Lootaku Review by Jasmine – December 2018

I just want to start off my review by saying thank you to Alvin and the team at Lootaku for sending me these amazing boxes full of collectables.

The November 2018 theme is…

Fullmetal Alchemist

Full Metal Alchemist follows the story of two alchemist brothers who are looking for the philosopher’s stone so they can restore their bodies after a failed attempt to bring their Mum back using alchemy.

If you have previously read my Lootaku reviews you will already know how awesome Lootaku really is. For any newbies here is a little bit of information about Lootaku they are an authentic high quality Geek/Gamer/Anime Collectables Subscription Box from Asia that will make fan’s of all ages feel like a child again and in the box you will receive 4-6 high quality products with a total RRP value of around $80 (£ in pounds – converted on the of December 2018) also some of the previous box themes I have reviewed have been…

Dragon Ball Z   ドラゴンボールZ(ゼット)

One Piece Vs Naruto

My Hero Academia

Others themes I haven’t reviewed include Street Fighter, Harry Potter, Pokémon, DC Universe & Game Of Thrones. You can buy previous boxes, special boxes, premium figures & Ichiban Kuji Japanese Anime Box from their online store. The Lootaku box you received may include plushies, collectable authentic Figure Statue, wearable collectables, POP figures, key chains, pin badges, cards, stamps, cups & many more possible products.

So before I start talking about prices and make you turn green with jealousy by showing you some close up detailed photographs of what I received, watch my live unboxing on our YouTube Channel now…

Lootaku arrives in a very large cardboard box that looks like a rectangle treasure chest that always has me feeling excited like a child! I just couldn’t wait to see what I had received this month, especially with the past three months content being so outstanding I find it hard to believe they could top them. I must say though I absolutely love the box design as well as the hidden saying on the bottom “ THE ONE WHO FINDS THIS CHEST SHALL BE GRANTED TREASURES OF UNIMAGINABLE VALUE” which is absolutely true. Every box is overflowing with treasure, so I love all the small details on this box as it shows how much thought and time went into every aspect of this box from products to the wood detail on the chest/box.

If you live in the UK like myself Lootaku will be sent via E-Express that should arrive in 7- 14 days (this delivery includes tracking for your piece of mind) & costs $17.66 that converted is £13.95 (yes delivery is a bit pricy but the delivery & subscription price is definitely worth it as you get almost double that in authentic High Quality Products).

When I opened the box during my live unboxing I found that in this months edition of Lootaku they have inserted lots of Packaging Peanuts to protect the mug but unfortunately mine didn’t arrive in one piece as the handle had broken of into multiple pieces (cry).

Now let’s take a look at what I received & the RRP

  • Full metal Alchemist custom moulded Alphonse Elric *Lootaku Exclusive* worth $25 USD or £19.75 GBP
  • Illegal Alchemist Umbrella Homunculus – Seven Deadly Sins* Lootaku Exclusive * worth $15 USD or £11.85 GBP
  • Furyu Full metal Alchemist ( Roy Mustang) $35 USD or £27.65 GBP
  • Oversized Fullmetaal Alchemist ( Edward & Alphonse Elric – Gate Of Truth) Limited Edition Pin (500) Individually Numbered worth Individually Numbered worth $15 USD or £11.85 GBP

$90.00 USD or £71.10 GBP is the box content RRP.

Subscription Prices

All Subscription Box Price Plans Auto Renew. Price converted from $ USD to £ GBP on the 19th of December 2018

  • 1× Month subscription $44.99 USD / £35.54 GBP
  • Epic 3× month subscription $132.00 USD / £104.28 GBP
  • Legendary 6× month subscription $257.00 USD / £203.03 GBP

Plus E-Express tracked delivery at $17.66 USD / £13.95 GBP

The box I received would have cost me $62.65 USD / £49.49 GBP in total for the one month subscription & delivery charge but I would have still saved $27.35 USD / £21.61 GBP as the box RRP was $90.00 USD / £71.10 GBP and If you subscribe anytime from the till the you will receive box that ships out on the so if you live in the UK you will receive your box between the please allow some leeway time as it is the Christmas period so delivery may take longer.

Use the discount code for 5% off when you subscribe : DISCOUNT5

Box Content, Product Information & My thoughts

Full metal Alchemist custom moulded Alphonse Elric *Lootaku Exclusive* worth $25 USD or £19.75 GBP

Lootaku do not always do custom mugs but when they do you can be sure you will receive the most amazing high quality mug. This oversized custom moulded mug of Alphonse Erlic even features the transmutation circle that his soul is bonded to inside the large mug. This is most definitely the most unique exclusive from Lootaku so far. I absolutely love this mug as every now and then I enjoy a massive cuppa and this seems perfect for that but unfortunately my handle was broken into pieces so I will try to reattach the handle. The details on the mug is absolutely stunning.

Fullmetal Alchemist Umbrella Homunculus – Seven Deadly Sins* Lootaku Exclusive * worth $15 USD or £11.85 GBP

The unique design featuring the seven Homunculus created by father in the Full metal Alchemist series was custom printed onto the inside while the outside is plain black. I absolutely love the design especially that it’s printed on the inside.

Furyu Full metal Alchemist (Roy Mustang) $35 USD or £27.65 GBP

The Roy Mustang Character is a state alchemist of Amestris’ state military from the Full metal Alchemist series. Roy is the protagonist Edward Elric’s superior. Mustang holds the title of “ Flame Alchemist” for his ability to create fire with alchemy, and he ambitiously strives to become the next leader of Amestris. This beautifully detailed figure from Furyu really captures the moment of Roy Mustang defeating the Homunculus “Lust” which is one of the most epic scenes in the series! I love the colours/shading and all the little details but unfortunately the bottom part of Toys boot came off so I will need to reapply myself.

Oversized Fullmetaal Alchemist ( Edward & Alphonse Elric – Gate Of Truth) Limited Edition Pin (500) Individually Numbered worth Individually Numbered worth $15 USD or £11.85 GBP

This Pin is a Lootaku exclusive is a Limited Collection of 500 I received 133/500 and a massive 4” pin/badge. I love this month’s edition as it features both Edward and Alphone Elric at the gate of truth. The badge has 3 pins at the back.

My Verdict

This is my fourth Lootaku review and I still think for the price you pay, you are getting a massive bargain especially when some of the collectables that can’t be bought easily here in the UK without spending a small fortune between tax/customs and delivery. I was a little disappointed this month with the broken mug and faulty figure but thankfully both should be easily fixed and with it travelling from China we have to understand that once every now and then we may have a broken or faulty item but I do believe Lootaku will do what they can to help resolve any issues.

Thank you for taking the time to read my 4th review of the amazing Lootaku who in my opinion are the No.1 Geek/Gamer/Anime Subscription Box.

Jasmine x


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