Pink Sugar Plum Review by Hayley – December 2018

Hi guys, wonderful to be back reviewing Pink Sugar Plum’s Pamper Box again, a massive thank you to the lovely Haley over at for sending me another one of her amazing pamper boxes to enjoy.

Pink Sugar Plums Pamper Box is a monthly subscription box filled to the brim with luxurious bath and shower products, and since my last review, Haley has made to amazing changes to the format of the box. Each box now contains at least 5 full-sized bath and body products, a scented candle, a herbal tea and a sweet treat!

If you missed my live unboxing on our Facebook group, you can catch it here on our YouTube Channel:

Also included in the box is a fantastic idea of a scratchcard, where anything from free items, discount, free delivery and more from their extensive range of items on the Pink Sugar Plum website where you are able to buy all the products found in boxes and even more! As well as past boxes, and the amazing value lucky dip box at just £12.95 plus post and packaging.

The Cost

Each Pink Sugar Plum box costs £19.99 on a monthly rolling basis. Packages are available thus and currently have up to 15% off the price of a 12 month subscription.

And the code BOX20 on all new monthly subscriptions, gets you an incredible 20% off your first box!

  • 3 months subscription with discount of 5%- was £71.82, now £68.22
  • 6 months subscription with discount of 10%- was £143.64, now £129.27
  • 12 months subscription with discount of 15%- was £287.28, now £244.18

The Contents

SWEET TREAT HERBAL TEA SCRATCHCARD- value £1 for Malteser and £3.95 free delivery win

An old favorite of mine, the Malteser Reindeer went down perfectly with my delicious cup of sleepy tea by the English Tea Shop, lovely flavour and I soon drifted off to sleep! The scratchcard game I think is fabulous, and I revealed that I had won free delivery on my next purchase from the online shop, something I intend to take full advantage of in the new year and in need of a pamper.

Oh Christmas Tree Bath Bomb and Christmas Tree Bath melt – RRP’s £2.50 and £3

This duo of super cute Christmas trees smell wonderful! The Christmas tree bath melt (dark green) smells of a fresh pine forest in the winter and is decorated with super cute candy canes. Not used this one yet but really looking forward to it!

The base of the tree of the Christmas Tree bath bomb (pale green) fizzed away around Robyn’s bath whilst the top of the tree floated round the bath before finally dissolving, and in my favourite citrus scents too, I was jealous she claimed this one!

The Soap Shop Jack Frost Shower Gel – RRP £4.95

This is the first item I tried straight after the unboxing, I am already a massive fan of The Soap Shops products, so spotting this in the box made my day! A refreshing shower gel, scented with spearmint and peppermint, my skin felt really clean and fresh after my shower. I will use this sparingly, my new favourite!

Sparkle the Unicorn Double Bubble Bath Bomb – RRP £3.95

This is a beautifully sparkly bath bomb which spewed all kinds of pretty colours into the bath when I put it in, reds pinks and purples and a gorgeous whipped soap on the top on the top leaving me feeling scrubbed clean and smelling of delicious berries! Ace bath bomb!

Christmas Pudding Bathbomb – RRP £2.95

Cocoa butter scented and luxurious looking, can’t wait to use this one in the bath, it’s huge as well, plenty of scent and bubbles!

Cinnamon Swirl Bath Bomb – RRP £3.25

Want. To. Eat. It.

Currently sat on my bed opposite the bathroom listening the water run while I type this and I have put this bath bomb in. The smell of cinnamon can be smelt downstairs, it’s that deliciously strong. Plenty of bubbles too. I can’t wait to get in it.

The Country Candle Company – RRP £8.99

This huge candle burns for 30 hours and is scented with citrus fruits and rich cinnamon, a truly Christmassy smell. I’ve had this candle burning for a few nights now in my lounge and the scent lingers for ages and i’m still not halfway down! Cheerful Christmas packaging too could brighten any room.

In conclusion….

Taking into consideration the total box value including the free delivery prize is a whopping £34.54 I think, in my opinion, Pink Sugar Plum is one of the best pamper boxes out there, both on quality wise and value too.

The products in this box are truly luxury, yet cruelty free and UK made, and the theme of each box is certainly clear.

I can’t wait to use the bath bombs I have not had a chance to use yet, each one I have used so far has been amazing!!

Check out Pink Sugar Plum’s Social Media Channels here…

Website Facebook Twitter Instagram

Thank you for taking the time to read! All my love as always,

Hayley xx


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