MaskTime Glow Starter VS Glow Setter Review – December 2019 – By Sam For BoXession

Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to Estee from Mask Time for sending me one of my favourite boxes to review.

I am a huge sheet mask and K beauty fan, OK I’m a self-confessed mask hoarder and should probably attend sheet masks anonymous! I love the variety and ease of them, they have really helped me to up my skincare game so when I was first asked to review masktime I jumped at the chance and in 13 months I have always been excited to receive that pink package and never disjointed by it. I’m thrilled that Estee a busy mum took the time to create such a fabulous subscription and I have loved watching it grow. Masktime has very fast become thee subscription box to get, sweeping the beauty market like a storm.

Korean skincare is a cut above the rest, unfortunately, these masks are hard to come by in the UK and highly inflated for example the Ponybrown Plus Skin Hue Aquaring Face Mask has an RRP £3 but is £4.50 on Fabled. Then there is the issue of when you find a mask some of them are not entirely clear about what the mask specialists in or even how to use it sometimes due to being written all in Korean. Mask time eliminates that confusion coming perfectly tailored to the season, at pocket money prices bringing the latest and greatest most innovative Korean skincare to your doorstep every month.

The Glow Starter Box

This option is perfect for newbies or those on a budget allowing you to experience and become addicted to the (possibly) worlds greatest skincare trend. Packed with 4-5 Masks or K Beauty treats and always packaged with pretty tissue paper sealed with the masktime logo complete with a handy instruction card inside and a monthly theme card.

Inside Decembers Edition I Found…

Ponybrown Plus Skin Hue Aquaring Face Mask  – RRP £3.00

Fibre facial mask designed to boost skin structure and provide an even skin tone. This BIO-HA Active Ingredient and Hyaluronic acid based face mask naturally moisturise your skin using innovative ingredients to lubricate the skin tissue and act as a protective barrier, providing an even skin tone. The mask creates a shield preventing the formulation from evaporating for optimum absorption.

DCKR Collagen Colour Changing Magic Mask – RRP £4.00

This super cool mask and by far my favourite this month is loaded with Collagen to firm the skin, Niacinamide to brighten and Liquorice and Centella Asiatica extract to help heal any irritation in a non-sticky formula. Not only that its totally Instagram worthy thanks to the unique colour changing technology when you first take the mask out its blue but as soon as you apply to the face it will turn purple, you can check out me testing it on our Instagram page.

Banobagi Vita Genic Relaxing Jelly Mask – RRP £3.50

I have had a few diffrent maks from Banobagi and loved every one of them! This one contains Liposome Jelly that’s been specially formulated to deliver micro-nutrients into the skin for the fullest product absorption. This highly concentrated essence features a high dose of Vitamin C, along with Aloe Vera from Jeju Island, and Vitamin B to calm, heal and sensitive and dry skin. It’s also free from a long list of ‘nasties’ such as silicones, parabens, mineral oils, alcohol and sulfates.

Eunyl Natural Moisture Mask Pack in Aloe – RRP £3.00

The last skincare saviour this month is a super silky sheet mask from Eunyl made from cotton and Infused with Aloe Vera, it’s perfect for soothing sensitive & irritated skin. It also helps to add essential hydration to dry skin types too and with 22ml of serum, there is plenty left over to give some other areas a bit of TLC.

This box had 4 super cool masks in, if you order the box using discount code SAM15 it makes each item just £2.11 each an amazing bargain, I don’t think I know of anywhere else you can get this sort of quality at pocket money prices!

The total RRP of the box was £13.50 saving you over £5.00 when you use the discount code SAM15.

The Glow Setter

This is the premium version and every month it comes packed full with 8-10 super cool masks and K beauty products. The box costs £24.99 or £21.24 if you use our exclusive discount code SAM15. This box is great for people like me who love to get in some serious mask time. It always comes packaged with pretty tissue paper sealed with the masktime logo complete with a handy instruction card inside and a monthly theme card.

Inside Decembers Edition I Found….

Tony Moly Intense Care Gold 24K Snail Hydro Gel Mask- RRP £5.00

Don’t be put off by the snail essence its one of the biggest, most effective trends of 2018 and leaves your skin truly amazing. This luxe combination of real 24K Gold, Snail essence and Ginseng extract gives the skin the best royal treatment with its intensely hydrating properties that will bring vitality and resilience to your complexion. The hydrogel type mask adheres to the skin perfectly for better absorption too which helps to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Eunyl Natural Moisture Mask Pack in Honey – RRP £3.00

Enriched with Honey, this sheet mask from Eunyl is packed full of nutrients such as Amino Acids, Vitamins and Minerals to keep your skin smooth and soft. It’s a really good one to try if your complexion is looking dull or feeling dehydrated as it gives it a great glowing boost.

Banobagi Vita Cocktail Age Foil Mask – RRP £3.50

Remember I said in the glow starter review above I love Banobagi masks? These masks are the reason why, after falling in love with a blue one in a previous months box I have been a loyal repurchaser in all colours. This gold 2 part mask contains a cocktail full of beneficial vitamins such as Magnesium (reduces excess sebum and oil), Calcium (anti-oxidant), Vitamin C (brightening) and Hydrolysed Collagen (anti-ageing). The foil works with your body temperature for maximum absorption to ensure the best results every time, you can really feel the warmth under the mask so you know its working overtime to give you baby soft skin. The two-part mask also allows for more movement in your face super handy for when your little girl asks you mid mask why you look like a gold power ranger ha-ah.

About Me Green Tea Essential Mask – RRP £3.50

Made from environmentally friendly 100% pure cotton meaning it’s super soft and degradable, this sheet mask is infused with Green Tea to help banish fine lines and wrinkles, which also helps to protect the skin against the sun’s harmful ageing rays. There’s also Avocado extracts, Vitamin E and Olive extracts to give the skin a big boost of essential moisture making it a guilt-free wonder.

Beauty Kei Fermentation Essence Luxury 2 Step Mask – RRP £3.50

Sadly I have not been able to test out this mask yet as I am currently unable to use sheet masks for a week ( I know I honestly don’t know how I am surviving) So this mask from Beauty Kei will be my Savior after my week break, I hope. It sounds promising though and is said to use 20 years of Korean technological know-how to create a really unique and innovative skincare treatment. Filled with intense moisture, this mask is suitable for all skin types and helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, deeply nourish the skin and also eradicate blemishes.

Merbliss Wedding Dress Aloe Soothing Clear Seal Mask – RRP £4.00

Another brand I discovered through Masktime and utterly adore, this version is brilliant. If you have sun damaged skin, this is the mask for you! It instantly soothes and deeply moisturises, bringing immediate relief to dry or sore skin. The cooling effect feels wonderful when you’re using it and it’s brilliant for reducing redness and irritation, plus it has antibacterial Honey extracts which are beneficial for healing acne-prone complexions.

Into Skin The Mud Lifting Mask – RRP £4.00

Who Doesn’t Love a good mud mask? Does such a person exist? This two-step mask features Mud and Charcoal as its key ingredients to clarify and decongest, whilst also improving the skin’s elasticity. The first step is a Lifting Eye Cream and then the second is the mask itself, for a complete skincare treatment that is sure to replenish your mind, body and soul!

Royal Skin Prime Edition Anti-Wrinkle Bio-Cellulose Mask – RRP £5.00

Bio-cellulose is and always has been my favourite kind of sheet masks ( you may have heard me get a little too excited everytime I find one in my live) because they contour perfectly around your face acting like a second supercooling, refreshing, skin. This one is fermented Coconut Water which has an endless list of benefits, and there’s Adenosine to soothe, Collagen to plump and Seaweed extract to reduce any irritation or sensitivity making it truly a winner.

JM Solution Water Luminous Avocado Nourishing In Oil Mask – RRP £4.00

This super thin mask deeply moisturizes and calm skin with its unique formulation. The mixture of avocado essence and avocado oil holds moisture in the skin, improves skin elasticity, and strengthens the skin barrier. Avocado oil is rich in fatty acids and is excellent for moisturizing the skin. In addition to vitamin E, avocado oil contains potassium, lecithin, and many other nutrients that can nourish and moisturize the skin. All delivered in a super cool package, that may remind me of the salt n shake craze from my childhood a little too much haha.

Mediheal Miclan Honey Nutrient Enriched Mask – RRP £3.00

Made from a soft Lyocell sheet which perfectly adheres and stretches over the skin, this mask is infused with Miclan Honey which provides intensive nourishment to the skin thanks to a unique complex of Honey, Propolis and Hyaluronic Acid. Great for anti-ageing and blemish prone skin will definitely benefit from the antibacterial properties.

About Me Skin Tone Up Peeling Pad – RRP £2.00

I was super excited when I saw this month’s bonus skincare freebie was a Peeling Pad from About Me. I love the brand and have tried a few of the masks so was excited to see what this did. This is for anyone who is feeling their skin get drier from the colder weather. The double-sided pad gently exfoliates to reveal clearer and brighter skin in just one use! I love these type of things as I follow the 10- step skincare system and regular exfoliators can be a bit too harsh to use daily, things like this keep my skin looking it’s best on the in-between days and are super quick and easy to use total must when you have little ones to get ready in the morning.

This box had 11 items in, if you order the box using discount code SAM15 it makes each item just £1.93 each an absolute bargain for such a wide selection of masks.

The total RRP of the box was £40.50 saving you over £19.00 when you use the discount code SAM15.

This month masktime also have a January sale on with 30% off and even better you can code stack using the code SAM15 (when you spend £10) making the glow starter box under £6 and the luxury glow setter under £15 an absolute steal Hurry though as this offer won’t last long!!!!!!

Is The Box Worth It?

Are you sheeting me 100% YES!

How do I get it?

  • Glow starter Monthly rolling £9.95 you can also use code: SAM15 making it just £8.46, with free UK shipping.
  • Glow setter Monthly rolling £24.99 or £21.24 if you use code: SAM15 with free UK shipping!
  • You can also gift either of the above options.
  • You can now also order the new skin S.O.S box as well for £15 each one is tailored to your skin type so you know you are giving your body exactly what it needs. You can check out the review of these here on the BoXession blog.
  • You can also get a range of one-off boxes and limited edition boxes ranging in price, so if you missed one you loved the look of you can purchase it if there is any left, hurry though they sell out fast!

Last day to order for that month is the last day of the month ironically and boxes ship out on the 2nd, So if you order in August you will get the August box shipped out on the 2nd of September. Subscriptions are easy to cancel and have no hidden Fees, making it a great gift or the perfect pampering treat for you.

Shipping to U.K is free for subscriptions but you can now also get/gift them to

  • UK Free!
  • Europe £7.50 flat rate
  • USA & Canada £12.50 flat rate
  • Asia £12.50 flat rate

Making it the perfect present!

The subscription and box options are constantly growing. Honestly, this box is one to get! It even offers its own loyalty points program!! Yes, girls points make prizes!!

You can also buy some really awesome masks from brands such as Tony Moly, Etude House as well as the super cool colour changing mask that was featured in this review from the online shop and have them sent out with your subscription to avoid any extra postage fees!

The website is well laid out, cute and easy to navigate! It’s also well worth checking out the blog section on there as well it gives you hints and tips in a masking 101.

You can check it out and grab yours before they all sell out here:

You can also find them on 
Facebook   Instagram

Yet again a huge thank you to Estee for letting me review this amazing collaboration and an even bigger thank you to you for reading!



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