AirSoft Operators Box Review By Sam November 2018

Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to Joe & Darren the masterminds behind Airsoft Operators box for sending us this box to review, to say my son is over the moon is an understatement!

Airsoft operators box if you haven’t guessed is a box created for those who love airsoft. Each box will always contain a bottle of Draft Club bb`s and a choice of either Tea, Coffee or Hot Chocolate from Veteran-owned companies. The rest of the box is a mystery but it’s sure to help you up your game and be the best of the best.

My son has been obsessed with airsoft since the age of 12 and begged me for an air-soft gun for the last 4 years ( Nerf a long time before that, seriously you should see his collection) Arms have always been something that has interested him and he is keen to go into the military. So being close to leaving school and a very sensible lad, I decided it was time to get him into a hobby that didn’t involve a controller, something that got him outdoors, something that would help reinforce honesty, good sportsmanship, teamwork, how to follow direction and something he was passionate about ( and something that would get the lads out from under my feet for a while ha-ha). Then I saw the Airsoft operators box it seemed the perfect solution, I myself am keen on outdoors laser quest and Paul used to have a range of airsoft guns among over things, luckily we live in an area rife with countryside and plenty of clubs and organisations along these lines allowing for plenty of father-son or mother-son time.

Unfortunately, my son is one of those teens that hates being on camera so I and Paul unboxed live I think Paul turned into a bit of a kid at the sight of all the gear and was to be wholly honest a tad bit ( a lot) jealous, you can check it out here…

What Was Inside To Aid Us On Our Missions?

Product Information Leaflet, Exclusive Discount Leaflet and Promo Card

Detailing all the gear we would receive this month, exclusive discounts for various air-soft operators suppliers and a card advertising tactical coffee.

Airsoft Operators Box – Smooth Hot Chocolate £5.99

There is a choice of 3 products you could receive each month

  • Tactical Tea – Blitz Brew
  • Tactical Coffee Company – Caffeinated Violence
  • Airsoft Operators – Smooth Hot Chocolate

Each one of these is from a veteran-owned company, we received the smooth operator hot chocolate that is made exclusively for Airsoft Operators Box by Tactical Coffee. The hot chocolate it’s described as 250g of pure chocolate awesomeness, rich creamy and guaranteed morale in a mug, which makes it perfect for these colder months.

The Draft Club – 0.25 BB’S RRP £8.99

The Draft Club Ultra-Fine Precision Expert Grade BBs are a new breed of high-quality Airsoft ammunition. Designed and manufactured to engineer specifications helps eliminate internal bubbles and other compositional defects, achieving very tight tolerances due to a 5-6 hour polishing cycle. Strict manufacturing processes combined with vigorous quality testing makes our BB one of the most uniform, balanced and spherical on the market, resulting in smooth feeds, jam elimination and ultimately improved accuracy, grouping and range. There are 4 options

  • Yellow Top – 0.20g
  • Orange Top 0.25g
  • Red Top – 0.28g
  • Green top – 0.30g

In this months box was the Orange Top 0.25 edition, The 6mm BB’S are easy to load have precision aim and do exactly what the bottle says and with 3000 rounds gives you plenty of ammo in a easy to carry casing, Not one of the BB’S was damaged as I have previously found in BB bottles from other brands, meaning we will get use from all 3000! A huge thing because no one wants to be caught short in the middle of an airsoft combat match, or just as you are about to make your escape with the flag with a dud bullet or even worse running out!

Ballistic Designs IOM – Winner Winner Patch – RRP £7.00

This cool patch is made from strong, durable PVC it’s 7.5cm and has a velcro backing making it perfect to customise your loadout with.

Molle Water Bottle Pouch – These Can Retail For Up to £29.95

This pouch is designed to carry water bottles, metal water canisters or a pack of The Draft Club BB’s, It can be used in multiple ways including via shoulder, modular webbing, or belt. The pouch features two zipped compartments and top Velcro strap for patches. It looks like a military grade one would and is an absolute essential for any airsoft enthusiast, keeping you hydrated or stocked up and looking the business.

EDC Pouch – RRP £8.99 – £14.99

This is Made of heavy-duty and durable fabric and is designed to be a belt pouch which could be used as a small waist bag, gadget pouch or utility belt pouch. It’s Ideal for storing your cell phone, keychain, GPS device, digital camera, medical supplies, small tools, or everything else readily needed making it the perfect accessory out on the battlefield. It can also be attached to a backpack making it perfect for camping or hiking as well. Iv personally owned one of these ( well a similar version) when my son was little and loved it, it was lightweight and compact, perfect for attaching to the buggy, belt or a baby carrier so I always had easy access to my essentials (hey parenting can be like a military operation at times). I can easily see the appeal of this bit of kit and how it would make life easier during airsoft. It has 2 outside slots one perfect for a phone the other perfect for a pen or a tool card or something similarly long and thin with a clip you can tighten to keep it secure, the 2 zipped compartments each have there own internal pockets meaning there is plenty of space to keep all your essentials safe whilst running around.

2 X HK Molle Clips – Approx RRP £3.00 each so £6.00

These multi-use clips easily adjust to any belt size meaning they can be used on a wide range of gear. They are sturdy and well made meaning the will stand the test of the most intense sessions and terrains. The keying attachment and the quick release of the sling clips means you can get to gear in a split second giving you the upper hand.

2 X Water Bottle Clips – Approx RRP £3.00 each so £6.00

These super easy to use sturdy clips are perfect to hold a bottle of water or they fit perfectly around a bottle of Draft Club BB’S. The clip in system keeps the bottle secure and the extra Velcro along with the popper means you will never drop your ammo or be low again.

TOTAL APPROXIMATE RRP OFF £78.92! Saving you up to £35.97 (including postage) when buying the items separately not including any extra postage costs on the items and time searching the web.

A few Words From the Lad of Few Words

The gear seems really good and useful for going out to recon ( our local airsoft club), the BB’s are awesome and of course my favourite part of testing this box. The hot chocolate is immense, the patch made me smile and is a great way to customise my gear. I would love to get this box again and would recommend it for anyone interested in or already into airsoft it’s a great hobby to have and cool as well.

A Mans Opinions ( well a Pauls ha-ha)

I really liked it, everything in the box had a use.  Apparently also a man of few words.

My View

I love it the concept is brilliant and the Airsoft operators team have executed it perfectly, The box contents are really well thought out and put together with precision, it’s a great way to build your kit up and give the subscriber the upper-hand in the form of an exciting surprise each month. Each box iv seen from Airsoft operators has an RRP that surpluses the cost of the subscription including shipping making it not only a brilliant concept, fun and exciting but also value for money, something we all love. Each item in the box was high quality and durable, the customer service was amazing, Joe knew it was for my son and included the hot chocolate for him. There is honestly nothing bad I can say about it! It’s even got me wanting to get out there and involved and I’m dying to see what cool kit features in next months edition. It would make the perfect Christmas gift or treat for yourself.

How Do I Get It?

The AirSoft operator’s box only has one subscription option at the moment:

  •  Rolling Monthly £40 plus standard P&P of £2.95 for U.K & Ireland

Payment is taken straight away for your first box then you are charged on the same day every month, Boxes ship out on the last weekend of the month. This is under a monthly direct debit system so makes it super easy to cancel, there’s no hassle trying to find a section on the website or waiting for email response you just cancel the direct debit before your next payment is taken simple.

You can also order

  • one-off boxes from previous months

These are £45 plus standard postage £2.95 for U.K & Ireland, you can choose what hot drink you would like included as well as seeing the contents, the box featured here is still available at the time of writing but you have to be quick as they sell out faster than a speeding BB.

  •  MONTHLY PATCH CLUB Subscription – £9.99 plus standard postage

You can also order the hot drinks including the exclusive hot chocolate featured in this review and some super cool patches on the website.

Talking of the website it’s well laid out, easy to navigate, everything is clear and the check out process simple making it 100% user-friendly you can check it out here:

You can also find them on:

Facebook    Instagram    Twitter    YouTube

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