month basis, however there are also 3 month (£57.35), 6 month (£114.75) and 12 month (£229.50) options too. Shipping within the UK is free and International Shipping is an extra £9.80.

108 Box ships on or before the 8th of the month, so if you order now, your first box will be February’s.

So based on the above prices, this months box value is £45.19, meaning you save a staggering £22.24!

My verdict:

We are all busy these days, and sometimes we forget to take time out to nurture and care for ourselves. This box reminds you to just pause and take some time for you, by using all the products in the box. I love this idea, as I am always reminding clients to practice self-care! This box focuses on yoga, wellness and holistic items that will restore your zen and bring a bit of calm and peace to your busy mind! I would absolutely subscribe!

If this sounds like a box for you, or if you need a bit of self love, then here are the links you need:

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Thank you so much for reading,


Gemma xx


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